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    AMAZING... you are amazing.

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    then imagine that a dk is dueling a priest, then the dk deathgrips while the healer lifegrips, what will then happen?

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    A very nice use is also to save the Alliance flag carrier in Twin Peaks. Die > stay at graveyard > flag carrier runs to GY > LG him up > win! No way Horde can get to the FC

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    brb, gonna lvl my priest to 85.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by vth99 View Post
    then imagine that a dk is dueling a priest, then the dk deathgrips while the healer lifegrips, what will then happen?
    Nothing, as you can't lifegrip a hostile target.

    Sweet, sweet guide. I'd already pissed off most of my guild with lifegrip and now I've a couple more tricks I can try on them, thanks!

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    I just registered only to reply to this thread, because I think it's missing one very important situation where LoF MUST be used. The BWD ledge, just next to the meeting stone.

    Only thing you need to do is to stand right on the border while your group is being summoned or waiting for your RL to say it is time to enter the instance. Wait until (and they will) some member of your raid starts running around (even better if they are also jumping) and pull them. If they are not quick enough they will fall to a certain death. There are many class restrictions however. Don`t waste your LoF on a Druid, a Mage, a Priest or a Paladin without the forbearance debuff.

    I always do this to a guildie Warlock. It's hilarious to hear him rage every time xD.

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    Was hoping for some actual tips. Doing wsg with 6 priests sure was fun. Click flag - leap - leap - leap - leap - leap - leap GG

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    Excellent guide. Made me laugh a lot as an 85 Priest

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    Awesome guide, though you forgot the best use for the spell, though 2 priests are needed.

    #1 jumps off the nasty cliff and casts LoF on that evil melee dps. #2 casts LoF on #1. Nasty melee dps splats, Priest 1 + 2 laughs and can't ress so nasty melee dps needs to run back.

    The pics are just to awesome, good job!

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    Pretty funny. I always do the Sprint-countering life-grip to my guild leader who's a rogue.
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    Customer: Um, no thanks.

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    i happened to be sitting in dunn tire getting new tires put on my car when i read this and i laughed so loud i got a few funny stares from the other people here very nice guide though, i may go home and get my priest those last 2 levels just to try some of these great ideas out

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    It is quite embarrassing that I often find myself using Leap of Faith to mess with my guild mates rather than saving them from an unfortunate event but...where's the fun in constantly saving people from standing in fire?
    Don't blink, blink and you are dead.

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    OMG, brilliant. The writing drew me but the illustrations kept me.

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    I had to make an account just to post on this thread becuase it was just so amazing. I lolled so hard. Can't wait to try it on my priest, (83!), it has given me so many new ideas > (including gripping tanks into mobs becuase they're slow)
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    I like to wait till my friends go AFK and keep lifegripping them to the closest body of water for a nice long bath....
    ...Awesome work OP!!
    The feeling returns whenever we close our eyes.

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    I'm just wondering....

    What to do with (annoying) Gnomes? Like all good raids you always have one gnome that is annoying. Didn't see any "rules" about that. Don't get me wrong, I love gnomes, I think they are cute and cuddly!

    Other then above question, I think this thread is great and thanks for making this post, was really usefull and made my sad face into a happy face

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    Awesome guide, can't wait to test it out on my priest

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    I laughed. I cried. I wish I was a Priest now.

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    Best guide I have read! I do have a few things to add, as my guildies now COMPLETELY hate me, and I love mad faces.

    Vortex Pinnacle is your friend. In certain areas you can LG running members, make them fall off and they slowly float back up IN FRONT of the party, landing in a big ball of trash pulls. Funzies.

    Watch your tank carefully. When you see him shout and start towards a boss pull, LG time. Make sure there are adds that will run around the raid hitting random people.

    Watch your melee dps. When you see their abilities proc or see them use trinkets, its LG time. Pick one person and do this every pull. The 3 or 4k dps loss makes them love you so much.

    I LOL'd when I saw "can be used to pull party members out of bad stuff" Because clearly its true intent was for our amusement, and hats off to the developer who came up with this ability!

    Before they fixed the Tol Barad run over the bridge just before all the towers cap to get the 1800 honor, LG was a guaranteed way of putting a little "screw you" in someones day, and the hate whispers made it even more worth while.

    Im sure I will think of more amusing ways in the future.

    Four stars and two enthusiastic thumbs up for this guide!

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    Haha, I'm just tickled to see this on the mainpage. Thank you everyone. Even though I didn't win I'm glad it's getting a chuckle out of people.

    I assure you that this isn't a QQ thread. I love leap of faith, and it's good to poke fun at your class once in a while. Without humor in this game and its players I don't know what I would do. Also, who doesn't like Hi*C?

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