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    1bearded dragon

    soon to add a snake

    And I want a dog sooo bad but I work and have classes that take up all of my time :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerr View Post
    None :-(
    My boyfriend is allergic to almost everything with hair (expect for humans apparently), so we don't dare to take anything like that
    And, though reptiles are quite cool, I don't like anything hairless as a pet...
    Bearded dragons are actually really sweet animals. Mine loves to lay on my chest and watch tv with me. So if you don't like reptile pets because they dont really show any affection i would reconsider, and maybe research on getting a beardie.

    My boyfriend loves him too.

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    Greater Manchester
    A English Mastiff (Dog)
    A Cat
    Two Degus
    and about 30 fish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konrad View Post
    2x greek turtels
    /love turtles

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    eh.. all I have is hand puppet made from my sock and by me just in case I feel lonely.

    cuz in my flat is no place for animals, i would like to own a snake or green lizard, spider.
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    Glasgow - Scotland
    I haz a jack russel female

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    96.87% of the time, in my room. The other 3.13%? Pooping.
    I know it sounds stupid, but a cat I love enough that if it came down to it right now, and I had to choose between my current girlfriend or my cat, I'd take the cat.
    Love the little bugger.

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    Orange tabby cat that looks like garfield (but not fat)
    Got a black and brown goldendoodle (golden retriever and poodle)
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    This explains a lot.

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    I have a 6 month old beagle and a fiancee!

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    10x Bearded Dragons as breed them
    Siberian Husky
    Black Lab
    2x Children
    A wife

    Edit: I forgot about the fish! Thanks for all the fish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickz View Post
    Xiza! Move from the Fire!
    Xiza are you....sleeping?
    No that's my cat

    haha made my day!
    well, in the beginning some people said i should buy a new headset because of this strange sound they heard in my background.. either my cat is snorring or he's purring like hell. my boyfriend calls him the purr-i-copter :b
    but now, everybody knows who's doin this noises.
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    I just recently got a Shepherd/Boxer mix. He also has a bit of Husky in him. He's wicked cute. Only about 5 months old.

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    Stockholm, Sweden
    We have a house cat which we bought from the pet rescue. She was very shy and jumpy to begin with, but now she's the cuddliest thing in the world. She always sleeps in our bed and goes with us wherever we go in the apartment (she especially likes to jump up onto the bathtub when you're having a bath or taking a shower). We're not sure how old she is, but we guess about 5 or 6 years old. Her name is Chihiro:

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    Somewhere over the rainbow?
    I have a Siberian Husky, a Thoroughbred, and a kitty! Sadly none of them are with me at the moment and await at home. :/

    Special thanks to Halogen for this awesome signature.
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    "Sh*t, Ive gotta go, a truckload of burning cats just hit my house" /disconnect.

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    Southwark, London
    no pets not allowed :P, someone in my house hates animals =( we use to have a rabit and a cat though both dead now

    i want a cat

    /sad face
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    Thats my pooch, hes still only about 4 months at that point. I have that and the other half

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    I have an albino elaphe guttata guttata that's a little over 2 years old now, and other than that I have a felis silvestris silvestris that's about 3 years old by now. Around the time I started playing wow I had a grand danois though.
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    I have a black Giant Schnauzer.

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    Oh, we have:

    2 Rabbits (One normal, one dwarf. Both are Himalayan)
    2 Cats (One scrawny calico, one tubby ragdoll)
    3 Hermit Crabs (Ecuadorians and Purple Pincers)
    1 Rose Hair Tarantula
    1 Onyx King Snake (Named Tux for his single white scale under his head)
    1 Corn Snake (Named Tinder)
    1 Ball Python (Named Nofeet)

    That about does it. As soon as we move into an actual house I'm getting a Siberian Husky and my girl friend wants Angora Rabbits to spin yarn out of. Gah! The fluff that will be produced!

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    Sörmland, Sweden


    I got two cats, first one was named Poppe so when i got a second I named it Nils LOL.
    Proberly have to be Swedish to get why it's LOL tho:P

    "Is somebody out there? Fishy, fishy, fishy? Ha ha! Coming to eat me, too? Ha ha ha ha! You can't get me, little fishy, not in here! I'm safe behind my walls!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batpanic View Post
    My boyfriend :-D
    Ahahaha, awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZAJLAWL View Post

    and that photo made my day :3
    Quote Originally Posted by Nuke1096 View Post
    Personally, I think it would be hilarious if Troll Druids turned into walking cannabis plants.

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