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    epic guide.. loved it!

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    I wait until a melee dps has popped all their damage cooldowns, and LG them as far back as possible. Ahhh, the raging. It's music to my ears.

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    Coming from a serious player, yes, the article was funny, and no, Blizzard should not have created this spell. Despite their best intentions, it is used near exclusively to harass friendly players, and is utterly non-constructive.

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    Adding one:
    I was watching a youtube video of a holy priest's heroic healing of Grim Batol. After a couple of pulls the priest sat down to drink. The unaware tank forged ahead intent on pulling the next group. The priest then LoF'd him back. OMG, tears of laughter ensued.

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    I always tend to pull back a rogue in my guild when he sprints, or ninja pull - LG the tank, and shadowmeld. Most awesome spell ever created!

    Loved the guide, thank you alot. Had a long day, and I must have laughed through all the pages on this thread..
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    When I'm BGing as Shadow, I like to see my name at the top of the damage charts. However, those douchey Arms Warriors are running about CONSTANTLY trying to 1-up me. I take that as an invitation to Yo-Yo them over to me mid-Bladestorm.

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    Created an account for this. I did not realize this is the new DI that I so miss from my pally. Time to level that priest.

    other things i found fun: mage ports and hearth stones, because a 10 second cast is too fast. trade skill nodes, for those party members who always beat you to them.

    and a question: can one person be chain lifegripped? like if we got 5 priests on flying mounts and timed our fall, could we pull him up to the clouds?

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    nelf priest: special edition addition.
    step 1: Hey, LOLArthasDK, I want to see your new weapon model, can you go into battle stance by targeting the boss out of range?
    step 2: grip him for the autoattack goodness!
    step 3: shadowmeld, then rez your entire raid that just wiped.

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    God I hate you damn priests! *shakes fist*

    Every time I tanked an instance, my guildy priests would unavoidably start lolgripping me on trash pulls. Worse when there was 2 of them, I felt like a ping pong ball.

    As a pala tank though a nice solution for revenge is - wait for a trash pull where you aren't topped off, announce that you're about to pull (or just throw AS), wait for the priest to get a tiny bit of aggro through a heal, and bubble.

    Choose a nice and dangerous trash pack so the priest is guaranteed to die in 8 seconds. Then proceed to blow all cooldowns to survive w/o the healer.

    Boss fights also work well. Just tell the dps smth like "Please give me 7-8 seconds to get aggro before you start dpsing" if you don't want them to die too.

    Shame LG has such a short cd while DS has 5 mins.
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    - Looks like they took him to some bolt hole in the Wounded Coast.
    - I wonder if it's near the Injured Cliffs? Or the Limping Hills? Massive-Head-Trauma-Bay? No? Just me? *sigh* Forget I said anything.

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    A side note of awesome that I found out a few weeks ago; If 2 Priests are at max range and Life Grip each other than they actually do switch places. It's pretty awesome. I'm sure somebody already posted but I couldn't find. Lol.

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    Truly Awesome guide. Long time since i laughed this much, cant wait til i get off "work"

    Have no fear Leap of Faith is here

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    Ah man, I have to do it now. My priest is only 80, and it is time to kick it into high gear and get my new toy! =)

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    Hehe very well done got me a smile on my face

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    just read it again, and it still made me laugh

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    "I wanted to talk" EPIC!

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    What happens if an ally/horde DK DG's a player on your faction the same time u LoF them? Do they get ripped in half and you all die then Kael'Thas flies down and says it was merely a setback and Arthas comes and kills Kael and says frostmourne hungers then deathwing flies in and eats arthas and burps which rips azeroth in half again so its now in 4 pieces and the maelstrom sucks up the whole world and the humans somehow survive and party to rebecca black's hit single "Friday" in the goldshire inn and use their racials at the exact same time which removes the ground from under them so they fall into the caverns of time and CoT can't hold all this time traveling bullshit so it explodes which causes a big bang and its so big that all the computers in blizzards headquarters crash and they all just go home and play runescape?

    Or would just nothing happen..?

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    I hope priests in my guild won't notice this guide X|

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    Please, please don't pull me through a mobs aggro radius in a dungeon. This happens so much I can't stand priests using it OOC anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purgex View Post
    Please, please don't pull me through a mobs aggro radius in a dungeon. This happens so much I can't stand priests using it OOC anymore.
    But they just wanna talk to you. Don't be so heartless.
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