This is a guide to all the really cool places in WoW that go un-noticed by a lot of people


Arathi Highlands :

If you swim all the way around to the east of the Thandol Span and then go north, you get to a mysterious dwarven farm on the coast that has no purpose and is just a cool place to hang out!
Southeast of Hammerfall in the rock of the hills, if you look from just the right angle you can see a few rocks forming a massive LOL.


Behind Sigrun Ironhew, on top of the hill southeast of Hammertoe's Digsite is a crypt. In this crypt you can find an old skeleton sat on a throne in a reference to a character from Conan the Barbarian.

Dun Morogh:

In the Misty Pine Refuge lives a man from the Argent Dawn. He has no ingame purpose, and just seems to be on a holiday in the snow...but inside his house, you can find a rather peculiar picture of a semi-naked woman!!
In the hills of Southern Wetlands is a quaint old village

Deadwind Pass:

There is a crypt behind Karazhan known as Morgan's Plot. It's meant to be unaccessable but you can find ways in. The inside is weird. WEIRD. There's a room full of upside down corpses in a pool, and a room where you can hear a heartbeat in the background...freaky!!
There's a lovely smiley face under Karazhan, and if you log out next to the tower you can see it when you log back in.
There's an unusable entrance to Karazhan up one of the nearby buildings with a gryphon roost that was originably to be another entrance.

Elwynn Forest:

West of Mirror Lake is a quaint little house and pier known as Thunder Falls which not many people at all seem to know about...nice place to chill out.
In Goldshire, in the house with the skinning/leatherworking trainers, you can find some FREAKY children sometimes which make the shape of a pentagram and lie exactly 666 yards from Stormwind and sometimes C'Thuns voice plays when you walk in with them and tells you to die!

Eversong Woods
In Satheril’s Haven, a blood ellf man there spends all of his time looking into a fiery ball. With Sauron inside? Is it THAT ball?
Sunstrider Isle. There are a LOT of cats there...but why?
Sunstrider Isle beach, behind the class trainers are two girls and a sleeping parent.They talk about seeing the Sunwell and every now and then the parent wakes up horrified from dreams about the Burning Crusade's cool!
By Tol'Watha is an unused instance portal!
At the Western Sanctum, there is a second floor out of reach of the player. And yet sometimes, a chest spawns up there!

Hillsbrad Foothills
South of Dun Garok is a small grave with a dwarf crying at it.

In the Great Forge is a house. The second house northeast from the Military Quarter. Inside this house, there are two bombs and a gun pointing at the bed! Thinking of getting "hot", were they? Dwarves!
In the throne room is a door with a keyhole in. This door is closed, and yet it is sometimes possible to get through it into a really cool place below called Old Ironforge with crystals around and everything.

Loch Modan
Do a /rude emote to Mountaineer Pebbelty by the Searing Gorge gate.

Inside the dungeon, you can find a group of skeletons sitting round in a circle ina corner. What? Duck duck goose skeletons?

Silvermoon City
“The cat watches the broom intently.” Enough said.
In the inn in the Bazaar, some poor guy inside checks the barrels there. Constantly. Forever.
Farstrider’s Square, in the Hunting Lodge. The stuffed animals...where did they come from? A plainstrider? In Quel’Thalas?
Farstrider’s Square, by the forge. Take a look at where the magma comes from. Odd.
Level 85 (?) Elite Tauren Chieftain in the Walk of Elders...BUT I’M NOT AQUAMAN! Give them a wave, or a cheer, or a dance!
Murder Row, and herein lies a Belf and his succubus...hooker :P
In Thruthsome Tailors in the Bazaar, there is a basement. And in this basement is a leper gnome sweat shop.
Southern end of the Bazaar. People getting shouted at for suggesting living without magic. Big explosives wagon there too.
Sunfury Spire, and the oddity inside. Mage and priests, to be precise. Polymorphing? Glowing statues? Belves!
Under the Spire in the Court of the Sun is the big hole. Is that Mufasa’s face in it?

Silverpine Forest
In Fenris Isle you can find many half buried corpses....

Stormwind Harbour
The Assurance Icebreaker. And it’s computer bugs.
What are behind the giant doors??
Giant shark?
At the northern end of the dock is a man named Steve Allen. He is trying to forget something, and gazes over at the lighthouse. This lighthouse has a huge door on it, and also a single grave around the side...maybe what Steve Allen is trying to forget?
Worgen Tank?

Stormwind Cathedral District

The Only Plate shop plate? And the Just Maces shop sells...not just maces?

Stormwind Dwarven District
From the canals you can enter a really cool bit of Stormwind called Cut-Throat Alley. There's nothing in it, no guards, and it's a really cool place.

Stormwind Mage District
Pyrotechnics is a fireworks the most flammable bit of Stormwind?
In the mage district is a second, shunned Library? And it’s one member, Mazen!
“Slaughtered Lamb” and “Blue Recluse”...mage vs. Warlock for the best bar?

