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    Practical Priest's Guide to Leap of Faith

    The Practical Priest’s Guide to Leap of Faith

    Greetings fellow priests and non-priests and welcome to a practical guide for the priestly spell Leap of Faith, otherwise known in most circles as “Lifegrip.”( As it should be and will hereafter be referred to in this guide.) Though this is my first time writing a guide, I hope to channel such greats as Alamo and guide my fellow clergy members into making the best possible use of our new level 85 spell.
    Leap of faith, as described by the tooltip: “You pull the spirit of the friendly party or raid target to you, instantly moving them directly in front of you.” Basically it’s raid bull. It gives you wings.
    A lot of people think this spell is useless, and I disagree. This spell has unlimited uses with the right kind of imaginative mind behind it. Well – unlimited in the sense that it can only be used on friendly raid/party members. Besides that minor large limitation, it’s fantastic spell.
    Now – some priests will tell you that this spell is a crutch for bad players who like to stand in the fire and “Why should it be a priest’s responsibility to save the baddies?” I really don’t have an answer to that question. After all, I rolled a priest to throw heals on people that take damage regardless of their role so I can understand why people who play a healing class don’t want to save lives or raids. It’s pretty counterproductive to the healing ideal to save people. You’d think we were some kind of priests or healing/preventative class or something.

    Most LoF guides will have uses for the spell such as the following:

    -Pulling people away from slimes in the Omnitron encounter.

    -Pulling people out of Valiona’s breath.

    -Pulling people out of the lava pillar during the Magmaw encounter.

    Please don’t waste your cooldown on these mundane life-saving measures. You may get a thank-you from the person you saved and your raid leader, but your true potential as a LoF artist will be lost. Just follow my guide and you’ll be as skilled as me at using the spell in no time. While you’re reading, I’ll be over here waiting for Blizzard to implement my, “Lifegrip Ninja” title.

    Lifegrip the Tank. They like that.

    The first use for the spell is the most obvious. We all know that tanks are very flexible when it comes to raid mechanics and movement. They didn’t roll a tanking class to stand in one spot and stare at a monster’s crotch all day, so they really appreciate it if you give them a change of scenery by lifegripping them to whatever wall you happen to be facing at that current time. Don’t worry. If it’s a mobile boss, it will just follow them. This way the DPS gets to see the boss up close as it runs through their ranks, cleaving them. However, they will thank you for the chance to see the boss’ awesome model up close to really appreciate Blizzard’s textures. If they fall over it’s because they wanted to admire the floor tiles as well.
    If the boss isn’t mobile, then you can count on the closest rogue or DK to tank. I haven’t really done any research on melee stats, but I’m sure it’s pretty much the same as tank stats. They’ll be fine, just throw a bubble on them and maybe a renew as well.

    Figure A-1:
    Note how happy the DPS is!

    Lifegrip into an obvious AoE

    You may have noticed that DPS tends to move around a lot. Sometimes they’re running from cleave mechanics, or they need to get in range of a mobile boss. You also may notice that some races don’t wear shoes. This includes tauren, draenei, worgen, and trolls. I don’t know about you, but as someone who has to constantly have my shoeleather cobbled due to running wear, it frustrates me to see them running with such mobility and freedom from shoe-related restrictions. They do not need pause to tie laces or re-attach Velcro. How unfair is that? I find it soothes my posterior related hurting to lifegrip them into obvious AoE mechanics.
    “But how do I do this without standing in the AoE myself?!” I hear you asking. Simple. Remember how I mentioned that DPS is constantly moving? This works in your favor. All you need to do is stand near an obvious AoE mechanic like a gravity well or a void zone and lifegrip away! The DPS is usually already mid-run and will be disoriented by the unexpected change of scenery. This usually lands them in the middle of a nice void zone where they will take rapid and now unavoidable damage. Their 50g repair bill makes me feel slightly better about having to buy new shoe leather. Slightly.

    Figure A-2:
    Make sure they are running in the same direction you need them to go to hit the AoE!

    Lifegrip other healers mid-cast

    With the new cataclysm healing mechanics, you may notice that most of the raid’s healers are pretty much constantly spamming their efficiency heals to keep people alive. As we all know, this is incredibly boring. I’m not sure what the Devs were thinking, but this is not a game where people can spam 3 buttons to play properly. There are days when I truly feel bad for mages because their incredibly complicated rotations make me feel ashamed as a healer pushing my 2 buttons all the time. I can understand why DPS complains in heroics as well. It’s very, very challenging to hit all their buttons and move out of obvious fight mechanics. That’s like asking people to do 2 things at once. Have you ever had your boss come up to you and ask you to two things for them? Holy meltdown! Humans were not meant to be able to withstand multitasking complexity of that high caliber!
    I find that sometimes lifegripping other healers who are midcast is like that ultimate, “Screw you!” to Blizzard encounter design. I do it on behalf of the DPS who have to carry the brunt of the raids/heroics. Take that, healers!

    Image Z-7:
    Um. Oh.

    Lava is your friend

    Most of blackwing descent and certain parts of bastion of twilight have pools of lava surrounding boss stages. What’s not to love about lava? It’s warm. It’s orange. It looks like boppin’ orange Hi*C. I love jumping in lava so much that I want to spread its awesomeness around as much as possible. That means if I get shadow nova’d off Halfus’ stage, if I’m in a good mood I might bring the closest player next to me down with me. Grab your floaties and funnoodles! It’s a pool party!

    Image P-12:

    Woohoo! It’s like Summer camp in this raid right now!

    Elevators? YESSSSS!

