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    GIVEAWAY -Wow Trading Market TCG

    Hello people of the world.

    There is a giveaway going on on the Wow Trading Market Discord.

    The drawing moments will be on EU & US the 11th / 18th and 25th of February.

    Prizes 11th: Nether Rocket Extreme (Epic) or Big Battle Bear for EU & Big Battle bear for US

    Prizes 18th: Ghastly Charger / Corrupted Hippogryph or Rare Rocket for EU & Ghastly Charger or Mottled Drake for US

    Prizes 25th: Rare Spectral Tiger / Feldrake or Blazing Hippogryph for EU & Ghastly Charger or Mottled Drake for US

    Follow the link to twitter to find out the discord Link. (FYI you don't need to retweet the tweet just join discord)


    Wish everybody good luck =^-^=
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