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    How not to take fall damage!

    So with flying in the old kingdoms now available this guide is needed more than anything. Dragons have proven to be slightly evil in this expansion. You never know when your drake will decide you look like a tasty treat to eat. In situations like that you need to know your alternatives to get to the ground safely without dying.


    Druids being the super cool class they are have the ability to shape shift into a birdie! (or bat.....oh wait....awwww....blizzard its broken! sad day) So when your drake suddenly realizes that druids are his next meal get off and fly away! Now some druids like to live life on the edge and wait till the very last second and pop bird form. This is super fun but most of the times leads to this:


    Mages are super cool as well and have two ways to prevent fall damage. They have the I'm not a cool kid way and can slow fall them selves, BOOOOO!!!!! boring. The more exciting way, and they way all the cool kids do it is to blink right before you hit the ground as shown below:


    Priest have one way to save themselves from fall damage. It's kinda boring but it gets the job done. Levitate. Theres a glyph that takes away reagents letting you cast it as much as your hearts desire. levitate is shown here in a more modern use:


    Rogues already take less fall damage than any other class in the game with there ninja like ability. But just in case you find your self falling miles heres what you need to do. Shadow step to something on the ground, then proceed to kill it like any normal rogue. Here's a example!:


    Hunters are pretty cool they have one of the most fun abilities in the game, disengage. When one finds him self falling from a very hefty hight, attack something and disengage. it wont be easy, but you'll find the adrenalin kick in and your life is on the line, I'm sure you'll find a way to do it


    Warlocks have it a little bit harder. With there "friendship" demons they surely know when the drake will want to eat them. So they have to be a bit psychic and lay a portal down then when the drake tries to eat you teleport to your friendly portal


    With being able to get to 85 now warriors get a new ability called heroic leap. Even though leaping often requires a push off something we can activate it in mid air. DON'T QUESTION THE PHYSICS!!!! so when you find yourself falling just leap to the ground and be safe!


    With out the ability to bubble herth paladins bubble has really only one use now, saving there lives while falling. and that the ONLY use

    Death Knights:

    Dear Death Knights Blizzard hates you, you must die 9 times out of ten. Unless your a super cool engineer and have a parachute cloak.


    Shamans, master of elements. Keepers of wind, earth and fire. Capable of binding even the strongest elements. What's you anti-fall damage ability!? It's quite simple, you die then ankh

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