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    Mount Collecting for dummies!

    This guide is going to teach you how to get a lot of mounts not just on specific rare or cool ones, so sorry if you are looking for glitches or fast ways on specific mounts.
    There are many factors on how to get a lot of mounts, and it takes a lot to be a mount collector.

    1.) Perseverance
    This point will apply to all the other points in this guide. No matter how bad your luck is you can definately get one "rare" mount in wow if you do everything you can to get one. Not getting discouraged or having a positive attitude will help you get any mount.

    2.) Vendor/Rep/Farming Mounts/Crafted These will be the easiest mounts you can get. These mounts take absolutely no luck at all and will be easy numbers.
    2a.) Professions: Some may not know this but you can re roll professions and keep mounts ex.) I rolled tailoring to get the flying carpet mounts then unlearned it you keep the mount but cannot use it.

    2b.) Having a plan: There are a lot of mounts that you can farm rep for or farm themselves in wow and you can save gold, time, and headaches by making an efficient plan on how to get them all.

    3.)"Rare" mounts These mounts aren't definite drops they will have a percentage drop or will have a 100% drop rate off of a rare spawn ex)Time-Lost Proto Drake

    3a.) Perseverance: The first point of perseverance will apply to rare mounts more than any other kind of mount. Don't quit because it "won't drop" because after a number of times it will.
    3b.) Research: Some may getting a rare mount is dumb luck, which sometimes it is, but I would advise you research mounts that you are stumped on or seem impossible to get more than likely you will find a better way to get the mount.
    3c.) Ridin' Solo: If you do dungeons that drop a rare mount by yourself instead of five people you will have a much better chance of getting it.
    3c Continued.) Friends: Friends are worth something: If the instance is not soloable, then getting some friends that will pass you the mount or sell you the mount is just like soloing it.
    3d.) If you do not have any friends or cannot solo anything it will be pretty hard to get mounts, but there is a solution... GOLD!
    Everyone has their price: You don't have to be gold cap (but it certainly would help) to buy mounts here are some tips
    +Start low: If you want to get the mount for the least don't start at a price that they will take instantly.
    +WARNING!: If you don't give people a warning they might learn it before you can offer your first bid.
    +Excuses: If you don't like deception skip this point, but it is really helpful. An excuse I use often is "That's all I have." maybe the person who received the mount likes the offer, but is trying to milk you.
    +Be polite: A player that already hates you will never sell you a mount.
    +Gold pool: Always make an offer, never reveal how much gold you have or ask how much they would sell it for. ex) How much will you sell that mount for? How much do you have? If you ask how much they would sell it for you just trapped yourself because that will be the answer 9 times out of 10
    - If they know how much gold you have they now have a weapon against you.
    3e.) Think of the future: I did not get the tiger mount, I also did not do zg every time it wasn't locked
    (tiger mount)

    Knowing what mounts are going to be unobtainable soon will help you get an idea of what to farm first.
    + Population: Not only do you need to worry about mounts going unobtainable, but you also need to worry about who is farming mounts like

    (if you don't know about ^ research Aeonaxx)
    +Secrets: If you find out about a rare mount that only one person can get at a time and tell everyone about it before getting it you just killed your chances of getting it.
    +I will get it eventually: If you know a mount won't go unobtainable for a while hold off on it if there are easier mounts to get.
    3f.) Do not focus on the mount: It might sound weird, but when I go in a dungeon and forget about the mount that will drop. SUDDENLY MOUNT! It has happened more than once.
    3g.) Addons: If you are farming either the Time lost proto drake, Aeonaxx, or the grey camel you will want the addon NPCscan
    + Macro: If you don't believe in add ons, first off lol , secondly you can get a target macro just bind a macro that looks like this
    /target "(Rare NPC)"
    and spam it.

    4.) Limited time/Seasonal mounts: Get them right away or farm them everyday so you can increase your chance of getting it/them.
    4a.) Violet Proto Drake: Toughen up and just get it done... you will thank yourself later. This also applies to mounts you get through doing dailies ex.) Argent Tournament

    5.) If you haven't started your main character or are looking to re roll altogether and get a lot of mounts roll paladin they have the most class mounts (last one being from the argent tournament)
    + Their self-righteous: If you don't like paladins or don't want to be one roll a warlock or death knight they both get two mounts.
    + Reputation: All those classes can be human and if you are making an alliance being human will give you increased reputation and in turn you will get mounts faster
    + Level>mounts: you can always go back and get a desired mount twice as easy as wasting time getting it while below max level.
    *I am a shaman and do not count class mounts when comparing, but I would if I were a paladin

    6.) Strong Guild:
    A lot of new meta achievements for raids give cool mounts. The downside of these achievements are that they are hard to impossible to do without a strong, smart guild.

    7.) Find ways to have fun while farming a mount
    + Listen to music
    + Watch T.V.
    + talk to friends
    The list is endless!

    8.)Trading Card Game mounts
    You can buy them in real life, but that leaves you with the risk that the codes are already used. All the Trading Card Game mounts are now Bind on Use, so if you have a big amount of gold check the auction house frequently. Usually there will be an original poster that sells it for around 20k gold, if you are lucky or check the auction house frequently you can get it for that. Then there will be the auction house farmers who scoop it up for 20k gold and resell it for around 100k gold.

    9.)Last, but certainly not least, not only the ultimate tip to farming mounts but a way of life
    Check http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/ everyday for updates on everything new and World of Warcraft. Maybe they will have a contest that will give away a cool mount, maybe you will win... maybe
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