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    Oh I how I already love this thread!

    1x Panther Chameleon
    1x Albino Rat Snake
    2x Albino African Pygmy Hedgehogs (soon to be more, 1 is Pregnant.)
    1x Leopard Tortoise
    1x Milk Snake
    1x Egg Eating Snake
    1x Mouse
    1x Jaguar Python
    3x Royal Ball Python

    Oh and a dog

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    2 Pit mix dogs, 3 cats, a parakeet, a frog, a sugar glider, and a snake.
    i also have a wife and 2 daughters i think they all count as pets lol

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    One parrot. A bronze-wing pionus named Paradyse who has been known to interrupt raids with her squawking.

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    Smile! Migari's Avatar
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    u ma xoxo L O V E
    I´m allergic so I can´t have any pets. Except fish - Umm, no thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainBadger View Post
    Myself have a Welsh Corgie(Dog)
    And a girlfriend, if they count? That would be up to you!
    Awesome, i have a Corgi too. As well as two Westies. I like my Island dogs, dude.

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    2 Yorkshires ^.^

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    Rezzing. Again.
    1 16-year old Maine Coon mix with kidney disease
    1 2.5-year old god-knows-what type of cat, Flame Point longhair, total spaz
    1 3.5-year old parakeet who makes it his job to harass the above cats and go into screeching fits the exact moment my boyfriend or myself try to talk in Vent.

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    2 normal house cats

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    A Cold Cold Place
    A boxer (i think he's retarded), a Lab (also retarded), a bombay cat that is fat as hell, and a long hair tabby named commando that i love.

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    1x Lhasa Apso, 5yr
    1x German Shepard pup, around 4 months old
    1x Tanimbar Blue-Tonged Skink, also around 4-5 months old
    1x Gerbil, the other died a couple of months ago
    2x Discus fish, soon to be many in a large tank in the living room.
    ..and a huge fish pond in the garden, full of Koi and the occasional goldfish, sturgeon, and other random things.

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    9 American Quarter horses
    4 sheep (normally 11, 7 got stolen on october)
    4 cats named Ziggy, Mouse, Louis, Mary
    2 fish

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    2 Chihuahas. One that barks at anything the moves the other one quietly just chills in your lap.
    2 Cats. A black cat that weighs 20lbs and a young cat that we found on a noose hanging from some dudes car in a walmart parking lot. She is actualyl quite sweet though. Ugh most walmart shoppers I sware lol.

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    Pandaren Monk
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    Northern Sweden
    A German Shephard, working for the military under contract (if only my GF was as good at taking commands).

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    Bydgoszcz, Poland
    A chinchilla.

    Had 2 cats, but I had to leave them with my parents when I moved in with the gf - she's allergic.

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    2 German shepherds, and a cat. Pretty generic, I guess. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaelaris View Post
    oh i how i already love this thread!

    1x panther chameleon
    1x albino rat snake
    2x albino african pygmy hedgehogs (soon to be more, 1 is pregnant.)
    1x leopard tortoise
    1x milk snake
    1x egg eating snake
    1x mouse
    1x jaguar python
    3x royal ball python

    oh and a dog
    this post ftw!

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    I have a bird and a ball python ;D But super cute! But can't be together ;<
    Hmm Maybe Moon posted something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kihaishii View Post
    I have a bird and a ball python ;D But super cute! But can't be together ;<
    Snakes are seriously the best pets! I also have a California banded kingsnake, a milksnake, and a 5.5ft Gopher Snake. They're my babies, my fiance thinks I'm crazy :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainBadger View Post
    this post ftw!
    You wouldnt be saying that if you had to clean all their mess up xD hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sultania View Post
    One parrot. A bronze-wing pionus named Paradyse who has been known to interrupt raids with her squawking.
    I looooove Pionus! I had one named Casey. She was a white cap and had a tiny little robotic voice. Unfortunatly while I was away at school and my mother was caring for her, she decided to "break in" a new pan she had gotten that was coated with Teflon. Casey died about 30 minutes later from the fumes...

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