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    How to successfully use Mind Control as a form of Crown Control

    Heroic after heroic I have had to teach groups how to use Mind Control, show them how effective it is, an hope that the dungeons leaders go out and use what they learned in future dungeons, hopefully a simple guide like this one can help get the word out faster and we can start seeing groups effectively using Mind Control right away.

    A guide to Mind Control, not only for Shadow Priests, but Dungeon and Raid Leaders

    A few notes to be aware of first about Mind Control
    First off simply Mind Control = MC and Crowd Control = CC
    The MC spell last 30 seconds, this becomes important when re-MCing as will be explained later
    When used correctly, MC'd targets can do Incredible damage, make sure to keep a pet cast bar on your screen to use casters effectively

    How to use Mind Control

    Step 1:

    Be Hit Capped for the mobs you will be Crowd Controling, nothings worse than having your MC miss
    This is only 6% for Heroic Dungeons, way to easy to get

    Step 2:

    Spec - Whatever you prefer, just make sure to pick up Psychic Horror and Glyph of Psychic Scream
    For max MC control you could spec something like this, although I skip Silence and Imp Psychic Scream for Shadowy Apparition

    Step 3:

    Macros - learn em, live em, love em

    (Macro 1) This macro will focus your target as well as cast Mind Control on your focus target, Right click will remove the focus

    #showtooltip Mind Control
    #show Mind Control
    /clearfocus [button:2]
    /clearfocus [button:1,target=focus,dead]
    /focus [button:1,target=focus,noexists]
    /cast [button:1,target=focus,exists]Mind Control

    (Macro 2) This macro will cast psychic horror on your focus target

    /cast [target=focus] Psychic Horror

    Step 4:

    Learn how to use these tactics and macros

    Depending on the size of the group you are prepairing to fight and the other CC available to your party you can use Mind Control to CC two targets, but most of the time only reliable for CCing one target.

    On smaller groups where you will only be MCing one target:
    • Be the player to "pull" the mobs - although letting crowd control start that cant be done in combat should come before the MC (sap)
    • Let the mind controled target fight the other mobs until you MC is about to break or the Mind Controlled target DIES <key
    • By this point hopefully the other CCs have gone off and the tank has picked up the remaining mobs now running you down
    • If the MCd mob did not die from the other mobs attacking it, immediatly hit Psychic Horror (macro 2) and fear it in place, followed by recasting MC (macro 1)
    • If more CC time is needed: Bring the mob close to you just as its about to break, as it breaks cast Psychic Scream again followed by your MC macro (macro 1)
    • Many times the mob will not acctually die but will be so low on health that you can just let it go and burn it, leaving you able to MC another if need be

    This situation is simple, Skull is the kill target, X is the secondary target, and diamond is the MC target. Priest pulls with MC, diamond fights skull and X until it dies or the 30 seconds of MC time lapses. Tank than picks up skull and X while diamond is either, dead, re-MC'd or burned if low enough on health.

    On groups where you know you will need to keep the MC for an extended period of time:
    • Same basic strat as previously stated, only difference being, instead of casting Psychic Horror (macro 2) on the first break of MC, pull the mob to you and cast Psychic Scream as I previously stated you would do on the second break.
    • Than on the second break in MC cast your Psychic Horror (macro 2)
    • By the time the third break in MC comes around you can pull the mob to you and cast Psychic Scream again as the cooldown will have completed
    • If more time is needed beyond this you can always pull the target out to max range from you and recast MC before the mob reaches you, when dealing with melee
    • If your dealing with a caster you can use Silence (using the same macro as Psychic Horror with "Silence" in place of "Psychic Horror") and keeping them at max range like a melee
    • Something I have not done yet but probably will be doing is picking up Glyph of Psychic Horror and simply switching between terror and scream as needed and as long as you didnt break the MC to early, one will always be up.

    On larger groups where you can MC two targets (5+ mobs):
    • When going up against larger groups with limited CC, MC can effectively be use to CC two targets just as easily as one (in most cases)
    • First focus the second target that you are going to be MCing
    • MC the first target (using just the spell and not the macro) and let the other mobs kill your MC
    • Tank can rush in and other CCs can go off at the death of your first target
    • Now use your macro to cast MC on your second CC target that you previously focused
    • Repeat steps for a single target MC as needed

    This situation has the same Skull kill target and X secondary target. I also have Star as a sap target, Moon as a sheep target, Diamond as the initial MC target and Circle as the second MC target. To start this situation the priest would have circle as its focus target, but be ready to MC diamond. The rogue would start the encounter by sapping star, followed by the priest pulling the mobs by MCing diamond (using just the spell and not the focus macro). This pull will kill diamond and the tank should be ready to pick up the mobs and mage should be ready with sheep on moon as soon as diamond dies. After diamons dies cast you focus MC macro (macro 1) and pick up circle. Repeat fear and MC tactics as needed.

