Trolling in World of warcraft.


Now since most of you don't know how to troll properly im going to teach you in a simple step-by-step guide.
The point of trolling is to get other people to rage giving you lulz.

1.0 Trolling in the WoW universe.
1.1 The (northern) barrens chat.
1.2 Trolling in groups.
1.3 Trade chat.
1.4 Using knockback items/spells.
1.5 World bosses.

2.0 Trolling on the forums.
2.1 Offtopic
2.2 General
2.3 Class forums/class roles forums


4.0 Profit.

1.0 Trolling in the WoW universe

In the wow universe trolling can be tricky... okay im kidding it's really easy.
Over the next few steps i'm going to explain the ways that i enjoy the most and find the most effective.

1.1 The barrens chat

The barrens chat is and will always be the epicentre for lowbies or alts running around and questing, usually its filled with peole who cant resist writing in general chat.
Even by talking here you can piss of people, there have been numerous times that ive gotten yelled at/ignored just for having a dandy conversation.
Seeing as it is a centre for lowbies you can always give them faulty information.

Awesomedude: Take the boat to booty bay from ratchet and go to northern STV, then head into the cave where you see alot of guys named Kurzen, They are friendly at most but if the attack you then you have to kill a guard outside of Zul'Gurub.
Dklegolasdk: OMG THX!! YOU R MY AN HERO NOW I LOV U!!1

Misinformation can lead to much frustration and crying and what do we all love if not tears?

Speaking of Mankrik and his wife a good way to piss people off is simply by asking with numerous typos "Wear is manquicks wief?"
People will either tell you to, STFU, Read the quest log ffs noob!, actually tell you where he is, give you map locations in numbers (who the hell uses that addon anymore anyway?), tell you to look at the map or give you faulty information leading to zg or some other dungeon.

When you (rarely) find people who wants to help you, /w them and start a trolling session, you can do this by just acting plain dumb and see how far he is willing to go in order for you to find him. Example:

Stpeter: Hey friend! Mankriks wife is soutwest of the crossroads and north of camp tauraje. Head there!
Awesomeface: Okay im standing at the great lift now am i on the right spot?
Stpeter: no no youre way off. Hold in ill invite you to a group and you can come to where im standing.
Awesomefeases: okay ty dude hold on 5 min i have to go pee.
Stpeter: Okay ill wait.
This time you just sit and wait for 10 minutes to go to see if he leaves, if he leaves before "come back" you invite him again and say that you were back.
Awesomeface: Okay back sorry it took so long my mom said that dinner was ready.
Stpeter: Np, come to my location.
Awesomeface: Okay how do i open my map?
Stpeter: press m
you now start moving towards him by wich means you wish but most effectively anoying would be walking.
Awesomefart: Okay im here now where is his son?
Stpeter: His WIFE is right there.
Awesomeface: No i had to find his son
Stpeter: no no the quest says that you have to find his wife.
Awesomface: LOL NOOB i have 3 lvl 80 i think i know what im talking about!
Stpeter: are you stupid its his wife that you have to find, mankrik doesnt have a brother.
Awesomeface: hold on ill go to crossroads and get the other quest for his wife.
Stpeter: ...
you now go to crossroads and buy some milk.
Awesomeface: Okay i got the quest now im comming there.
Stpeter: okay hurry i havent got all day.
Awesomeface: im running as fast as i can.
Now you disconnect by pressing alt-f4 and log back in just to piss him off.
Awesomeface: Sorry my sister answered the phone on our dial up.
Stpeter: noob
awesomeface: Okay i see his wife. but i cant click her. fuck this quest im gona do some bg instead.
Awesomeface: i brought you some milk.

That about concludes the art of trolling i know of in the barrens chat. Lets move on.

1.2 Trolling in groups.

Trolling in groups can be everything from needing on cloth items as a warrior or plate items as a mage to aggroing unpulled mobs.

Lets begin with ninjaing.

Seeing as ninjaing looting is banable IF the leader or everybody agrees upon some loot rules I wouldn't recommend ninja looting if you're not afraid to get banned or possibly lose you account if it happens more than once.
The definition of ninja looting is; A loot ninja, AKA ninja looter or simply ninja, is a player who takes loot to which he or she is not entitled. The act is referred to as ninja looting or ninjaing. The term predates World of Warcraft and originated with the notion of looting as quickly as possible. The common synonym for this behavior is greeder, though that term has ironically fairer play connotations specific to WoW. [Taken from Wowwiki on ninja looting.]

Example; dude: Man! Onyxia dropped T2 helmet last night but fucking pokeypokey ninjad it!

Ninja looting will if not banned get you a very bad reputation on your server, a bad reputation is also an invitation for potential hate towards you and we do also love when people hate. Also, haters gon hate.

A conversation can go on for hours between two individuals on who is the most entitled for the +agi item that just dropped, the hunter or the rogue.
As the 3rd individual you are going to ninja loot the item because you're a mage and clearly the hunter and the rogue doesnt know what theyre talking about, mages need agi more than they do!

Other ways to troll in group is just to be an anoying bastard and writing in all caps, but seeing as we have a kick tool in groups now it probably wont be for long cause they will kick you when you get on their nerves.

Pulling adjacent mobs is also fun when a party member freaks out, one way is also to body pull some adjacent mobs and not do any damage to them, then when you get low on health and hopefully get a heal, the healer will aggro the mobs and die, resulting in hate and repair bills.

