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    then imagine that a dk is dueling a priest, then the dk deathgrips while the healer lifegrips, what will then happen?
    You can't lifegrip the dk since you're dueling BUT it can be pretty useful if your arena partner was just deathgripped and you want to lifegrip them back

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    Priests don't like seeing hunters feign death and live while they have to corpse run. Life Grip a Feigning Hunter and they'll do the corpse run like everyone else!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bahumut5
    I don't want to call Boubouille and wake her up for something like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonor View Post
    I was doing some random BG's with a few guildies. We were doing duels outside of orgrimmar (waiting for the queue to pop)... where there are a lot of braziers... with me playing my priest and waiting till someone lost a duel and was on 1hp.
    You can pull them right next to the brazier and kill them. ^^
    Next on my list of things to try with LG xD

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    Thank you very much Thetallest, I'm ill and had a bad day, but this made me laugh so much I'm goig to sleep with a smile

    BTW this makes me want to lvl up a priest.

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    Poor DKs...something fun for you to try. Next time you run Vortex Pinnacle, and are near the the orbs that knock you back if you get too close without damaging them, stand next to your favorite person, preferable your healer or tank, and death grip the orb into them. If they're standing in a good spot, they'll be launched over the side (you might too, but who cares!)

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    This is great! I'm already pissing people off left and right, and now I have even more ideas!

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    P.S. I forgot to mention that I had great success with Cuddlegrip on the Halfus encounter. Just make sure you wait until it's someone's turn to interrupt and Cuddlegrip them straight to you. Make sure it will take them out of range to interrupt. Don't forget to give them a big hug after!

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    Frrreakin hiillarious. Priests unite!

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    This has already caused someone to get gkicked in my guild. He got chain lifegripped, threatened to leave the raid, got lifegripped again and promptly dropped group and then the RL gkicked him. We run 3-5 priests in a 25 so thats a lot of irritation. I've been murdered on the elevator several times. Hmph.
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    Our characters are wearing the same pair of underwear, since like, Level 1. Damn that's unsanitary as hell.

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    Oh man. I just got my priest to 85 today and was so excited for Lifegrip. I tried some ideas I had in mind with my friend but didn't work out as I had hoped. I'll need to try these though. =D

    Hilarious guide. One, might I mention, that I've actually read all the way through. Love satire comedy.

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    Just hilarious! thank you for your humor man

    How can people say now this is the most stupid 85 spell ? ) this is just huge ! Thank you Blizzard, my priest is having fun!

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    Our priest has been abusing this spell since he hit 85 and it's really quite amusing!
    I play a mage and every time I blink ahead on a long run he would always pull me back! Especially trying to aim me towards cliffs or mobs! I laugh every time! We especially like to abuse our rogue while he's sprinting!
    I must point out that using a spell such as Blink or Heroic Leap at the exact time a priest uses life grip will cancel the life grip!

    I loved this!

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    Absolutely love this

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    You're a master.

    One thing that you forgot is when you see another player who use a channeling spell with huge cooldown, grip him you will receive lot of hate and you will laugh without end.

    Best spell ever, DK can grip their enemy, demo can constantly fear their enemy, etc but ONLY the priest have a spell made to bother other player, blizzard i love you.

    ps : little tips for our lovely mage make food for us and maybe (and i say maybe) we will lets you stay in life when you want to go invisible.

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    Brilliant... just brilliant

    this made me laugh soo hard

    and be very glad that i have only 7 bars till i can use this ability on my priest

    Standing in fires for mana since TOTC

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    I've managed to gain some tips from this guide. I feel I may have to make a macro apologising to my victims targets as I go on a Lifegripping frenzy.

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    I may level my priest next because of this guide. 10/10, Had me cracking up at work.
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    i have a priest mate and he wont stop bloody life gripping me now... (im a DK tank) ill be in SW just repairing my gear doing fishing daily you know what ever... and all of a suddon BANGGGG! life griped and i just hear im piss his pants over vent.. TY very much

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    `Love it a lot!

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