Hey.This is Jackhammer,Guardian of The Jetsetters-The Maelstrom EU.(former Sothas,Anvil of Crom Deathwing EU).In this guide I will give some simple yet very usefull advices about the achievments needed for the Cataclysm Heroic Dungeon Meta Achievment for the drake.

1. Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls
This is one of the easier achievments required for the meta.If you have well geared tank he can easily survive the Skullcracker while tanking the adds near the boss.Using cooldowns like Icebound fortitude,Vampiric Blood,Barkskin,Shield Wall will keep you alive.If you dont want to risk get a mage to frost nova the adds near the boss then let the tank move away from the boss before the Skullcracker.Warlocks Shadow Fury also can be used.You can also use Freezing Circle or hunter's frost trap but you have to time your tanks moving away correctly if you gonna use the frost trap.

2. Arrested Development
Healing intense achievment.Its nice to have good dps so your healer wont go OOM.Just get 2 range intervening 2 of the beams and let the third evolve.Tank it-kill it.Then let the second one evolve-tank it and kill it.Then the third one.They hit pretty hard so its a good idea to pop some cooldown on each add.The boss herself doesnt hit so hard so you can give some time to the healer to get some mana back between the adds.The tank can also intervene the beams if needed.

3. Too Hot to Handle
For this achievment its a good idea not to spawn any adds.For that just keep adding 2 stacks on the boss before the previous ones expires.2-4-6-8-10-10.On 10 or 12 stacks let everyone in the party use defensive cooldowns like Cloak of Shadows,"Bubble",Dispersion,Anti-magic shell,Nether Protection,Barkskin etc, drag the boss under the lava fall and get the remaining 3-5 stacks on him.You should use cooldowns because the AoE damage that he does when he is getting stacks will be alot and it will wipe the raid otherwise.Even if you dont manage to kill him while he has the 15 stacks its no problem.Let him lose the stacks and then just continue the fight normaly with adding few stacks at a time, letting him lose them even.Adds doesnt hit hard so its no problem to tank them and the boss.But the boss should be dead before he lose the 15 stacks or shortly after ofc if your dps doesnt sucks badly.

4. Ascendant Descending
Now this achievment is a bit pain in the ass.When we did it we failed several times trying different things.The tanks kiting one and 2 range dpsrs pulling threat of the other 2 adds, fading afterwards and so on during the fight.That didnt work quite good.The best way to do it is with Curse of Exhaustion.Its quite OP and can be casted on both 3 adds.Just have someone dispeling the slow on the tank and its pretty much faceroll(if your tank can keep aggro on them but that shouldnt be a problem).You can also use Frost Trap,Frost Nova,Freezing Circle but its important that the slow will be dispelled so the tank cant run.The stun isnt that much of a problem if the adds are slowed.

5. Old Faithful
Pretty easy achievment.Just keep crowdcontrol on 1 of her adds(Polymorph,Fear,Repentance) and wait until she finish her cast.Take the add below 50% to make sure that the Geyser will kill it.Then just move the add on the spot where the geyser will occure.You can use death grip and chain of ice to possition the add correctly or just make your tank to stand there with the add.It doesnt matter if your tank die-you will get your achievment.

6. Prince of Tides
Pretty easy achievment.Dont kill the Unyielding Behemoth when it spawns.Your tank can easily kite him around while tanking the other adds that will spawn.Use frost trap, chains of ice or any kind of slow you can think of.Then, when you become big and black (no, i am not a racist ! ) just kill it.Thats it.

7. Rotten to the Core
Faceroll achievment.There are three packs of those adds right infront of the boss.Pull the adds, pull the boss, the tank pop some cooldowns like vampiric blood,icebound fortitude,shield wall etc, you AoE down the adds-win.Grats on the hard achievment. :P

8. No Static at All
Interesting achievment.If you are didnt become retarded after WoTLK you should be able to do it normaly.Just jump before he finish the Static Clintch cast.If you find that way hard just get priest to put Levitate on everyone before you pull and to put it again on the targets hit by the Chain Lightning.If your priest is good he can put Levitate on the tank while the boss is casting the Static Clintch.You can use abilities like Anti-Magic Shell that will negate the spell.

9. Extra Credit Bonus Stage
I dont quite get the idea of this achievment.It cant be easier than that.There are these golden orbs that you need to collect.There is one after the first boss.Just stand on the edge of the platform and click on it.There are two on the bridge with the whirling balls in the middle-again easy to get the golden orbs.There are two in the air next to the pillars at Altarius.You can use the Tornados that he spawns during the fight to get thrown in the air and get them.Having slow fall on you will make your life easier while you are trying to click on them.Pretty pointless and easy achievment.

