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    Thanks for the quick explanation, I attempted without looking into this today and was indeed pulled down costing me much time -.-

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    did this first time as a rogue with 20 seconds left, first time i did the daily and i was trying to get the achi

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    I wonder.. if you bang the stone, kill the dragon, then bang again.. would the timer start again?

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    This achievement can also be done in 10seconds, not even that, Just complete it as normal. Wait for the timer to run out. Whack the crystal and turn in. It's how i got mine, due to lots of people doing the daily.

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    Just did this on my first try, the guide worked flawlessly.

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    yea))) thats work )

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    Also when you get thrown up on the first stone. Make sure to skip a stone and jump to the next one. That works aswell

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    You know I tried to do this achievement the normal way with a friend, only to find out if I didnt hit the crystal I didnt get credit.


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    realy easy cheev

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    if ur pro like me and rolled a druid. u can flight form up and kill her before the guy pulls u down.

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    Thanks for the info

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