    The fun Mind Controlling three targets strat (not highly recommended and limited areas of use)
    • First off this MC technique will only work in certain areas where a fast removal of a target can be accomplished (The Vortex Pinnacle)
    • Start the fight as if it were a larger group and you are MCing two targets
    • After the first mob dies, the tank picks up the adds as you cast you MC (macro 1) on your second (focused) MC target
    • Take this mob and simply run him off the edge of the platform
    • Target your third MC target, cast your MC (macro 1) and go back to the strat of MCing one target
    • This is not very effective as the mob you toss of the edge is not removed and will respawn, this generally takes some time and you should clear the other mobs before re-pop

    This situation can be more hectic and is not suggested, but if your desperate . . . We again have Skull as the first kill target and X as the secondary. Moon is for any CC, in this case we will use sheep, Diamond is the first MC target, Circle is the second MC target, and Triangle is the third MC target. You would start this pull by setting your focus on circle, but start your first MC on diamond (with the spell again, not the focus macro). Diamond will die fast so the mage needs to be ready with its sheep on Moon and the tank needs to be quick gathering up the four other mobs. As diamond dies tho, cast your focus MC macro (macro 1) and pick up circle. In certain places (vortex pinnacle) you can quickly turn the mob to the ledge and jump him off. MC will break as the mob out ranges you, leaving you to turn to triangle and set it as your new focus and continue the fight as if it was a one MC fight with your fear and MC rotaions. Beware, circle WILL repop, but you should have pleanty of time to clear everything else first.

    Step 5:

    • The hard part, teaching your party how to use MC successfully
    • This is by far the hardest part of MC as a form of CC, especially convincing a group that MC IS effective CC
    • You need to inform the party that if you will be using the two CC method, that the need to wait until your first mob dies before rushing in to tank OR dpsing as MCs will generally not hold aggro over dpsers
    • If at all possible, try and have your tank keep AOEs away from you so that you dont die mid MC or have the damage simply break your MC
    • Always be prepaired for a learning curve when starting to use MC's in a new group, keep Psychic Scream off cooldown as much as possible to stop mobs from destroying you on a screw up and give the tank time to pick the mobs up

    Other Tips

    • If a tank is slow to pick up a group of mobs after your MC breaks or dies, or other CCs dont go off as they need to, Dispersion can be your best friend
    • The mobs that are usually best to MC first are the healers, get them dead and out of the way allowing you to pick up a high dps mob second to use against the others. A post on Good MC Targets in Cata Heroics / Raids: http://www.shadowpriest.com/viewtopi...t=mind+control
    • Another good CC macro to keep on hand for those undead, this will focus your target and Shackle Undead it, you are than free you dps another mob and recast at any time to reshackle your focus

    #showtooltip Shackle Undead
    #show Shackle Undead
    /clearfocus [button:2]
    /clearfocus [button:1,target=focus,dead]
    /focus [button:1,target=focus,noexists]
    /cast [button:1,target=focus,exists]Shackle Undead

    Maybe with this imformation we can convince players that shadow priests are good CC and worth bringing into pugs as such!

    Feedback and Suggestions are always appreciated

    Mal'ganis (US)
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    As a priest I love to mind control stuff. I would add a small tip to this very good guide:
    Position yourself a bit away from your party before mind controlling or at least position yourself somewhere where there is no fighting near you (not the MC'd, you!). Sometimes it happens that the other adds come rush to the group and one of them stuns or interupts you while you were busy mind controlling causing your MC to break and even gets you silenced so re-MC'ing isn't possible.

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    That is nice, this is something that I always try to teach ppl how to do...I used to do that in the classic, MC is one of the most powerfull CC that this game have, if you know how to use you can, in a 5 mob pack, let the 1st mced mob die, and then MC another one and of tank a 3rd target...this is a shame that this play style was lost in the mind of the good priests after BC...but Im very happy seeing this come back.

