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    Alliance guide to 100 mounts! (Horde can benefit too..)

    Alright guys! How many of you want the 100 mounts achievement, but think, "Holy crap, 100? That is definitely a lot!" I am here to tell you, yes, it is quite a lot, and it will take you time and effort to achieve it! Also, it will be expensive, so make sure you have at least 10-20k gold to spend. Keep in mind I will include class specific mounts and profession specific mounts at the end. Without further ado, let us start!
    P.S. Before you even start this guide, head up to the Argent Tournament in Icecrown, Northrend. Start doing the quests, and eventually dailies. Save up those Champion's Seals, you are going to need them! Do them everyday, and if possible, get a group for Trial of Champions Heroic Mode (Or solo, if able), for that also gives you a few Champion's Seals. Also recommended you cap out on honor, you will be buying mounts for 2000 honor each. Another also, I recommend you read the whole guide before starting, because some things take more then one day, and you can work on them while getting other mounts.

    Mounts 1-33: Faction horses, sabers, elekks, mechanostriders, and rams.
    This is easy. All you need to do is get exalted with each city! I recommend going to the starting areas, (Humans = Elwynn Forest, Westfall, and Red Ridge; Dwarves&Gnomes = Dun Morogh, Loch Modan, and Wetlands; Nightelves = Teldrassil, Darkshore, and Ashenvale; Dranei = Azuremyst Isle & Bloodmyst Isle) and completing all of the quests available to you, then buying cloth off of the Auction House and giving them to the repeatable quest, usually found around the tailor. Once you hit exalted with a race, go to the riding trainer in each city and find the breeder, and buy your mounts! P.S. Don't forget you do not need to be exalted with your own race!

    Mounts 34-40: Gryphons
    Go to Stormwind City, and next to the flight master and riding trainer is the breeder, here you will buy all of the gryphons. Recommended you do after mounts 1-33 so they are cheaper!

    Mounts 41-42: Exotics
    In Dalaran, go to Mei Francis who is right outside of the Flight masters area, and purchase the Brown Bear and Armored Snowy Gryphon from him. If you have extra ca sh (16k gold) go ahead and buy the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth.

    Mount 43: Black War Bear
    Find a raid group to do the achievement [For The Alliance!]. Once you complete this, check your mail and you will have received a Black War Bear!

    Mounts 44-49: Netherdrakes.
    You must have epic flying to start this. Go to Shadowmoon Valley and find the NPC named Mordenai. He can be found at the Netherwing Fields just east of the Sanctum of the Stars (Scryer base) at around 59,58 coords. Complete a quest chain from him, and you can now start doing Netherwing reputation dailies! You need to hit exalted with them to buy the mounts. Do the dailies, and if you have a gathering proffesion, this becomes a little bit faster. Now, there is another way to farm this, and that is by farming Netherwing Eggs. I highly recommend you watch this video for an AMAZING egg route: Go to youtube and search Cracking the netherwing egg part 2. If you watch this, you will surely find a few eggs an hour.

    Mounts 50-51 2 new drakes.
    For the first drake, you need to do some quests in Dragonblight, Northrend to become friends with The Wyrmrest Accord. Go to their quartermaster (At the top of the huge tower) and buy a tabard. Run level 80 or 85 dungeons (Heroics too) and grind there rep to exalted. Once there, head to the quarter master and buy Red Drake. Once you learn it, you should receive a new achievement! Head to your mailbox for a cute little surprise, the Albino Drake! Now you are sitting at 51 mounts, and over half way

    Mount 52: Cenarion War Hippogryph.
    This one is obtained buy buying it from the Cenarion Expedition quartermaster, and of course you must be exalted. To get there, head to the Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh, Outlands and head to the middle of the lake. When you see the big machine looking thing, dive down and keep following the tunnel. At the end, you will see 4 instance portals, one leading to Serpent Shrine Cavern, which you will ignore. The other 3 all give reputation to Cenarion Expedition. Set your dungeon settings to heroic, and go on in and clear trash mobs and bosses till you have done all 3. If you want to get this in one day, head to Steamvaults and turn your dungeon mode on normal, you will still get rep, just not as much. Once exalted, head to Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh, and buy yourself the Hippogryph!

