Hey !

I'm gonna tell you a bit how to level up real quick in Archeology.
The best place to train is at Estern Kingdoms couse it's closest there and u dont need to fly much .
It's always near Booty Bay and/or Trisifal Glades so u only need to take the zeppelin up and down
If u got Master Riding it wiuld save alot of time and if ur a Mage it's even better , U'll be 520 in notime
So here's what u need to do.
First put your Hearthstone in Booty bay and start digg around it , but when ur under 100 u get a skill up every time u digging , so be sure u dont solve , it can save u hours and u get faster skill up.
When ur 100 start solve all ur things u've digged up couse u cant get more skills when digging and will maybe be at 200+
Then u continue like that All the way to 520 like i've done , It's really simple and fastest way to get up ur skills.