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    Balancing Life and Wow

    Well some would ask "Why would someone need a guide for something like this?" Well we all know those people or heard the horror stories of people losing spouses or loved ones because of a video game. I think what some don't understand is that this is more then that to some and less to others. To some it is a way to talk to people in a way that they couldn't in real life. To some it is nothing more then a hobby. In this guide I will show some ways to balance playing WoW without alienating the people you love. It isn't a long guide but then again it isn't a hard thing to do so lets begin shall we.

    • 1.Talk to the person in your life and see how they feel about your playing habits. It is important to understand how much time they feel maybe to much and the limitations they might like to see. Take it as a suggestion and not a "Wife Agro" type situation. It is important to remember that a person that doesn't play the game might not realize that the people we play with are friends. We spend a lot of time with them even if we have never met them in person. It is no different then if you spent all day at your buddies house and never went home to spend time with the wife(or husband, or Girlfriend, or whatever...).I think it is reasonable to realize that will cause a problem. They might feel neglected and even rejected. We must remember "Lovin is greater the Levelin.".  And speaking of friends.... I am sure if you have them they would like to see you too. Go hang out at their house, just don't stay for days I think we covered that already.

    • 2.Time flies when you are having fun. Set up blocks of time that you intent to play and stick with it. Give yourself realistic time and some margin for error just for when things go a lil' longer then expected (raids, bad instances, long quest chain, etc.). And after the time you have given yourself is up....

    • 3.Take breaks.......no for real a break is not going to the fast food place to get a snack before a raid starts. Unplug from WoW not just not being logged in but occupy your mind with something else like watching a movie or playing some nice FPS killfest action*cough*callofduty*cough*. Your mind needs to let go of WoW every once in awhile, and your eyes may need a break from all the flamboyant Blood Elves dudes runnin round.

    • 4.SLEEP! No for real.... the human body needs to rest and repair to sustain itself. Energy drinks and "other" stuff that keep you awake are not really that good for you, but not sleeping is the most damaging. Once again see #3 and take a nap or sleep for the night. Staying up longer then you should just causes wipes and I don't feel like a huge repair bill so for me go to bed when you have reached your limit.

    • 5.Remember MMORPG's and yes WoW are designed to be Skinner Boxes. For those that do not know what a Skinner Box is it is defined as:A soundproof, light-resistant box or cage used in laboratories to isolate an animal for experiments in operant conditioning and usually containing only a bar or lever to be pressed by the animal to gain a reward, such as food, or to avoid a painful stimulus, such as a shock. Now in a Game world that means the game gives you rewards that make you do things that you may hate doing(grinding, getting achievements, getting gear, etc) but have to to get the next reward. Set small goals and don't let yourself get caught up in the "Grind" of the game. Ask yourself "Am I really having fun doing this?" and if not see #3.
    Balancing Life and Wow means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but these steps might help some people find a balance that helps them keep a healthy play style and not get lost in the amazing world blizzard has created for us. And in closing I would just like to say....Stay classy Azorath. This is The All Knowing Grim signing off.

    P.S. I am not really sumiting this to win I just hope ppl read it and it helps.
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