I find that people tend to lose sight of having fun in WoW, and instead flame trade chat, pull hair about gear, or grind at break-neck paces for reps and gold. But whatever happened to the layed-back and relaxed parts of the game? here's a little guide to what you can do to bring smiles to yours, and maybe other peoples faces too. They may take a little bit of farming for, or effort on your part, but they tend to be worth it in the end

Everyone likes those toy items that have no real roll benefit, but give you a laugh or a chuckle. Here's a list of some, and how to get them
~ Bubbling Brightbrew Charm (and it's darker counterpart, the bitter balebrew charm): http://www.wowhead.com/item=49118 - http://www.wowhead.com/item=49116
Both of those charms drop from Corren Direbrew durring the brewfest
~ Time-Lost Figurine: http://www.wowhead.com/item=32782
I'd look in the comments on how to obtain it, but he's a summoned boss, and the trinket is a 9% drop chance
~ Orb of the Sin'dorei: http://www.wowhead.com/item=35275
A 3% drop off any boss in heroic Magisters Terrace
~ Orb of Deception: http://www.wowhead.com/item=1973
A random world drop from most lvl 40-62 mobs in Eastern kingdoms or Kalimdor (the dire maul arena spawn is gone from what i know)
~ Orb of the Blackwhelp: http://www.wowhead.com/item=31337
You must do a long quest chain for it that starts from a drop quest, but after that you can go back to the vendor and buy them over and over

These toys do take a bit of farming, but they tend to bring a bit of pizaz or flare to most situations, and make waiting for boss pulls slightly more durrable

Events with guildies and friends
Guilds and friends lists are often used for raid recruitment or a quick dungeon queue. But they can also be used to have fun little race events, or scavenger hunts.
~Have everyone get a lvl 10 and then have them cease their XP gain. You then have them race from one end of kalimdor to the other. They have 1 lvl 70+ run them through, helping them kill mobs. No multi passenger mounts may be used. First person to reach the checkpoint/landmark wins a prize of whatever (gold, BoE, promotion, ect.)
~Have everyone join a raid, and meet up in some mundane location. make a list of things they must kill, and have that person (or team) loot something from that boss/mob to confirm that they killed it. First person to open trade with the host and put the items in, they win. Prizes could vary
~Everyone makes a lvl 1, and is carried via multi person mount to an enemy city. They charge at the city, and the person who makes it in furthest wins. (It helps to make name puns when naming said character.) Prizes could be varied
~Strip rolling. You have everyone in a raid group equip 10 peices of gear. you have everyone roll, and the bottom 3 rolls take something off. Last person with something on wins

They take alot of planning, granted, and usually require planning ahead of time and calender invites, but they're usuallly worth it.

Theres tons more things you can do, here's just a few
*Take groups of friends or guildies through some old world raids, and reminisce about the previous expansion or race to kill the bosses.
*With flying in azeroth; glitching around mountains, under cities, and other such things are gone. But that doesnt mean there isnt still glitches to be found and used. (This one can get you banned, but thats usually only if someone reports you.)
*Flying in azeroth lets you see all those zones you've never been able to find. fly around and take a look at all the areas that you've wondered about in the past
*To me, i still get a small thrill out of finding rares. Fly around with an addon such as "SilverDragon" or "NPCScan" and see how many you can track down
*Lore heavy quest chains, they're abundent with this expansion. Uldum is good if you enjoy puns or indiana jones. Theres tons of other stuff in quests that are good refrences or deep into the lore that some of us crave

Theres tons more stuff to do, and there's going to be tons of guides like this (probably) Just remember, if you get bored, dont just jump in SW/Org, do something about it!