    Mounts 53-57: Nether Rays.
    This requires you to achieve Exalted status with The Sha'tari Skyguard. To start this, go to the Flight Master in Shattrath city. Right next to him will be an NPC named Yuula. Complete the series of quests that follows, and you will be lead to the Blackwind Landing, right outside of Skettis. Here you can complete all the quests and start on dailies. If you want the Nether Rays in one day, make sure you can do the repeatable quest to turn in shadow dust. Next, go grind all the Arrakoas you see in Skettis. Some will drop shadow dust, hold on to them for 6 can be turned into 150 reputation. Grind til you have enough shadow dust to hit exalted, keep in mind Arrakoas give rep per kill each, and then buy all of the Nether Rays.

    Mounts 58-65: Talbuks.
    Head to Nagrand, Outlands and complete every single quest. You should be around revered with Kurenai. You will need exalted with them to buy all of the Talbuks. This next part is a mob grind. Head to any of the many ogre locations, Kil'Sorrow Fortress being an example, and kill ogres. They will drop Obsidian Warbeads, which can be turned into 500 reputation per 10 beads. Not to mention that the ogres give 10 rep each. A fairly fast grind.

    Mounts 66-72: PvP mounts.
    In Stormwind City, outside of the PvP vendor area in Old Town, there will be an NPC on a horse selling war mounts for 2000 honor each. They do not require ANY reputation, so they can be bought at anytime. He has 5, so that only gets you from 66-70. So you might be wondering, "Hey, where is number 71&72?" Well, one is Hillsbrad Foothils, right on the southern border of the mountains of Ruins of Alterac. If you run against the southern mountains, you will see an alliance base camp where the Stormpike Guard quartermaster sells a Stormpike Battlecharger for 2000 honor. The next is in Wintergrasp Keep, and it is the Black War Mammoth. It costs 2k honor.

    Mount 73: Ice mammoth.
    Go to the Storm Peaks in K3 and complete all the quests. One chain will lead you far into the east in The Storm Peaks, where the Sons of Hodir reside. You will start out at hated, but that will go up! Start doing dailies for them, or get a tabard for dungeons, and grind to exalted. Go to the quartermaster, and buy an Ice Mammoth, and if you have extra gold, buy the Grand Ice Mammoth.

    Mount 74: Bronze Drake.
    Fairly easy, just might take a few days since you have to roll against others. It is a 100% drop rate of the timed boss in Culling of Strathole Heroic. This is a level 80 heroic, and it is extremely easy to beat the time limit with a competent group.

    Mount 75: Violet Proto-Drake.
    This one takes a whole year to get, but doesn't require much other then achievement grinding. Do all of the holiday achievements (Exluding Pilgrim) and this mount will be yours, with 310% speed too! (If you do not want to spend a year, I will have more mounts at the end that are possible to get)

    Mounts 76-89: Argent Tournament Mounts.
    Yes, there are many mounts here, and yes, they cost anywhere from a few seals and gold to 100 seals to even 150 seals. Also, you are required to meet expectations, such as being exalted with Argent Crusade to get the 2 argent mounts(Warhorse and Hippogryph), all the main cities(SW,IF,Darn,Exodar,and Gnomergan) to get their 2 special mounts each, Silver Covenant to get their 2 mounts (Hippogryph and Quel'dorei Steed). That is 14 mounts you can get.

    Mount 90: Fossilized Raptor.
    This one is fairly easy, just do archaeology until you have enough fossils to make the raptor. For a guide on archaeology, visit wowwiki and search archaeology.

    Mount 91: Abyssal Seahorse.
    Do quests in Vashj'ir until you obtain this. Extremely easy mount.

    Mount 92: Winterspring Frostsaber. (P.S., will take more then a couple of hours.)
    Yes, the dreaded grind. Now for those of you not wishing to grind rep, but instances instead, skip ahead, for this grind is not easy. For this mount, you must head to Winterspring in Kalimdor. At the northern end, you will find Frostsaber Rock, and a lone NPC with but a single quest for you. Get used to this quest for you will complete it a lot. Complete that quest over and over again. Once you are halfway to friendly, you will receieve another quest, so now you have 2. Keep doing them and soon enough, you will get a third quest. Keep doing those quests until Exalted, and you will be able to buy your very own, Winterspring Frostsaber for a mere sum of 80g. (If you are horde and have chosen to read this, there is a quest chain just like this for horde in Un'Goro Crater.)

