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    Best Wishes to.....

    Post here your bet Wishes! with Christmas only a few days away ( thinking that most people enjoy it)
    Post your messages to your near and dear ones!!

    I'll start,
    The best wishes to my Guild, friends , Family And to all of you here!
    May you have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year

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    Best wishes to Boubouille
    Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind

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    Best wishes to the devil.
    'To laugh at your own mistakes can lengthen your life, but to laugh at the mistakes of others can shorten it.'

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    Best wishes to my GF :3

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    Best wishes to everyone and happy Holiday to all the Pastafarians out there!

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    this thread makes me miss my old guild

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    Best wishes to all of MMO.
    What do rogues and noobs have in common?

    -They both pick locks

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    Happy Christmas to all members in Fluffy, here's me hoping someone will log in some time and join me all on my lonesome for a heroic :/

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    best whishes to the community i hope you will have a great time with family/friends and get some nice presents which have a use for u :P
    Rogues may do it from behind, but Druids do it on all fours! ;-)

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    my parents~ wish they are healthy~

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    Best wishes to the OP <3

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    Best wishes to everyone! spend the holidays how you like it, silently or with friends and family.
    have fun! ^^

    o/ hohoho

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    Best wishes to my friends and family

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    Best wishes to my best mates, Laurids, Casper and Jason.

    And to Argo, my girl
    Congratulations on graduating to expert level trolling, I would stick around but I'm busy getting gay married in 13 states and performing roadside abortions while passing bills that take away people's guns while i sip superior european wine and cheese i bought with european style socialist money, arrivaderci!

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    best wishes to Nicholas Cage.

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