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    MC is one of the reasons i love my priest. as added bonus, some caster mobs have buffs you can cast on your party. remember the botanica back in bc? my mage friend loved to SP buff from one of the mobs in there. and early in wrath when gear was blue i used to MC a healer in a pack and not only save my mana by healing with thiers, but it was effective CC too
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    I think the guide needs a section covering what mobs are good to MC because some are just a waste while some mobs (like aquamages or witches in Throne of the Tides are beyond awesome).
    Also, some mobs are insanely dangerous to release close enough to yourself to use Psychic Scream (Enforcers in the deadmines can one-shot you with a melee swing unless you have decent/good gear)

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    Mind control is quite possibly the best CC in the game actually. You take a mob out of play, don't have to worry about accidentally breaking the CC, use it against your enemies and they help kill it for you. I've seen it used to extremely effectively and I'm sure it's a ton of fun to use as well. This guide is fantastic if only because it will make more people aware of this amazing ability!

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    Click macro needs to be updated because clicking isn't a good thing.

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    I wish there was a mod or something that would let me know before I try to mind control a mob if it will be controlled or is immune.

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    How exactly does MC work? Does it work like a pet, or more like a vehicle? Are you still able to cast and such while MC'ing, or do you need to control the mob directly?

    I tend to use it in HC TotT for the giblins, it works fantastic, but I'm afraid I don't understand it (I'm the tank).

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    The opposite of engineering MC, you take over the mob and get his action bar displayed.

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    So you can't still attack while MCing? So this would make it not so great to have a healer MC, as they would be unable to heal while MCing?

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    Crown control? Huh? Am I missing a cute pun?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LilDrunkenSmurf View Post
    So you can't still attack while MCing? So this would make it not so great to have a healer MC, as they would be unable to heal while MCing?
    Its usually left to a spriest if you want them to use the MC. If its a healer that MC's, you let the other mobs kill the MC target without interference from the group.

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    You want the party to wait 30 seconds for one mob to die or be left off at low hp? You're likely slowing the run down.

    Only mind control if you really need the CC OR if you can do more damage with it / have some pro utility from it such as buffsies.
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    Main is a SP. i LOVE being able to top dps meters with MC. It is extremely effective, and not terribly hard to do correctly.. IF the tank/dps in your group know how to react when your MC channel ends.

    sadly, most of the time I am asked to MC something and let the mobs kill it. That isnt so smart. As soon as my target is dead, we now have a pack of hyped-up mobs chasing us down.

    second-worst thing is a tank who wants to stand on top of the SP for the fight. SP dies, MC breaks, we run back from GY. yuch.

    third-worst is when some spastic tank or dps panics when the MC drops, and attacks my focused taret, making it impossible to re-MC it.

    I dont use any macros. I DO use psychic horror on my target when I re-aquire. it keeps me him safely away from me, and stops him from eating anyone else's face. ( as long as the grp LEAVES MY TARGET ALONE!)

    20K+ dps using MC, having full mana for the next pull, and helping my grp run wipe-free FTW

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    Well, actually this guide had inspired me to start a priest in general and to SP particularly. Right now my priest is 55lvl and i can see that MC'd mobs do a rather minuscule dps, Is it due to low lvl or what?

    Right now the most fun is to MC caster mobs, and the most luck is to get grip of some king of bloodlust from ogres.

    But the thing with dps is that what bugs me, will that change in end-game?

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    This is a decent guide, should certainly help other classes realize that MC is a viable CC.

    There's a few things though, you may want to include like the actual mechanics of how MC works. Distance from the mob plays a factor into the duration of MC. Simply put, closer you are, less chance it'll break; further away, higher chance it'll break. A tip for this would be to use Mind Soothe to get a bit closer before MCing.

    Also I can't say I see too many PVE specs including Psychic Horror. I personally just Fade and let agro drop to either the tank or heals for those few seconds and then MC again if need be.

    There's only been maybe a dozen times I've been asked to MC and it's usually due to there only being one other class with CC on some bigger pulls, just let one die and then continue as normal. If there are more than three mob you're engaging you should be able to pull more DPS than an MCed target anyways unless it's one of the fun ones.

    Sadly though, I do not think MC will ever be used like it used to. Easily over 75% of the time I've been asked I had the tank run in after so I sit there doing 5 or 6k DPS. My favourite though is probably being the second CC for the Adepts in Vortex Pinnacle. You know I specced shadow because I love to MC and overheal instead of dotting up 4 mob.
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    in vortex pinnacle yesterday, the s-priest was Mc'ing the mobs near the end and making them run off the ledge.

    if anything, it was fucking hilarious to watch but did speed things up a lot.

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