    Mount 93: Red Proto-Drake.
    Alright, for this one, you will complete Glory of the Hero, a level 80 Heroic Dungeon achievement. You will need to find a group of people willing to do this with you. This one might be harder, so you can go ahead and replace it with an instance grinding mount.

    Mounts 94-95: Item Drops.
    The first is the White Polar Bear mount, dropped from Hyldnir Spoils bag, which is earned from completing the daily quest: Defending Your Title given to you in Storm Peaks, which you will receive during the Sons of Hodir quest chain. The second is the Green Proto-Drake, which can be bought as an egg from the Oracles quarter master. You must be revered, and the quest chain starts in Scholazar Basin. The egg now takes 3 days to hatch, and if you get lucky when you open it, you will get the Proto-Drake!

    Mounts 96-97: Camels.
    These are bought for obtaining Exalted status with Ramkahen. Head to Ramkahen, Uldum, become friendly, and buy the tabard. Do 85 dungeons on normal or heroic difficulty and hit exalted, then head to Ramkahen once more and buy yourself 2 camel mounts!

    Mount 98: Wooly Mammoth.
    Can be bought from Mei Francis in Dalaran for 2175 Justice Points. Simple enough.

    NOTE! If you are a paladin, warlock, engineer or a tailor, skip this next section for now, and move on.