    When I see elevators in raids and dungeons, I cheer. Clearly Blizzard has nailed the fact that more raid dungeons need long, deadly elevators in the middle of them. What else can I say about that?
    The fun thing about elevators is that as long as you’re in the right position, if someone is a little late and doesn’t make it to the mobile platform, you can do them the favor of lifegripping them off the edge. Eventually they will catch up to the elevator or the ground. Though try to do this on classes other than mages or priests. They’re currently bugged in such a way that they can survive long falls. Necessary nerf inc.

    Image R-0:

    Also you are sparing them the elevator music and awkward conversation about last week’s finance meeting.

    Assholes with runspeed buffs

    When I’m running back from a wipe I prefer to see everyone running at the same speed so I can win the race back to the buff spot and receive my prize of being able to alt-tab before we pull again. Some classes have runspeed buffs. Druids, rogues, paladins, etc. will all sprint ahead of you like the jerks they are so they can get to the spot, throw up their buff, and alt-tab to check their online banking. Rude.
    This is obviously the perfect situation to use lifegrip. If you see someone sprinting ahead of you, wait until they’re nearly out of range and then pull them right back. By then their sprint buff will have worn off and they’ll be knocked down a couple pegs back to where they belong. Make sure you mute them on ventrilo ahead of time. Global mute, if you want.

    Image L-o7:
    Hunters don’t count for this since they are cool and have an area speed buff!

    Now that we’ve gotten the major uses out of the way, here are a few quick tips for priests to stay on their toes:

    -You CAN lifegrip while mid-air! Share the gift of fall damage!

    -Try to lifegrip death knights as much as humanly possible. If your lifegrip is off CD, you are doing it wrong because you should have already lifegripped a death knight.

    -If you’re going to look bad to the raid leader because you failed at getting to a collapse spot for AoE heals (like during Chimaeron) you can always make yourself look better by lifegripping someone else to be standing there with you. That way when you get called on it you can be all, “But this death knight was standing out here, I thought this was where we were supposed to stand!”

    -Lifegrip actually takes friendly targets out of stealth as well. If you have rogues or mages in your group that try to avoid wipes by being jerks and running away to invis, etc. leaving everyone else with repair bills and themselves with the heroism debuff, just grab them on your way to dying. Wiping with your guild builds character and repair bills, everyone should do it equally. WoW is an equal opportunity raiding environment.

    -Do NOT. I repeat, DO NOT let two priests lifegrip each other at the same time. This is equivalent to the immovable object and the unstoppable force colliding. It is dividing by zero. Your raid will wipe and your server will crash. Metzen will also show up at your house to kick you in the genitals for inconveniencing their tech team. I mean, I’m an asshole, but I don’t want to get kicked in the genitals.


    Anyway, I hope this guide has inspired and enlightened many a priest out there. Lifegrip is a great spell. Don’t limit yourself to its boring uses. Experiment, learn, grow.

    ***Additionally, I probably shouldn’t have to say this but this guide is entirely satirical. There was a time when I wouldn’t feel a need to put a disclaimer like this in an obvious parody, but that golden age is long gone and I wanted to head the 2 or 3 people that Just Didn’t Get It off at the pass.

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    Quite practical. Tried it. Wiped. Woo-hoo!

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    I like this so much, that I can't even express myself. =3

    Made my day. True story.

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    Every priest should read this guide and know that Leap of Faith should NEVER be used to help other raid/partymembers except other fellow priests.
    If you find yourself in a raid or party with other priests: work together! More priests in the raid = more fun!
    Great guide and awesome drawings

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    because of this i might consider to level a priest to 85. Awesome guide.

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    Very nice but you completely missed out on some awesome possibilities with Dispersion.
    Gripping people into void zones is a lot more fun with 90% damage reduction.

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    Oh man thank you lol this brought humor to what was an already bleary day you made me lol on multiple occasions
    "A priest is he who lives solely in the realm of the invisible, for whom all that is visible has only the truth of an allegory."

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    Why the DK hate

    Best guide I've read so far, though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kumduh View Post
    Why the DK hate

    Best guide I've read so far, though!
    Did you ever get pulled by a DK?? Thats why ^^

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    I make a habit of using leap of Faith immediately after our warrior tank has used Heroic Leap. Listing to him rage is so satisfying.

    As for the two priests casting it at the same time... I have some interesting plans for this one. I've got it nailed with a priest friend of mine. We like to do it mid-raid and see who notices.

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    Thanks to you the pesky mage who never dies during wipes never stands a chance any more. It worked, he raged, I loled.

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    This post, is obviously for people with really bad humor.

    And, I believe its a whine post aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwhansson View Post
    This post, is obviously for people with really bad humor.

    And, I believe its a whine post aswell.
    Bad humor what, how can you find this not funny?

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    Her does have a troll for his avatar...

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    You are my new idol. This really brightened up my day

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    lol nice i love the picture of the tanks space in the first drawing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwhansson View Post
    This post, is obviously for people with really bad humor.

    And, I believe its a whine post aswell.
    This one is weak in the humore. He has gone to the dark side of understanding.

    Greate work OP LG'ed a few rogues in random instanecs when they tryed to escape their doom. If we vipe, you vipe. We shair the pain :P

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    This is the best usage for a spell since i was able to kill raid members at the frogger slimes in Naxx40 with snowballs.

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    brilliant, thank you lol

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    I was doing some random BG's with a few guildies. We were doing duels outside of orgrimmar (waiting for the queue to pop)... where there are a lot of braziers... with me playing my priest and waiting till someone lost a duel and was on 1hp.
    You can pull them right next to the brazier and kill them. ^^

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