Thread: Rend as prot.

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    Rend as prot.

    Does rend scale dynamically with weapon damage or I it's enough to wield a 2h when applying and refreshing it?

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    i really dont think its ever smart to switch to a 2H when tanking
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    i really don't think its ever smart to switch to a 2H when tanking
    Just make a macro to swap weapon asap. so about 1.5 seconds without shield at pull shouldn't hurt to be honest.

    On topic: As prot it shouldn't matter mate. The damage you would give would be tiny so what is the point of endangering yourself?
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    You can macro your 2h to rend and thunder clap and your tanking weapon to some revenge so you only spend half a second,which isn't dangerous with proper timing.The problem is that you it's not worth doing that if it rescales when you swap your 2h out.

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    Do note that switching weapons resets the swing timer.

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    It doesn't scale dyamically so you only have to equip a 2h when you apply and refresh it,it's about a >15% rend increase with full vengeance.

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    Didn't notice it resets your swing timer,since you only have a 15 second window to refresh it via tc it's too tricky to make a dps increase.But it's proably worth manually refreshing applying at favouring circumstances.
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    Waste of time and pointless, especially at this point. Besides, Rend is gone come 5.0 and that's not far off.
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    For what its worth, Deep Wounds in beta does far more damage than Rend does now, 1H or 2H.

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