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    I am not trolling, he was visiting his old home and realised that Blizzard decided to remove it from the game after rethinking the zone map and made his cave just "disappear". He, then got very mad, and flew through the Dark Portal and began engulfing the rest of the world in flames until being put into a deep slumber then coming out again to say "hello" and...oh god I am trolling. Sorry :x

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    It's tough to get without luck

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    wtb him =(

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    i have yet to get mine. i know several people who were just out and about and got theirs. they did not even die for it.

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    yeah i've been out and about everywhere, and still nothing D=

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    Saw the flames in Uldum. He had attacked a minute before I arrived. Did not get the Feat. A little annoying because I also had to wait for the NPCs I needed to spawn!

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    saw him in twillight highlands...he's obviously scared of me, as i was coming closer he started to fly away and i couldn't catch up to him ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathbypizza View Post
    I thought this was already supposed to be a feat of strength?
    It isn't. Look in the Exploration tab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erarara View Post
    As we all know, you get this by being in the lucky zone that Deathwing decides to destroy entirely. My question is, once Deathwing becomes a raid boss, won't everyone wiping on him instantly get this acheivement?
    No, and once your server has killed him, you won't be able to get this achievement. At least that's what I've heard. However, I know for certain that you can ONLY get this achievement via dying from his fire as he flies over a zone.

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