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    I'm only a healer and this guide should be read by everybody who plays the game. It's true this isn't Wrath no more, it's a group effort game called Cataclysm. Not zerging, one-shotting everything game. Plus some people need to learn how to CC and click on Lightwell. Lightwell is your friend. Thanks for writing this!

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    As for offhealing, as boomkin, I would gladly lose 4 gcd's of dps to cast hots on myself and not die than die and lose 1/2 of a fight of dps. Just saying, for those using the "I'm dps so im going to dps" excuse, try and think about the big picture. Your recount is not as important as the boss dying.

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    Really great guide, thank you so much for writing it.

    However, remember the Hunter intimidate is a taunt, and tanks might find other DPS taunting mobs unsettling, as it makes it harder to get the agro back.

    As to any class with the ability to help offheal in a "OMG everyone is low" situation, this is welcomed by any healer, as it means the healer gets to conserve a little mana and so cope better later on. I have never seen a healer "shout" at someone for helping things get outta the poo.

    The biggest issue I see so far is Tanks with the "I am god, I can tank the whole instance at once" mentality (thank you WoTLK), and people who refuse to use any form of CC and then stand in all sorts of stuff taking a lot more damage than is necessary. L2P .. doesnt only apply to Healers, it applies more to DPS, and Tanks who also need to relearn their class, and consider others. All in all it boils down to CONSIDERATION, and most importantly, TEAMPLAY. Work as a group, and always be prepared to Help each other.

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    Cyclone isn't really a CC. It only last 6 secs, then 3 secs, then 1 sec, then immune. Roots works better over all.

    Cyclone is good if a mob is beating on a healer.

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    You forgot FEAR (warlock's) in your list of cc's. It affects everyone but undeads.

    With the glyph, feared mobs stand still now, so fear is now one the best, if not the best cc in the game.

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    A few things you missed that can make heroics more manageable for lower geared healers:

    Health Potions: Carry a stack and use them when things look grim, don't be scared to use one

    Bandages: Situationally useful and the best bandages heal for quite a lot.

    Damage Reduction and Self Healing abilities: Every boss has a time these can be used effectively.

    I'm not a big fan of actually off-healing unless its an emergency, but there are times when it is that or die, so it's worth the time and mana (just tough to judge sometimes). I prefer to trust my healer and let them learn. That said, I don't take much unnecessary damage. The one spell I will use is tranquility, because even as boomkin, one well-timed cast of this can change the course of fight. Examples would be Throngus at the end of the shield phase or Ashbury right before the burn phase.

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    Great guide just needs a few tweaks from what people have said above.

    If addons are just a crutch for healing, forks are just a crutch for eating spaghetti and real carpenters pound in nails with their foreheads.

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    How about telling the ranged dps to kinda stack up together so I can holy flash light them on my pally?

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    Myself i'm a Holy paldin, i wuld just say that this guide for ppl is awsome if ppl just read this guide and just followes like 70% of what your writing it wuld make my job ALOT easyer and maby i will forgive more ppl for standing in "Bad spots"

    This is the bedst guide i ever have been reading GooD Job
    (Sorry about my bad Gramma hope you all can read it)

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    I am boomkin myself and very often during Aoe fights, I use my tranquility. Healers love me for that. And it WILL save your group every once in a while.

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    This guide is amazing. <3 my healers.

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    Good guide. Would just ask those priests that keep raging at people not using their lightwells - please please please place them better - alot of the time they are unclickable due to boss/mob hitbox overlap or just woefully out of range. DPS are learning fast that lightwell is indeed their friend (at least the ones that aren't recount tunnel vision heros anyway) but it can be very difficult to utilise it due to bad placement.

    Again, great guide - thanks for posting it.

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    Another interrupt

    Nice guide, mate. I would like to add "Strangulate" spell for Death Knights.

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    The best post I've ever seen on MMO, for the love of everything, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysteeq View Post
    However, remember the Hunter intimidate is a taunt, and tanks might find other DPS taunting mobs unsettling, as it makes it harder to get the agro back.
    Intimidation isn't a taunt but needs to be used carefully as it causes a high amount of threat. If the tank doesn't have good control of the mob, then it will most likely pull it away but when used on the tanks target, it can be helpful.

    Also, scatter shot is a pretty decent interrupt as it's a baseline ability for all specs now.
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    Heroic Leap doesnt interrupt anything, the stun-mechanic has (sadly) been removed very close to the 4.0 release. Other then that I can appreciate this guide a lot as a healer and a tank.

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    I haven't healed since the new thing came around but I whole heartily agree with the OP. I just hope more of the wow community perused this site.
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    Nice guide^^, there is indeed many people who still stay in bad stuff....the first boss in heroic SFk..i dont know how many times i got in groups with people who just seem not to be able to a warrior tank i may be able interupt 1 thing..but not both..same on my druid tank... (they are immune to the heroic thrown on warrior)..... i hate shouting at them and they still not interupt.... many just seem not to even bind their interupts..

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    My shammy friend usually pops a healing rain to help me out when I'm healing and cant keep up, and I love it.
    I also heal myself when I go enhancement (<3 <3 maelstrom!) and I do the same when I dps or tank on my paladin. I takes no effort for me to do so and I know it makes it alot easier for the healers.

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    "Death Knight
    Mind Freeze
    Death Grip (to be used carefully, as it is a taunt)
    Gnaw (Ghoul)
    Hungering Cold"

    You forgot Strangulate

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