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    Colossus Smash: Your Colossus Smash refreshes the duration of Sunder Armor stacks on the target.
    Whether or not you are the Sunder-Supplier of your raid, this is overall an excellent glyph to have. Factoring in Colossus Smash is consistantly your second priority move on all rotations, an additional useful effect added to your main ability naturally is an excellent addition. Plus, if you are the Sunder-Supplier of your raid, not having to use Sunder Armor each time the stacks need to be refreshed is naturally a Dps increase.

    Heroic Throw: Your Heroic Throw now applies a stack of Sunder Armor.
    This glyph definatly has enough worth to be mentioned as a viable option for set up. Heroic Throw is a recommended ability to use before engaging the encounter plus as an ability to use when you have to move out of melee range of the boss during certain raid mechanics. Not only does this glyph allow you to immediatly apply a stack of Sunder Armor at the beginning of the encounter, but if by chance you have to remain away from the boss for a long enough duration where your stacks of Sunder Armor would drop off...this is the perfect glyph to use for the use of refreshing such stacks and saving you the GCD's that would have been spent otherwise! Also, this glyph has an obvious benefit if you are by chance the only warrior in the raid or are the warrior designated as the Sunder-Supplier...the more GCD's oriented towards pure Dps the better, right?
    I just want to add a small piece of info here.

    If you use both of those glyphs, you will NEVER have to use sunder armor.
    Wut, why?

    Because heroic throw applies the first stack of sunder, and colossus smash will refresh AND increase the stacks of sunder everytime you cast it, after 20 seconds into the fight, you will guarantee 3 stacks (sooner if lucky with procs) for the entire fight..
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    nice guide but i just have two comments
    1) the use of slam as a filler is questionable. even with reduced cast time its not a dps increase to stop swinging to cast it especailly when you have hight end mastery. in my opinion its better to conserve rage for that 1-2secongs for a CD to finish than to use slam. If you have talented incite it makes it even better.
    2) i perosonally do not have talented slam and have tactical mastery instead. this allows to kepe up to 50 rage when changing stances and its useful to have on excecute phase when you hop in to Berserker stance or i use this macro
    /cast Berserker Stance
    /cast Recklessness
    /cast Battle Stance
    and this allows with two clicks to pop Recklessness to initiate a boss fight for that extra crit burst off the start. Just wanted to put in my two cents.

    Great job and gratz !

    PS happy new yaer

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    I'm not sure I saw it in there so I'll just mention it.

    The guide would be complete with an arms warrior heroics, raid and raid heroics comprehensive BiS list.
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    Mastery Rating: Although critical strike rating is an important attribute, mastery does not fall far behind in terms of stat preference. With each single point gained towards mastery, you gain an additional 2% chance to activate Strikes of Opportunity (SoO) which triggers a second instantaneous melee strike dealing 100% normal white damage. Nice bonus of this additional swing is that it can also crit! That means with additional white hits being dealt, there then can by a higher proc rate of Sudden Death thus a higher up time of Colossus Smash (meaning a significant Dps increase). For these two reasons alone it is essential that both critical and mastery rating remain relatively close in standing.
    i wana know exactly what that means?
    so if i have 6% crit chance i need to have 6% + Mastery ..... or if i have 500 crit rating i need to have 500 mastery rating?

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    He means that both stats will increase your dps similarly, they are both strong stats for arms. So if you have to reforge or gem, go for either and take haste or excess hit/expertise away.
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    Just as shadowkras stated, both Critical Rating and Mastery will increase your Dps by a fairly similar amount. In the guide I have listed Crit as a higher priority stat for both the reasons that as Arms Warriors: [nearly] all of our abilities have the potiental to crit, several talents/procs are entirely based upon the crit of certain/all abilities, and the fact that Crit further enhances the Mastery stat since SoO additional hit can crit. For those reasons Crit has a higher standing than Mastery, however the theoretical Dps increase is similar enough in value that Crit/Mastery should be increased at a similar rate.

    In summary: Crit rating should be itemized over Mastery but not at the expense of the Mastery stat. Mastery should be kept fairly close in rating as Crit, but never exceeding the value of Crit rating on your gear. *As more testing is completed by players as gear levels increase, I will add the theoretical stat calculations to the guide and hopefully be able to elaborate further into Arms Stat Prioritization as the expansion progresses.*

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    awesome guide. Make sure to check out TUKUI, loving this ui for my warrior!

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    Awesome job! I have an arms warrior and this guide is a must for those warriors that want to use arms as a spec. After reading this I realized i had some minor things out of whack on my main action bar and have adjusted for an increase in my numbers. Thanks for the info and to all you warriors out there - arms isn't just for PvP anymore

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    Loto Bordeaux

    You are forgeting that SoO procs sudden death which leads to higher colosus smash uptime. I haven't seen any calculations which would determine if crit > mastery or mastery > crit.

    Nice guide mate.

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    holy fuckin shit! i been looking for this guide everywhere! tyvm! truly.

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    so is it ok to bladestorm on boss fights too?

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    Mostly a great guide, but pelase run through the copy pasted parts as a lot of info is outdated. For example blood rage does not exist anymore, nor is stopcasting needed in a spell reflect macro, nor is a shield bash macro really needed as you have pummel like you mentioned yourself earlier (and you most likely won't be in def stance to interrupt (unless shield wall'ing etc.) in a raid setting, so still not needed).

    Enjoyed the read, but the little flaws made me cry as it was otherwise excellent

    You will find the outdated info yourself i assume.