Stormwind Trade District
Inside the Barber upstairs is a floorboard, below which are some gnome skeletons...anyone seen a meat pie shop nearby?
Scary flower girl, in the shop at the Canals...can’t say no?
Topper McNabb...the world’s only buff beggar?

Stranglethorn Vale
Booty Bay...a house by the inn...has knives thrown at a picture of Thousand Needles?
There are two removed islands to the west that still have zone names ingame. Go out there, have a look.
Trees in Stranglethorn Vale have either orc faces or Great Deku Tree faces on them.

/dance with the civilian ghosts. They will even stop attacking you to dance. They also /rude

Tirisfal Glades
Follow the coastline east for a while, and you get to some night elf ruins called “Quel’Thalas”, or what it was before Quel’Thalas was added in TBC (Belf Place). Quite cool.

Western Plaguelands
Sorrow Hill crypt has an office at the bottom?

Swim north all the way to Dun Morogh, you get to a small house with a goblin, Newman’s Landing. It’s where level 1’s go first before the intro cinematic so you can see them appearing then disappearing.


Felfire Hill...Diabolical Plans include reference to demon love letters!
Splintertree Post Cave. It is remarkably hellish in there...


Fall into the Maw of the Void, there's a cool ally only quest!
Horde players: You can get the pet Withers from a forsasken apothecary in the Cliffspring Hollow!

Giant snake skeleton things in the Valley of Bones?? What are they?? The "Dead Goliaths?"

South of the eastern Twin Colossal is a nelf woman who sends you up it..Pretty cool. Except her crony makes you buy parachutes to get back down!


Not really in Orgrimmar, but take the zepellin to Thunder Bluff, and you can jump to a secret little cave on the edge of Mulgore.

Stonetalon Mountains
Fly to Ashenvale. Behind the Peak, are ruins making a copyright c?
Webwinder Path has a smiley face hiiden on a fallen tree.
Northwest of the Stonetalon Pass in Mulgore is a plateau with warring critters! Huge rabbits with knives! Mice with skull masks and guns! Prarie dogs with spiked helmets and daggers!


Southbreak Shore. Plane crash? Why?
By the exits of Gadgetzan, you can see a couple of small trails leading away to ravaged corpses...
There's a sunken goblin village to the south eats out to sea.

Nothern Barrens
Giant Anchor in Ratchet?
Grol’Dom Farm. More bees. (Look at Warsong and Vengeance’s zeppelins.)
Ratchet has gallows outside it :s
Shrine of the Fallen Warrior, and Michael Koiter. Southwest of’s a developer that died.

Just to the west of Uldum on the coast is a cool cave!


Black Temple
You can see Azeroth from up top where Illidan it’s close. But you can’t see Outland from Azeroth?

Blade’s Edge Mountains
Wyrmskull Bridge. There are skulls on there that shouldn’t be in Outland?

Challe’s Orphanage, by the G of “LauGhing skull ruins.” Weird stuff..Does she eat the kids? There are babies there too.
Elemental Plateau north of the Elemental Ring place. Pretty cool.
Hemet’s camp..snakes on a plane!
Telaar. Billy the Ogre quest text XD

On an island floating somewhere south I think is a nod to a cancelled game, Stracraft:Ghost, a grave on a rock which a character comes to sometimes. It also flashes out's Nova’s Grave.
There’s a pirate ship just south of the zone, by Kirin’Var Village I believe, on a floating rock. PETER PAN!

Shadowmoon Valley
The Warden’s Cage. Maiev is armour, with daggers and spikes. Clever, Illidan. Clever.


Borean Tundra
Warsong Hold and the zeppelins have bee sandbags.

Arsenal Absolute. There is a SEVERED HAND. In a JAR.
The Filthy Animal, and its funny dwarvish translations.

Agmar’s Hammer has little Taunka babies in its top!
In the Maw of Neltharion, just off the ramp going to the back of the cave is a small ledge with two gnome corpses, and a gheist eating them..Frodo and Sam and Gollum, methinks? The two gnomes looked in love too :'(

Grizzly Hills
Bambini! Mumma! Thumper! Flora! Just prey the mother doesn’t get shot by a Westfall Hunter or all hell breaks loose.

Underneath the Drakarri Colossus' balcony is a HUUUUGE snake tail!!!

Halls of Lightning
The Army of Iron Vrykul underneath the Unyielding Garrison.

Howling Fjord
Vengeance Landing and more bee sandbag zeppelins.

Sholazar Basin
There's an island in Bittertide Lake, with a Lost hatch.


When you kill shredders, you can see Kerrigan from Starcraft if you zoom into their visors.
Guards in cities respond to /wave /rude /kiss /salute, if you ask in Darnassus for an enchanting trainer the guard will blush, and if a belf pally /eyes a Silvermoon guard, they’ll kneel.