10. Kill It With Fire!
Pretty easy achievment once you know what to do.In the normal world (realm) you will get a fire phenix who will leave a fire trial behind him.You know-you have to dps it down and stay away from it etc I wont explain the boss fight ! So when the boss reach 50% you will go into the shadow world(realm) whatever its called.There will be this shadow phenix.Every once in a while there will be Soul Fragments spawning from random party member (like during the first boss in Forge of Souls).Make sure that there is a fire between your party members and the shadow phenix (and the tank ofcourse).When a Soul fragment spawns it will move through the fire in order to reach the bird.When it go through the fire it will transform into Burning Soul.Then you kill it.Dont kill the shadow phenix before you get three Soul Fragments.You kill them-you get the achievment.

11. Acrocalypse Now
Pretty hard achievments mainly for the healer.We used two healers and two good AoErs.The small crocs dont have much health so it wont be a problem.There will 4 frenzied crocodiles spawining each wave.You need 20.Wait 5 waves.The crocs attack specific party member each time.You cant make threat on them but you can taunt em.Make your tank taunt as many as possible.Pop cooldowns when there are 16.When the last wave spawns everyone stacks on the tank and aoe the crocs down.Win.Its easier with 2 healers but you can do it with 1.

12. Headed South
Now this is a pain in the ass achievment.You need both alot of healing and alot of dps.During phase one he will spawn 2 type of adds-casters(minions) and melees(servants).Your tank needs to tank the Servants but you shouldnt kill them!Make your tank take down like 50% of the HP of the first Servant.You should nuke down any minions that spawns asap.If there isnt any minions to kill during p1 you must dps the boss no matter he has a shield and take less damage.Your tank picks up the second Servant that will spawn.He will take down 50% of his health too.Then when the third Servant spawns everyone should stack on the tank and nuke down the third Servant.When the Servant dies you will get a debuf.Then phase 2 starts.Now you can nuke the boss-he doesnt have shield anymore.At this time the other 2 Servants should be below 40% from the AoE you are doing.8-10 seconds before your debuf expires stack again on the tank and nuke down one of the remaining two servants.Be aware that it takes 2 seconds to cast the debuf after the servant's hp reaches 0 so time it correctly.You kill the third add again 8-10 seconds before your debuf expires.Then you have 30 seconds to nuke down the boss.It will be realy healing intense so its a good to have good dps."Bubble" will remove the debufs so DONT use it.Pop all defensive cooldowns you have once you get the third stacks.Its personal achievment so if you are dead when the boss dies you wont get the achievments while the rest will get it if they have 3 stacks.

13. I Hate That Song
One of the more difficult achievments.How we did it-we had DK tank (me).We tanked the boss on the left edge of the platform.5 seconds before he started casting his song I placed a death and decay down on that side then moved to the other edge and jumped down when he started casting and I took the snakes from that side too.1 party member jumped down on the side where i placed the death and decay and another jumped down with me on the other.Thats how they managed to chanel the switches without being interrupted.The switches have 10 seconds channel time and you lose like 1-2 seconds before you start channeling so you need 1 dps or the healer to stay up and interrupt as soon as the shield is down.If you dont have DK to D&D you can probably use a rogue.Make it jump down like 10 seconds before the boss starts casting his song and MD AoE the snakes on the one side to the tank then sprint and do the same on the other.Another way to do it is to have 2 ppl jumping down from each side-the first one on each side will pull the snakes and the other will channel the switches.You should have your healer staying upstairs on the platform to interrupt.He will be able to heal you from there too.

14. Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
Faceroll achievment realy.Mount a camel, go fight the boss, move out of the dust clowds-spikes will erupt there.Thats the only way you can fail the achievment.

15. Sun of a....
Now this is a hard one.You need alot of dps.We used 4 dps and a Healer.The boss doesnt hit that hard so your healer should be able to keep the dps with most HP alive.Make sure to interrupt his casts especialy the Leap of Faith because your melees may lose valuable amount of dps there.When he goes to the middle to recharge he will take more damage so keep your cooldowns for that phase and nuke like hell.There isnt any advice I can give you for that achievment-you just need DPS!

16. Faster than the speed of light
Thats a difficult achievment too.You need very good dps and coordination if you want to do it.Make sure you are running against the door before it openes.Pull the middle troggs and those to the left and AoE them while running-they doesnt hit hard.Pull the Elemental and start moving him right away down the stairs to the middle.It should be dead before you reach the middle again.Dont stop running and pulling.Pull the troggs on the other side.Pull the other elemental.Dps while moving him down the stairs.When going to the other 2 elementals avoid the trogg packs if you can by hugging the corners.Again pull the troggs in the middle between the stairs and go pick an elemental.Move him down and dps him.Then go to the last elemental and nuke him hard.(Leave the Fire one for last).You must kill all 4 elementals before the 4:30 minutes mark because there is 30 seconds RP.If you do that you will get the achievment.If one of your party members is dead he wont get the achievment so battle ress him if you can.