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    Always nice to see another arms warrior, especially a fellow gnome.

    However, I take issue with your panning of haste for an arms warrior. With the changes to rage income in 4.0, leaving out haste is leaving abilities on the table. Simply because we have the ability to fill spare globals with slam and utilize Inner Rage if we have a positive rage income, I would argue that despite the lack of obvious damage increases on a fight parse, haste is a significant benefit to an Arms warrior, up to the point where every global gets used and Inner Rage is up as often as possible. Look at the things improved by haste:

    White attack count
    Special ability count (due to increased rage)
    SoO count (due to the above)

    Since slam costs an average amount and does average damage, filling your spare globals with more attacks improves your yellow damage by a similar % to your yellow damage. I have about 10% haste and the rage availability even with that small amount is very noticeable. Even back in wrath, rage consistency was a problem at low gear, and with he change to rage, the only way to fix it is with haste. I've always held to the paradigm that big numbers are nice, but consistency will win out in the long run, and it's held true ever since Arms became viable in it's own right back in Wrath.

    EDIT: Fixed spelling mistakes, typing on a phone sucks.
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    I am glad to see overall positive feedback on the guide and great constructive criticism. I will continue updating this guide throughout Cataclysm as new developments are released and of course, remove the outdated information that has been pointed out/found--as well as to answer the varying questions asked in the thread to the best of my personal knowledge.

    Now that Bladestorm has recently been fixed to the proper coefficient of 150% weapon damage rather than 100%, yes it is acceptable to use Bladestorm in a single-target boss situation. However, I recommend following the notes listed within the guide's section describing warrior cooldowns; you want to more or less use Bladestorm as a filler move rather than an actual damage increasing cooldown to yield optimum results (Bladestorm overall is the 'best' DPS/DPR ratio move available, making it an excellent addition to your single-target rotation).

    Currently it is true that there is no set conclusive data to determine the exact Dps gain per point between Critical and Mastery rating. The general consensus from personal testing and results posted on various theorycrafting sites (elitistjerks, manaflask, etc) is that Critical rating slightly outclasses Mastery rating, however if there is too significant of a gap present between the two stats, it has resulted in a Dps loss. Basically, only further advancements in Arms gearing once a wider amount of warriors progress through content and additional stat calculations based upon those improvements are posted, then we should have a set value that is gained per point/percent invested...which should be hopefully soon

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    Bugged me a lot, its NPC not NCP.
    Great guide, though.

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    Opinionated question on the specs:

    Booming Voice and Blitz give you enough rage at the start of a fight to pop Deadly Calm with Inner Rage at the same time, after your first melee swing at least. This, in my opinion, is a fantastic way to create some huge burst-- not just at the start of the fight, but anytime Deadly Calm can be proc'd really. Because of this stupid rank I can't link a spec, but it was basically the single target spec in the guide without Incite and instead 2/2 in Booming Voice, 1/2 Rude Interruption. My only problem is losing Incite, but the constant income from Booming Voice Shouts also creates excess income for Rage. What's other peoples opinions/suggestions on the spec?

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    To use Deadly Calm and Inner rage at the beginning of an encounter isn't necessarily a bad idea, I would point out two recommendations. By using those two abilities immediatly together in an encounter would of course generate a significant amount of threat, just assure your tank can handle that initial burst...and of course that you don't cap yourself of threat and then have to waste the last few seconds of Deadly Calm by 'playing safe.' Also, since Deadly Calm is your more or less 'free for all' ability, I would hold off on using the cooldown until at least Wrecking Crew is procced that way you can yield maximum damage during that period.

    For the spec you listed, even with the loss of Incite your specilization would be very viable provided that each talent point will be put to use during your encounter. Nice thing about Cataclysm is there are your manditory talents and then you have your situational talents that you can use based upon what suits you at the current time

    As for specs in general, which filler talents are best to use are completely subjective to the encounter's you will be facing during your raid. The specs I listed are the two specializations I used when entering Heroic Dungeons and entry raids, however since then I have altered my spec several times based upon what I feel is best for that particular encounter...not to mention since the Arms Warrior's rotation isn't 'set' and has so many variables that alter such rotation, your playstyle influences your spec right along with the encounter(s) faced.

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    Would it be possible to get a link to your armory and some of your parselogs please, Bordeaux?
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    hey you should add the bladestorm macro that continues normal attacks through Bladestorm. Although it requires you to mash the button : /
    but heres the macro:

    /cast Auto Attack
    /cast Bladestorm

    and yea as long as you mash the button you'll continue to auto attack while doing it. its only like 2-3 more normal swings but hey its more damage.

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    excellent guide, thanks for putting this together. very brief grammer nazism : its ''pivotal'' with an 'o'

    but your proper use of the word 'vanquished' in an actual sentence more than absolved you XD


    ''*Before analyzing each race, I have to state that: do not choose a race solely based upon a theoretical Dps increase. If you do not enjoy the character model that you are forced to watch each time you sign into World of Warcraft, you will become dissatisfied with that character in due time. While yes all damage increases do matter in terms of progression, if it is at the expense of your enjoyment in a game then choosing said race is not worth the cost. In summary, play what you enjoy, disregard the rest.''

    this part made me warm and fuzzy inside im sick of uber min/maxers saying 'u r nab' for picking a different race than them. play what you like looking at, or youll be sick of it in no time.

    bookmarked for when i dust off my 80 warr, which will be soon, and Arms dps forever baby
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