    The rest of the mounts you can choose to get and such, but they are not the easiest to obtain. I will start this list with the Rusted Proto-Drake and Ironbound Proto-Drake. Both are obtained from Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10 and Glory of the Ulduar Raider 25 respectively. At level 85, these should be easy enough if you can find the group! The next two are the Bloodbathed and Icebound Frostbrood Vanquishers. These are obtained from Glory of the Icecrown Raider 10 and Glory of the Icerown Raider 25 respectively, and again, just require a group that will down 80 bosses. All 4 of these achievements can be found in the Dungeons & Raids tab. The next 2 drakes are Black Drake and Twilight Drake. They are dropped by Sartharion in The Obsidian Sanctum, in 10 man and 25 man respectively. The only catch is you need to leave all 3 of the mini-bosses up, at level 85 zerging this should truly be an easy feat. In The Eye of Eternity, Malygos has a chance to drop a Blue Drake and an Azure drake in 10 and 25 man respectively. If you are level 80 and do a random heroic, and get The Oculus, the Cache of the Ley-Guardian from the chest at the end also has a chance to drop a Blue Drake. In another level 80 Heroic, Utgarde Pinnacle, the third boss has a chance to drop the Blue Proto-Drake. In Vault of Archavon, or Baradin's Hold, all of the bosses have a chance to drop a Grand Black War Mammoth as well. The Glory of the Cataclysm Hero, and The Glory of the Cataclysm Raider also give new drakes, Reins of the Volcanic Stone Drake and Reins of the Drake of the East Wind respectively. If you get exalted with Baradin's Wardens by doing the dailies after winning tol barad, you are offered a Drake of the West Wind for 200 Tol Barad commendations and a Spectral Horse for 165 Tol Barad commendations. There is another mount by doing archaeology as well, and this is received by making Tol'Vir artifacts after getting 450 archaeology. They only become visible at 450. This mount is rare, and hard to get as the artifacts only appear in Uldum. While in Uldum, look for very small camel statues, that have a chance of teleporting you to fight a weak elite mob who drops a grey camel mount. Now, if you feel lucky, these next ones are for you. Lets start with the 2 rare mobs. The first is Time-Lost Proto-Drake. This dragon patrols Storm Peaks with multiple patterns, and shares a rarespawn with another rare. It is extremely difficult to find. The next is Aeonaxx in Deepholm. He flies around and is also extremely difficult to find, and has extremely unique fighting mechanics. Either of these 2 mounts are very prized by many people. The next 4 are rare 25 player boss drops. The first is the phoenix, dropped by Kael'Thas in Tempest Keep, The Eye. The next is Invincible's Reins. This mount is dropped off of 25 man Heroic Lich King, in Ice Crown Citadel. Next, Mimiron's Head, is dropped off of Yogg Saron with the assistance of 0 keepers in 25 man Ulduar. Lastly, is the Onyxian Drake. It is dropped off of Onyxia in Onyxia's Lair, the difference is it can also be dropped in 10 man as well as 25. All 4 of these are extremely low drop chances. Also, in 10 man heroic Lich King, he drops a deathcharger, similar to a death knight's. Another rare mount is the Sea Turtle. This is received from getting really lucky while fishing in pools. Some people try this one for hours at a time, with no luck. 4 more mounts that have drop chances from dungeons are as follows: 1) Swift White Hawkstrider. This is dropped from the final boss in Heroic Magister's Terrace on Isle of Quel'Danas. 2) Reins of the Ravenlord. This can be received from killing Anzu in Heroic Sethekk Halls, located in Auchindoun Terrokar Forest. NOTE it has been changed to where you do NOT need to be a druid, or have a druid with you anymore. 3) Rivendare's Deathcharger. This mount IS still in game, even after cataclysm. It is dropped by Lord Aurius Rivendare inside the undead side of Stratholme. 4) Fiery Warhorse, from Attumen the Huntsman in Karazhan, the front side. The next 4 are the Holiday Mounts. During Hallows End, the goody bag drops The Headless Horsemans Mount. The Valentines boss drops the Big Love Rocket. And Brewfest goody bag drops 2 possible mounts: Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo. A few more instance luck drops for new cataclysm instances have been added, and are as follows: 1) In The Stonecore, Slabhide drops Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake, keep in mind can be done on Heroic AND Normal mode. 2) Altarius in Vortex Pinnacle drops Reins of the Drake of North Wind, but on Heroic mode only.3) Drake of the South Wind, Dropped from Al'Akir from the Throne of Four Winds. There are also 2 guild reward mounts. Reins of the Golden King (A lion) which requires your guild to be level 25, and Reins of the Dark Phoenix which requires Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider. Also, cannot forget the Mekigneer's Chopper, which can be made by an engineer that is exalted with Alliance Vanguard. This can be used by everyone, and sold. If you have a friend, you can get the X-53 Touring Rocket (A multi passenger flying mount) by succesfully doing 2 months of recruit a friend. There is also a handful of mounts one can obtain by doing the TCG (Trading Card Game) loot codes. They are as follows : Riding Turtle, Spectral Tiger, Swift Spectral Tiger, Magic Rooster, Mottled Drake, Whooly White Rhino, X-51 Nether-Rocket, Big Battle Bear, X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME, and the Blazing Hippogryph. The Big Blizzard Bear, contrary to popular belief, is indeed still obtainable, you just need to find a code from Blizzcon 2008 that hasn't been used yet. Probably not going to happen, so don't worry about that mount. Alchemists can make a new mount, called Vial of the Sandstone Drake. You learn to summon a mount that transforms you into a drake, and you can carry a passenger. If you are an alchemist searching for this recipe, you have to do archaeology, and when you get 450 and start doing Tol'Vir artifacts, there is a small chance the Canopic Jars will drop it. The pattern is Bind on Pickup, the mount is not. Two more mounts you can get (considered PvP mounts) are the Dark Riding Talbuk and the Dark War Talbuk. Both are obtained from a Halaa vendor for Halaa war tokens. If you really need 1 last mount, an easy one to obtain is the Celestial Steed for 25$ from the Blizzard store. Last bit of information, the Magic Broom for Hallows End does NOT count as a mount, and neither do any of the crystals obtained from Ahn'Qiraj.

    Now, I will explain class/profession specific mounts.
    Paladins and Warlocks all get 2 free mounts, a level 20 mount and a level 40 mount. These can be obtained by going to your class trainer when you reach the specific level. Paladins also get another mount at the argent tournament, the Argent Charger. You need to have the argent quartermaster unlocked to buy it for 100 champion's seals.

    Engineers get 2 mounts for themselves, that they need to get the patterns for. Tailors get 3 different magic carpets.

    Well, there you have it. A written out mount guide. Every single mount in the game, except maybe 1 I missed, which is possible, but either way this is more then enough for 100.
    OH WAIT! Let us not forget the 1 more mount you get after getting 100!! Gratz on your Blue Dragonhawk! (Red if you are horde)
    If you have any questions, message me Spawnofdoom, Hellscream.
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