First of all, let me take a moment to thank you for reading my Guide! I've played WoW for far too long (going on 6 years now). My main toon is a Warlock, followed by a Rogue alt. In my years of playing, I found the Keyboard years to be the worst.. For some reason I had a hard time getting to all the buttons/hitting the wrong keys by accident, so to say I was underutilizing my Warlock back then would be an understatement.. I clicked a lot back then, I won't lie. Controlling my pet in the middle of hectic PvP was a total nightmare, and I just felt awkward on a keyboard. So I bought my first n52 a few years back, and even though a few buttons had to be worn in, and getting used to it took a little over a month.. I will never touch a keyboard for any game if I can avoid it. I loved my n52 so much, I got the TE version, and lemme tell ya it's a sweet piece of controller.. A few days ago, I got myself a Razer Naga as an early Xmas present (before I was using a mx518 with two thumb buttons). It's a match made in heaven!!! Throw in a few choice Addons, and you'll have more than enough to handle all the spells, abilities, and CD's WoW can throw at you for another two expansions!

Basically, my goals with this guide are to:
  • Give you another option from using your Keyboard to play WoW (or any other game for that matter)
  • Some basic guidelines for all those keybinds and buttons. I encourage everyone to put their own spin on my ideas and tweak as they see fit. This includes keybinds for pet commands and abilities.
  • Suggest some Addons to further enhance the ability to quickly get to CD's, Trinkets, Bar Layouts, and just a few of my personal Fav's.

Part I: Binds, binds, binds!!!
So basically, I try to keep my binds as simple as I can, organized by the types of abilities/spells. Go to the n52 program and layout the 1-10 keys on the pad as 1-10. I like to jump so I made 11 the space key. The 12-14 keys I make [ ] and \, since those aren't really used for anything. The circular button above the D-pad I bind to Alt. The square button below the D-pad I actually don't use, I feel it could've been designed a little more ergonomically, not that you need it, really.. As for the scroll wheel, I use it for tab targetting. Bind it to whatever's out of the way then set the keybinds in WoW for targetting to the pad wheel. The wheel press, I bind to flip my camera, for paranoia related reasons.. Bind it as you see fit.

I've setup my Naga kinda weirdly, and might move some binds around until I get comfortable with it. Basically, I used the 2 thumb buttons on my old mouse as shift and ctrl, and thus tripled the buttons on my n52. With the Naga I sought to keep up that tradition, so I bound the two buttons in the middle of the pad to Shift and Ctrl. Here's where it gets confusing, as it ties in with an Addon.

I hate the default blizzard action bars, and I've used a few action bar mods to put ma buttonz where I want. Bartender hasn't caused me any problems, and is easy to configure if you have a little patience. If you use a barmod already, hopefully it's as easy to setup as Bartender has been for me. So I take the first four bars and stack them below my character. The top I bind 1-10 and [ ] \. 1-10 usually consist of my instants, short CD's, mostly anything I can do on the move. shift + 1-10 is usually things I need to stop to cast, some longer CD spells. It's hard to extrapolate this for all classes, but basically it's generally similar. Ctrl + 1-10 is utility spells/long CD's. For pets, I bind the petbar's 1-10 to ctrl+shift (5 & 8 on the Naga)+ 1-10, and move the pets abilities around in a way that makes sense on the n52. To make it easier I also make the petbar into 2 rows of 5.

Next I take 2 bars and slide the row & column buttons until they're the same dimensions as the Naga's thumb pad, 4x3. The first bar is 1-10 on the numpad (which my Naga's set to use). I bind the 5 and 8 keys to shift and ctrl on the mouse, and so I extrapolate the remaining 10 keys around the outside, from left to right, top to bottom. It's hard to verbally get across, but easy to actually see. The other bar is the same thing except with the circular (alt) button above the d-pad on the n52. I put stuff that's useful to be mouse targetted and cast. For my warlock, I have all 4 of my curses (aff) along the left side, 1,4,7,10. Soul Swap on 2, Fear on 3, Howl of Terror on 6, and Deathcoil on 9. For the Naga's 11 and 12 buttons I place Demonic Circle:Teleport on the 11 key, and Health Funnel on the 12 key. For that other bar I made, I put miscellaneous stuff, like mounts, Cannibalize, Soul Shatter. Whatever you don't have to be moving to do, as you can't move while getting that button.

My basic guidelines in my own head, say for setting up another class I'm not familiar with would be to try to logically group up spells and abilities together in a way that makes sense to you. Anything defensive I'd keep together. Usually my trinket, racial/class defensive CD, healing pot/healthstone are all on the top row of my n52 while holding ctrl on my mouse. Don't get discouraged at first, as it's a huge change from a keyboard and it may take a long time for you to get muscle memory on all those new buttons. Don't be afraid to make some changes, play for a while, change 'em back, play for a while, decide which way you like better and keep doing that until you have everything the way you like it. Only make small changes until you get comfortable with the new devices to the point of it being intuitive and reflexive no matter which main, alt, or game you're playing for that matter. And like I said before, feel free to put your spin on my basic layout. That's the great thing about these babies is they're SUPER flexible, and even come with the capability to make Macros! I could see a few classes that could easily take advantage of a macro or two!