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    I was farming for about 3 weeks(around 5k troll fragments 200+ solves), while aslo working on getting the PvP weapon.. never got it and i simply do not understand why anyone would still want it at this point.They are adding this VERY sweet crafted 3.80speed, ilvl365, mastery & Haste(perfect for a frost DK) in 4.2 and it will be so easy to craft too.

    Unless they make BoA epics to scale in some way, wether you need to find more parts to 'upgrade' it yourself or just pure scaling - then archaeology is one big sadomasochistic Joke.

    p.s. And they better make them scale.. they even did it for the ring of the kirin tor back in wotlk and that just costs gold and was piss easy to get.Archaeology costs you your sanity and eventually your life.
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    I got it on my 32nd solve. No shit.

    Yet I can't get the Dwarf staff to pop..

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    Just got my Zin'rokh after 74 Troll solves!

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    now sitting on 957 troll solves and still haven't had it proc for me
    To make matters worse, i have killed the following bosses and haven't seen their weaps drop either
    Magmaw - 12 times
    Cho'gal - 6 times
    Nefarian - 5 times
    is it to much to ask for some RNG love in my direction? GRRRR
    /end rant

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    1066 troll solves 1000 of them being post 450 and no zinrokh destroyer of worlds. And when i see a noob pretending to wear an item that doesnt exist i tell him to equip a weapon because he isnt going to do much damage with his fists. I attack anybody who has one on sight and camp them for as long as possible out of pure jealousy and hatred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtremegodess View Post
    Am at 2249 Solves without even a sniff of the stupid MotherFucking sword. Blizzard and the Rng should be arrested for rape.
    this is about how im feeling and im only at 1066

    Alright since i have posted this iam now updating my post with 2337 solves post 450 and still no find im convinced this item is the worst thing to grind for in the entire game, so if you are reading this DONT DO IT.
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