Overaggroing can get to the nerves of the tank aswell but a simple and deft solution to his problem would simply be not to pick up threat when you aggro the mob, making you die. Wich results in repair bills for you and tears, but we like tears so its np.
But if youre on a fight where the boss has an aoe, like Onyxia, you can overaggro in time for her to breathe her fire on the group, causing stress for the healers keeping everybody alive.

But then again theres the kick tool

1.3 Trade chat.

Trade chat is much like the barrens chat.
Its supposed to be a trade chat but is mostly used as a general chat because aparently even though everybody gathers in orgrimmar and stormwind, Mr. I-want-everybody-to-hear-me feels the need to be heard by the 4 guys in darnassus also.

Ways to troll is advertising an that you dont have for a very low price, when you find a buyer you send the item cod and istead of the item you send some eggs.
The buyer might not really look whats in the mail and assuming that is infact is the item and then foolishly take out the item in the mail loosing his money, or he sees what it is and goes FFUU over that it isnt the item he was expecting.

Other ways to troll in trade is simply using the ways that i showed you in part 1.1.

1.4 Using knockback items/spells.

This is one of the most fun and rageinducing ways to get people pissed off.
A good spot to do it if you are a ballance druid is in alterac valley on the bridge between the alliance base and that hillside.
Stand in the middle of the bridge and go into catform and prowl and cast Typhoon. this will cause them to fly off the bridge and hopefully die, in most cases they do not and have to spend time to regenerate.
Another good one as a druid or a shaman is at the elevators of TB if the alliance are doing a raid on TB. Simply cast Typhoon or whatever and the whole raid will fly off the elevators and fall to their deaths.

1.5 World bosses.

World bosses are bosses that isnt in an instance and are often not avalible all the time.
A good way to troll an entire guild is to ruin their attempt at the boss. An example would be killing the maintank or healers or on Lord Kazzak where he starts to cast shadowbolts if he isnt killed within a certain amount of time, theese shadowbolts causes him to get a heal, simply stand nearby and he will get an extra heal making him harder to kill. Although a kazzak attempt where he has gotten to where is casting shadowbolts is considered a fail and they are probably going to wipe intentionally anyway unless he is at like 5% health.

To deliberately make a guild fail at a world boss can really give you a bad rep, but hey! who cares right?!
But dont expect to get into that guild ever.

End of part 1

So were halfway through part 1! I hope you have learned alot about the art of trolling in world of warcraft and really do try this on an alt. (doing this on your main is not really advisable since people are going to stop inviting you to guilds or groups.)

Part 2!

2.0 Trolling on the forums.

Trolling on the forums is much like trolling in any chat in the wow universe. The only difference is that your post is there to see for everyone across all servers forever.

2.1 Offtopic.

Offtopic trolling is pretty lame seeing as most of the other people that hang around there are also trolls and trolls trolling trolls is rarely fun.
But rickrolling somebody is fun i suppose but it has become a dead horse by now.

2.2 General

Trolling on the general forums can include, Necromacy, asking obvious questions or questions that can be asked with a simple google or forums search, posting threads about political, sexual or religious views, posting threads that has previously been posted numerous times e.g. "WHEN IS CATA RELEASE DATE?!" or simply by being a dick.


Necromacy is when you find the oldest post there is and write something in it e.g. an old thread about Tier 2 gears droprate. Your reply will bump the thread to the top of the forums and people who doesnt read the date will think its a new thread and reply acordingly. Theese threads often gets locked and can give you a forum ban.

Asking obvious questions or questions that can be asked with a simple google or forums search.

Asking obvious questions is one of the top things that people hate e.g. "WHEN IS CATA RELEASE DATE?!".
This often results in people ragin at you or calling you a fail troll or asking you to do a google search but in seldom cases people actually give you the answer we dont want; the release date of cata.

Posting threads about political, sexual or religious views.

Posting theese kinds of threads will get you banned so post them on a sunday.

People often get into heated discusions about why 'blizzard is so homophobic' or 'LOL BLOZZARDS IS TOTALY ROOTING FOR ADLOL HITLOL!!'.
It can lead to many lulz and you often dont have to do much than post a really hating topic that people often strongly disagree with, then it is just sit back and watch the show.

Posting threads that has previously been posted numerous times.

This is also really annoying for others but fun for you as they rage.
The most commonly threads posted before cata was "WHEN IS CATA RELEASE DATE?!" but theese post were posted so often that in the end they were just ignored. Succesfull trolling at work.
People will never get tired at telling you how many times this has been posted and how stupid you are for posting this and that you should learn english.

Simply being a dick.

As it says, just be a dick, If someone is genuinly asking for help just tell him that his mother is a dirty slut or that his sister was with him and his 6 friends named brad yesterday.
Or just post something offensive about somebody.

2.3 Class forums/class roles forums.

This can lead to alot of rage from other classes.
Post in a class forum of your choosing and then write about how overpowered they are and that they should be nerfed, people will tell you to stfu and give you numerous reasons as to why they "really" are the most nerfed class in the game.
In the class roles forums you can write about how tank dps is too low and that youre always in the last place on the damage meters. Oh also dont forget the obligatory "blizzard hates 'x class' "


4.0 Profit.

( * )( * )