Hello wow nerds and weirdo pals! Have you always wondered how to win a contest on a WoW fan site? Well you are in LUCK! MMO Champion is the easiest of all fansites to win awesome prizes from! For instance, you may have wanted to win a mottled drake by writing a guide or something, and lost, because u used bad grmmer, oR yOU CapiTalIzed rANDom letters in your sentences? Well no more! You can now learn how to win these pushover contests with ease! So, keep reading! Its as easy as 1, 2 , 3 (4!)

Lesson 1: Being a kiss up!

We all know every human being has feelings, (unless you are a ginger) and you can TOTALLY take advantage of that! Be a kiss up emo and you will certainly get more votes! Say stuff like,

"My dog died trying to win this mount from TGC, and it was his deathwish for me to get it...."

Death works EVERY. DAMN. TIME. So go ahead! Be a souless bloodsucker!

Lesson 2: LIE.

Yeah, who cares about lying being a horrible trait! Nobody will care when you are cruising around on a mount nobody has! In fact, this will make them envy you instead of hate you! Make sure you say anything that has to do with 'time' and 'effort'! The site admins will EAT. THIS. UP.

Lesson 3: Double space.

Double spacing is great! Technically, it was used to let people write comments on your papers easier, but double spacing makes you look like you did soooo much more work than you really did.

Lesson 4: Proper grammar, and creativity.

Grammar is a must. It makes those contest judges think you really ARE over 12 years old, and it yells "I HAVE CLASS!" Like one of those annoying ass orcs you can never understand in the ghost town that is Dalaran.

Be creative you idiots! You can think of some damn guide to write to win stuff! I mean look at this pile of garbage! Its awesome though! The fact that you even made it to step 4 without puking on your screen is great enough for me! So rip through your mind like a quartzite flayer and find a guide that will work for you, and win you that mottled drake, because having fun is what it's all about.