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    good, pictures would have made it alot better though

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    Recent adjustments make many of the achievements in SotA practically impossible.
    The speed increases to the demolishers make what was already a difficult task of defending the gates even more so.
    That also shifts the focus further away from bombs, so an opponent cooperating with you will be a necessity I feel if you are to get the disarms.

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    TL;DR Get premade = profit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Maxos View Post
    When you play the game of MMOs, you win or you go f2p.

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    it would be nice to read if it b with pictures ;S
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    While pictures might be nice, most of them would be pretty stupid things such as for Sota here is a bomb against a wall you need to disarm it with like an arrow pointing to it. I really hope people aren't that bad to need a picture of a bomb armed in Sota.
    At most a few pictures would work but for the vast majority a picture would just make it worse. One picture that might work would be an AV map with an ideal flow from position to position for the Alterac valley all star achievement would just need two difference color paths one for ally and one for horde.
    Overall it's great and probably would fall under wall of text category but that is more then expected for a guide that covers a large number of achievements that are all sorta just there and need a little explanation for each.

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    Battlemaster got nerfed throughout the days and to easy to get now.

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    I'd just like to say thank you for coming back and communicating with us, Willbender. I apologize for being offensive at all. Its a little too easy to get carried away when trying to point out something you disagree with, especially when you don't recognize it as anything other than a computer screen. With that being said, you do have a great compilation of information and I hope that you improve upon it as time goes on with feedback. Good luck, and congratulations. Sorry for being a jerk.

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    6/10, it's a nice guide but yeah, pics would be great, maybe some colors for easier reading etc. but nice work, thanks

  9. #49 many issues with this guide.

    Issue #1 - Recommend trying for this with a group of people you pvp with regularly. Trying to pug this stuff is just insane. If you ever pvp'd in vanilla and tried for any ranks above 10, you're going to need a regular group. Most of the achievements can easily be completed with a good group and you rotate the achievements. People who focus on their achievements in a BG as a PUG need to just afk out IMO - stop wasting everyone's time trying to get achievement when everyone else is trying to win.

    Issue #2 - The strats - they don't mention anything about group make-up at all. Big fail trying to win any of the BGs with the wrong comp. I understand this is not a pvp guide, but the strats don't mean anything unless everyone is on the same page. I'd suggest making macro's to post strats before games to make sure everyone has at least some idea on what to do. Of course the people who won't follow the strat are people probably trying to get the Battlemaster achievement or just complete idiots to begin with, so its a catch 22... This goes back to #1 - get a pvp group.

    Issue #3 - The strats themselves are so generic, that they don't discuss the details of actually how to pull them off. Example: EOTS - the hold 2 + flag cap - should have at least a suggestion to only cap the flag when your side owns the middle or else its probably going to be GG. SotA - didn't find any suggestion that all attackers should always carry a bomb. ALWAYS. If your demo's are destroyed, you can hopefully plant a bomb so your push can continue. Etc. etc...again, I understand that this isn't intended to be a "how to win" pvp guide, but some of your entries discuss "how to win" and it falls short on meaningful content.

    Issue #4 - Guide should read - Get a pvp group. Run the BGs alot and you'll eventually get the achievements.

    Mind you, this is feedback from a player who has 2 R11 toons, and over 150k HKs who believes the only real achievement in BGs that really matters is winning the game.

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    As it's been said many times before, a nice guide but there are many errors that need sorting out. I was happy too see a guide for this acheivment was ranked so highly, but then when reading it, I expected better.

    As other people have said pictures would of been nice (not vital) but actual links to acheivements (however time consuming to do all of them) would of been such a huge improvement. Not everyone has an encyclopedic knowledge of their acheivements tab, so clarification on the objectives of some of them would be a welcome addition.

    Sorry to hate, because it has potential.

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    I don't think there can be much of a guide for this achievement now... at least for the harder ones that require pre-mades because now you can't queue for a bg with more than 5 (which is the stupidest thing blizzard has done imo). Sure there are rated bgs but unless you go against a bad team from a RP server, it will be pretty tough to get an achieve like ironman or *cough*. I'm just glad I got my title before they made this change.

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    awesome read idd! ty for putting so much effort in it

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    Had a nice moment reading this, nice work

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    Remember echo isles?

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    To the people asking for links/pictures, check his's impossible.
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