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    How long can you listen to this before your head blows up?

    ''See me rise, the mighty Surt Destroyer of the universe. Bringer of flames and endless hurt. Scorcher of men and earth!''

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    This is fantastic. Can I get it for my itunes?
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    Almost as bad as the commercial before it.

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    I remember this.
    Awesome stuff.
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    Engineer: A personal favorite, from rocket boots to parachutes. Wormhole generators to LK glitching bombs that get you banned from raiding.

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    Lasted about 60 seconds before I wanted to punch my computer.
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    3 minutes in and my head feels wierd
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    I couldnt make it past the 30 second ad before the video...Win 7 phone sucks

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    I prefer this version of that vid:
    Must... resist... posting... huge... animated GIF...

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    It stopped why did it have to stop, I was starting to enjoy it
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    I got 99 problems, but a totem ain't one.

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    my head didn't explode, I started to rofl, literally rolling on the floor

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    Quote Originally Posted by zlygork View Post
    my head didn't explode, I started to rofl, literally rolling on the floor
    ^ this, with MAO at the end

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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    Listened for 5 secs, skipped a part to see if it was gonna get anything less annoying then closed it, right before I was gonna have to walk downstairs and pick my computer up because I'd have thrown it out the window.

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    I lasted about 10 seconds before i started ripping my hair out.... did i win?

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    That.. Is.. AWESOME! I just kept on listening.. Got bored, and opened 4 em at the same time! Now thats.. ahhhh for you!

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    saw titel and closed so it didnt even start.

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    Over there --->

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    I made it through the whole six minutes without going the slightest bit insane. Well, I suppose that means I am insane.

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    I listened to the whole thing. Nothing special to me, inside I feel like that guy in the video every time I'm with people.
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    One cannot simply walk into Mulgore...

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    45 seconds... >.>
    Is that like, a strip of bacon dancing or something? Lmao

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