17. Umbrage for Umbriss
The boss will spawn three troggs early into the fight.Keep the Malignant Trogg crowdcontroled-polymorph,fear,hex.Kill the other troggs.When the boss is around 150-200k hp pull the trogg to the boss and kill the trogg.Then burn the boss.Make sure that your tank will pop some cooldowns then because the boss will hit harder ! ! ! Easy Achievment.

18. Ready for Raiding
Em the name explains it Dont get touch by the spining fire wall.Just walk clock wise and stay away from the fire wall.I know its shiny and you want to touch it but you MUST NOT ! If you cant do that achievment leave the meta, leave wow and go play FIFA.Srsly.

19. Rat Pack
Every time the Lumbering Oaf picks one of the party members and runs with him into the woods there will be a random number of rats spawining.Kill 20 of those and you get your achievment.Make sure that you wont kill the Lumbering Oaf until you get 20 of the rats.Easy achievment.

20. Prototype Prodigy
Again easy achievment.Just make sure you wont use the Prototype Reaper while clearing the trash around the boss.Its impossible to get it below 90% while killing the adds during the fight.Make sure that you tank the boss on top near the door from where you entered the room.

21. Its frost damage
Well you will die in order to get this achievment.Engage the boss, dont kill the first three vapors that will spawn.Let them explode.Pop all cooldowns because there must be alive member of the party when the third one explodes otherwise you wont get the achievment.Bubble, pop icebound fortitude,Anti-magic shell, shield wall etc.

22. I'm on a Diet
Fun achievment.If you dont want to risk it just eat 2-3 of the good food (the one on golden, shiny plate) at the start when you can easily see it on the ground and then just nuke the boss.Ofcourse if you dont eat alot of the food you wont get alot of the buff so you need good dps for that one.Its personal achievment so if one party member fails the rest can still get it.

23. Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator
Now this is a chalenge.Your party must be quick.Walk down and dont touc the fire.Kill the first nightmare boss then hug the door so you wont pull alot of spiders while killing the second nightmare boss.On the next event better wait 3-4 seconds to see where the electric walls are.Once they spawn there will be a moment of haste moving from them.Wait for that too then move to the third boss.If someone dies make sure he will release and run back in fast.You can kill the third nightmare boss with 1 good dps and 1 good tank alive even.So do that-dont wait for the dead people to come.Once the door is open and you are on the ship docks let the worgens kill the first npc.You will die.Run back in fast and teleport to the ship docks.You wont have the nightmare buff anymore.Go on the ship and pull the boss.If you do that under 5 minutes you will get your achievment.Make sure that everyone is ON THE SHIP before you pull because otherwise those that are on the wooden platform next to the ship wont get the achievment.YOU MUST BE EXACTLY ON THE SHIP otherwise you wont get the achievment !

24. Pardon Denied
He will grip you into the air and reduce your HP to 1%.After that he will start casting AoE heal that will heal you and him.Once he drop you down and you are able to cast/use abilities interrupt him.Dont wait to see the cast bar or the visual animation.Once you are able to interrupt-use your interrupt ability.Easy achievment.

25. To the Ground!
Not difficult achievment with good setup and good dps.When he spawns the two adds let the dpsrs focus on the Officer.Make sure you have interrupter among the dpsrs that can interrupt the add.You shouldnt need more than 1 interrupt of the Unholy Empowerment he casts if you have decent dps.Let the tank focus on the second add and interrupt it while the dpsrs are killing the first.Once the first add is dead kill the second.

26. Bullet Time
Easy achievment.Lord Godfrey will occasualy spawn adds.After that he will use his pistol barrage with which you must kill 12 of those adds.There is an easy way and easier way to do this.The easy way is to have the tank picking up the adds then moving into the pistol barrage with a CD poped so he can survive.The easier way is to have the range and the healer standing on the edge of the platform where the boss is standing before you engage him.Tank the boss facing the stairs.When the adds spawns the healer/range will aggro them so the adds will attack them.In order to reach their target the adds will take the stairs.But the boss is facing the stairs while he is casting the pistol barrage?! Thats how the adds will die and noone will take damage as the tank is moving behind the boss when the boss start casting pistol barrage.Easy.

27. Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet
After the boss finish casting his Shadow Gale ability he will spawn two adds at the stairs.They will start moving to the left and to the right pack of eggs.You must kill them before they START CHANNELING their spell on the eggs.Use Chain of Ice,Curse of Exhaustion to slow them.DoT them both then focus killing on the adds.Then switch and kill the other one.Let the tank dps the second add so it will have less HP when your dpsrs switch.Pretty easy achievment with decent dpsrs.

That was all of the achievments.I hope it will help someone to get his drake. (and help me get mine )