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    Skype also guzzles your bandwidth.
    Quote Originally Posted by BattlemasterSkarab View Post
    GOD's ARMAGEDDON and DOOM'S DAY!!!!!!.... Imagine that...
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    All WoW servers down

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    Quote Originally Posted by icegoddess View Post
    its a different form of vent where you dont have to press a push to talk button. i find it eaiser than vent, but thats me.
    You know you can enable that in vent, right?

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    Raidcall beats vent, ts and skype. PLUS its free.

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    Every time I attempt to sign in it trys to log in for awhile then basically says it's broken on my end. It's pretty clear my connection is fine. Must be something on their end =\

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    Due to skype issues we needed to find an alternate option to communicate during arenas today. Our guild has a ventrilo server, version 2.1.4 but it sux with win7 so we tried out the built-in voice chat... It wasn't bad srsly. I thought it hurts, but it doesen't! Never used teamspeak anyway, ppl say its kinda nice as well, but I can really recommend the wow voice chat. Just make sure that u configure it the proper way.

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    When did WoW voice chat get upgraded? I remember using it when it was still somewhat new and it wasn't all that great..

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    RaidCall>>Skype, Vent and TS alltogether.
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    There's an response from skype here.

    There have been multiple threads. Continue here
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