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    The "Don't Stand in Bad Things" has sunken in so hard that people run away from Disc Priests Barrier (and on some occasions, Leap of Faithed into it, only to see them run out of it again, thinking it was a boss mechanic).

    Thanks for the guide. Here's hoping we all see more Lightwell clicks and interrupts without no-one asking for them.

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    I am a Tank and i approve of this guide <3 also thanks for pointing out the good things, should add a picture of the warlock and dk ones too seriously ground spell effects make any experienced player nervous :P

    yes I know that lovely green circle with flowers in it is good no that doesn't mean that the second i see it appear under a boss i when i don't know the fight I don't shit a brick and have to stop myself moving out of it XD this impulse is much hard to contain when the ground effect is a purple spinning vortex of death and destruction :P

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    Thank you very much for the Guide, its brilliant and I hope all Dps'ers in WOW and Tanks will read this post.

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    Good thread.

    You forgot 'scare beast' in hunter crowd control, although it's not used very often. It'll most likely cause a ninjapull anyway.

    Also, the 'interrupts' hunters have don't usually work on bosses. A boss will resist each Frost trap, Wyvern Sting & Scatter shot, for example.

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    I remember leveling as a Ret Paladin through Hellfire Peninsula and into Zangarmarsh at the launch of Burning Crusade. There were so many terrible healers on my server.. I did the only responsible thing I could do, and switched to Holy as my main spec. Now, this was before dual talent trees came out, so I spent hundreds of gold at a time switching from Ret to Holy in order to complete dungeons without horrendous and unnecessary delays and screw-ups. I healed through Burning Crusade all the way up to heroic Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, and Obsidian Sanctum. And as the former was reused content, it still posed moderate difficulty at that time, as we were doing that content in heroic/reputation gear, as we're doing now in the early days of Cataclysm's launch. I hear the expansion went to hell sometime after Ulduar came out.

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    Dont forget the disarm as well, many times that has saved my arse as a tank, but i'm sure that other classes besides a warrior can disarm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banian View Post
    Dont forget the disarm as well, many times that has saved my arse as a tank, but i'm sure that other classes besides a warrior can disarm.
    The others I know of besides Disarm (only usable in Defensive stance) are a rogue's Dismantle and the hunter pets in the "Bird of Prey" family have Snatch.

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    This thread makes me happy inside

    on a skewed topic, the goodgoodgoodbad images of aoe's made me lol, reminds me of when a mage was shouting at me for standing in my own efflouressence :') "NO STUPIDDRUID DONT STAND IN FIRE"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marraphy View Post
    Nice guide! Personally I would add helping out with heals when neccessary (and always using self-heals if you have any) and taking survival talents : D
    Oh yes. Do add this. (talking about Rogues and Druids which are the classess I play) a Rogue, for example, can pick up Reinforced Leather (50% more armour), Improved Recuperate (boosts Recuperate and 6% reduced damage while up), or Deadened Nerves (3% less damage of all types) if you can, and all Mut Rogues will have Quickening (20% more healing on you and 15% more movement speed) and maybe even Combat could pick it up.

    Self -healing is good e.g. Druids can toss a rejuv on themselves (esp balance druids) or maybe an instant Healing Touch (Feral only) if struggling and Rogue can pop a recuperate if they are running across the room on low health with some stored up combo points.

    Finally, even dps have defensive cooldowns. E.g. all Druids have Barkskin, Rogue can spam Feint (glyph it and use it on cd where needed (think Magmaw and Chogall!))

    Nice post!

    Also, it would be nice to mention that dps classes can use

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    Excellent guide mate, Thumbs up for it!

    I'd second the motion on putting in a "Off-Heal" section though. As a retribution paladin I've actually respecced to make my off heals more efficient - word of glory crits for about 26-27k, which is about 15% of a tanks health, it's more than worth it for heavy damage/moving fights. I also tend to use Holy Radiance in aoe situations - it's not much on 25 man (crits about 1500 max) but it's still helping the dpps survive, and takes a small amount of pressure off the healers.

    Good work though mate

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    I would add a few items to this, paladin heals do have 2 aoe heals now, one is a cone, the other is radius relevent.
    Please, for the love of god, stand in FRONT of the paladin healer . This is why you see them try to line everyone up, when you stand behind, that cone heal cannot hit you and still hit the tank, this means the paladin MIGHT have to choose between a gcd that saves the tank, or saves you, guess what ain't your day, and tommorow ain't lokin so hot either.
    Since they often have a limited range on judgeing, (and they LOVE to judge as you may or may not know.), they might be at 30yards instead of 40.
    Yes there are talent points to increase that range, but often they choose for various reasons, to not take that talent.
    Anyhow, I really liked the point about standing in the things you SHOULD, but saw palli aoe heals left out.
    I had a group moveing out of effor on my druid in heroic...they thought it was 'bad stuff related to the encounter'.
    So, I just waited until we were not in combat, rejuved a party member and popped swiftmend.
    Party member: "gasp! so that is YOU and that heals us?!?!?!"
    I link the talent for them to read, and the lights go on.
    I guess I could have raged before, called them noobs and left or whatever, but this seemed more educational without comeing off like a jerk.

    I promise, to click the lightwell when I am takeing damage, and to do so only when I am, in combat, to not waste it, at full health, so priests may keep their hair, without bald patches.

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    Well done sir, as you may see I to am a part of the rare breed of healers. Most annoying thing is as you pointed out the rare occasions people press the lightwell and acctually stay inside my healing rain. Range should stack up imo, works on all bosses, almost.

    Best regards Hojk/Lojk the healer.

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    I wish I had known this was here earlier this morning, I'd have linked the heck out of it in a GB pug. The shaman (yes shaman!!) kept making smug remarks about how he needed healing after pulls where I was drinking (because of course, the tank wasn't using CC, causing me to chug out half my mana on a single pull). Including his especially clever remark, "Damn, it's like one cast for you." Then proceeded to tell me how to play when I told him heals don't work like that anymore, including schooling me on what my mana efficient heals were and what my "healing rotation" should be.

    I then watched the group dissolve around me, as the tank left because he didn't want to "listen to the bickering" after I had put the shaman on ignore. Then the shaman left with a "lol", and then the DK left telling me I was the problem. The last DPS disbanded the group without a word.

    Sig by Isilrien

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    Well, well! Looks like when I do get back in game, I'll be going to Healer. Or maybe just get on a Mage. I prefer tanking/healing, so it really doesnt matter. But, I am glad that wow has CC back in game mechanics now. Missed it in wotlk. Hasnt been used since early TBC.

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    But on topic...Great thread and guide.

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    I like this guide. I wish everyone would read it

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    Note: Sap also works on demons, and when glyphed lasts a really long time if the group takes care not to break it (2min, 20 sec, glyphed).

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    Add Garrote and Scatter Shot

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    What a great guide. I am going to make this mandatory reading for all the dps in my 10m raid group!


    Requisite - Mal'Ganis

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    fun read and good written guide !

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    There is one downside with all this ground heal effects: some of the bad stuff looks like the good stuff. If you are new to an encounter, you may think: oh I need to get away from this green/yellow stuff on the ground as it might hurt me. Or the other way around: I think the green/yellow stuff is from a healer, while it's from a mob/boss and actually hurts you. Would be better if Blizzard made the color of the heals more distinct from aoe effects from bosses and mobs.

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