Some people have refer to WOW as WOW crack and there is some truth in it. I had played this game for years and it is addictive and fun as hell.
It has been documented that some unfortunate things have happened to people to lose control and become engulfed by the game. Here is a guide for you to keep
your sanity and enjoy your journey in Azeroth.

The ten commandments

1) It is a game
WOW is a game, your friends and family may be in the game but it is important to organise events outside the game as well. Go out and take a breather. You will feel refresh and your game will improve.

2) Gankers united
If you are on a PVP server, you got ganked by groups of players. You can either get your friends to come and gank them or just leave the keyboard and get a drink or take a nap.
I can assure you that by then, the ganker would have left. On the side note, it is really fast to resurrect and mount your flying mount. It will ensure fast get away.

3) Be polite with other people in game
WOW is a game that is played by millions of people. 12 million to be exact. It does pay it forward to be nice to the others. An eye for an eye makes the whole world goes blind.

4) Be helpful in the trade chat
Btw, trade chat is the "/2" chat command. Well the all important trade chat nowadays have been used for anything but trade. There is a sudden outbreak of Chuck Norris jokes. Poor dude did no wrong, give him a break. If you would like to joke in the trade chat be nice. Personal attacks are never appreciated. There a poor dude who asked how to get to northend and the response was to swim there. Being helpful would be nice. What goes around, comes around.

5) Take frequent breaks from the game
Around ever 45 minutes, you should take a drink break or a toilet break. Rest your eyes. Park your toons in neutral faction inns and if any players tries to gank you, you can laugh at their corpse.

6) WOW is not more important than your mother (or family)
Imagine this, your mother asked you to come for dinner and your guild ask you to join an instance run. Do you listen to your mother or your guild? I vote for your mother. Be nice to your mother, she may pay for more game time. Attend to your family.

7) Multibox is the key to freedom
I was playing a lone hunter for the longest time. Always asking for instance run which never happened and other people ninja my loot. I started multiboxing with my friend. We each control five toons and we are about to raid some contents. The nice thing about this is that, when your family call you, you can stop. Well, it either you or both you and your friend in a raid.

8) Stop playing when it is late at night
Sleep on time, missing your bed time is not a good thing. You will be tired at work or school.

9) Have some other hobbies
I do watch television, have dinner with my family members and I chat on the phone or skype. I do not just play WOW and not do anything else.

10) Revisit this
Read this again from time to time to remind yourself that WOW is a game.

Written by Kujumetan
Unity Cell guild

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