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    I'm incredibly bored. I've been camping Jadefang for quite a while now (for the kill, I want the none combat pet). Whilst waiting I've managed to complete Need for Speed Hot Persuit 2010. Quite a good game actually

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    bored too.. Waiting for Christmas festivities to start IRL.

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    waiting to go home early from work

    thought of borderline funny story:

    did disarmed in uld the other day and didnt get the achiv, a guildie made a ticket..
    i was doing some archeology in DWM yesterday and the achiv dinged (the guildie was talking with a GM)
    some random hunter in the area also doing archeology /w me saying i was a hacker >.<
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    There's always someone, somewhere, with a big nose, who knows, who will trip you up and laugh when you fall.. - Morrissey

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    My story takes place a long time ago in a Westfall far far away.....

    I'd just gotten my 60% mount on my rogue, i had to barrow 70gold from a few friends, i don't think i ever did pay them back, in order to get it. Back in this time, i was a total noob to the game, id ground most of my way to 40 just killing stuff, riding around enjoying the scenery, ganking when i deemed it needed, running when not.

    Well, i had recently been having fun in this zone "Stranglethorn Vale" before getting my new wolf, so i went back there and wandered around. I ended up surrounded by murlocs, and it was an epic battle for the sake of orcish kind, but i survived and the Horde continues to thrive today, but thats a story for a different time. After the battle, wounded and greivously wounded, i got back on my mount and kept wandering around, letting my health recover as time went on. It turned out the zone i'd wandered into was absolutely loaded to the brim with lowbies ripe for the murdering, so i got to work. Ah, business was good that day.

    As the sun began to set, i cleaned off my daggers on the growing pile of human corpses behind me, then mounted back up and kept on wandering around, and that was when i came upon "The Bridge of Everlasting Awesome". Yes, that is it's name, get over it.

    As i came up to this bridge, i could feel a cold wind creep up on me, almost as if i were being watched, with intensity i could scarcely fathom in my mid-level rogue-itude. Then out of nowhere i see a sigh that, to this day is the most disgusting thing on the planet. I saw a max level human Paladin. He had been watching me helplessly murder his comrads, waiting for me to turn my back. The evil bastard!

    I turned my wolf around and tried as hard as i could to escape, but he just threw a Hammer of Justice (un-apt'ly named!) at me and i couldnt move. He then, slowly got off his horse, and it was then i noticed the 2-Handed mace he had. He was wearing High Warlords PvP gear. My day kept getting better. After the HoJ wore off, i did the only thing i could think of. I attacked.

    As if the stars aligned, his first swing killed me, or would have, if i had been any spec except subtlety. Cheat Death proc'd, and i knew i had precious few seconds of life before he would end me. I kept trying to get behind him so i could get one good stab through that plate armor and hopefully penetrate his abdominal aorta, but he wouldn't have it, anytime i came close, that hammer would fall and i would have to scurry away.Then my cheat death buff wore off.

    He came at me with a vengeance this world has yet to witness again, Deathwing doesn't come close. And he swung, as i felt the hammer connect with my skin, i felt a tingle, the likes of which must be akin to what Moses felt when talking to God. And out of nowhere, Cheat Death proc'd again! i was saved! Now, this paladin was very confused, and i took my chance.

    I switched a sword into my main hand and charged with unbridled fury, AKA Blood Fury was active, and he had no chance, 11 levels lower than him i knew the very gods themselves wanted this disgrace for flesh to pay. I was happy to comply, i rushed him and attacked, before he had a chance to react, he had been injected with crippling and deadly poisons, he had been kidney shot, and was being cut into tiny parts as he stood there helplessly grasping at his kidney. In the gorey mess that followed, I, a lvl 49 rogue, exterminated that Human Paladin from the face of the Earth, i never saw him again.

    After this battle, i got back on my mount....and explored duskwood for the very first time.

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    Bg queues soo long -.-

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    i m at work, so im pretty bored , waiting for wow client to finish download...

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    I am bored waiting for my partner to finish cooking.. he is always so slow! (although it does smell nice(I also would of liked a waffle))


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    Under your bed >:)
    I came here and this thread is boring... does that mean I gotta stay forever O.O ???

    'And all will burn beneath the shadow of my chin'


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    I need to post a fuw times before i can post with pic links in them ^^ and thats boring :P

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    Just passing time until Christmas dinner, which is ready in just a minute DDDD
    "The truth, my goal."

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    mm waffels

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    i want waffles too

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    wishing something was open on christmas day

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    Bored at my mothers house with no access to WoW.
    Everyones in bed, im left awake watching Peep Show reruns. so its not all bad.

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    I have a very funny WoW story for you,
    Once on a summer evening I was playing WoW,I was killing the LK for the first time ever ... for me, but then a girl called me (she had a D-cup and was non-ugly) she wanted me to come over.
    But my nerd brain took over and declined the invite, I got my Kingslayer title that night but what I didn't get was my X-Treme Motorboat title.
    I'm not sure if this is funny but I guess it's funny since my friends still laugh at me for it altough it has been a few months.

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    Once more I'm awake
    at night, unable to sleep.
    Kinda sucks, don't it?

    So now I just spend
    this late and dark time of day
    making some haikus.

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    Well bored enough to go and post on ur topic d:

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