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    Props for a very well writen n' enjoyable "guide" there, even though everything is (or atleast should be) obvious to each player of different classes, experience have proved it isn't.., so with a bit of luck a massive amount of people will read n' take it all in:-)

    Ps: Wouldn't hurt when a gold nugget like this with a fun tone is posted to put it on the front page to grab some extra attention!

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    How to gain the undying love of your healer, take fucking damage. I don't like Baconing the tank and casually healing the tank and some minimal damage here and there.

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    I'm a holy paladin (among other things), and I approve of OP's message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alsonia View Post
    How to gain the undying love of your healer, take fucking damage. I don't like Baconing the tank and casually healing the tank and some minimal damage here and there.
    Mmmm Bacon. I'm just kidding.

    Anyway... Yes, amazing guide! I'm a Holy Priest, and the hardest thing for my guild is teaching them how to effectively use Lightwell. I use RSA that announces when I cast Lightwell in Raid and then announces when each person clicks on it. I'll precast before we pull a boss and people are clicking before the fight's even engaged. So I have to yell at them for clicking on the Lightwell when nobody is taking any damage. Since I've set that up... they seem to click on it more. It's nice as I can tell when people are using it to actually heal themselves and just clicking it to waste my charges. For the most part... I think they like seeing their name in orange letters.

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    I'd just like to add that Wyvern Sting doesn't work on undead mobs. They're immune to sleep effects.
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    Really great guide
    Especially the parts about Lightwell and dispelling! I get into discussions about dispelling poison quite often and some people just seem to think that every healer can dispel everything

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    Love the humour of this post, lets hope it has the desired effect.

    You could also add information about defensive cool downs for DPS classes (Damage Absorbs, Damage Reduction, Immunity Effects and Evasive Manoeuvres) these can also take a lot of pressure off healers, especially during heavy AoE encounters.

    See a lot of Paladins who don't bother with Divine Protection or Hand of Protection (on casters) for example. Mages not using Ice Barrier / Mana Shield, Rogues not using Evasion and Hunters not bothering with Deterance are other fine examples. One global cool down can save a DPS's life, or at the very save the healer a lot of mana.
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    Bumping for fixes and additions. Also, here's my Lightwell macro:
    /cast Lightwell
    /s Click the Lightwell for free epics!
    You'd be surprised how many dumb kids in random actually click it expecting epics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pieterman View Post
    Nice guide, though gnaw isn't for every DK, and death grip is by no means an interrupt:P
    Deathgrip moves the target, interupting the current cast. so yes. its an interrupt for normal/elite mobs, not for bosses.

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    that stand on the ground thingy was epic <3

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    Enhance shammy can actually throw most of the heals resto can instantly using maelstrom weapon procs. I've previously been on duty helping keep melee safe (healing rain) after the big hits at chimaeron.
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    I still think retribution paladins shouldn't help healing.

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    Forgot the most important part.

    When you decide to play a DPS class, play ranged. Nobody likes melee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Escariot View Post
    I still think retribution paladins shouldn't help healing.
    Why not? I mean it's not like they're asking you to step back and start tossing heals on everyone but rather just using LoH on the tank if he's in trouble, using Holy Radiance after an AoE hit to buy the healers some time to top people off, or using WoG on yourself if you get low. Simple things like that that will save yourself or others from dieing to something stupid.

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    If only people would read this and click the lightwell...otherwise I'm staying disc

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    Solid guide, a lot of really obvious stuff, nonetheless good.

    People will still complain about 'HUR IM DERPS I DIDNT ROLL DIS SPEC TO HEAL, DAT UR JERB, FKIN SCROOB.'

    And a lot of people can't think two steps ahead and realize when you wipe everyone loses well except the meter humper(s) which are best dealt like trash- removed.
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    Just switched to healing, and I love it. I was skeptical at first about how groups would do (I haven't played much in cataclysm), but it really seems like people have learned to stay out of bad stuff and have become more aware. That's not to say I don't come across the occasional idiot, but it's much improved since wotlk.

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    DPS should be very very choosy about when to off-heal. Yes if the added heals can prevent a wipe that is great, but I think some people posting here have an exaggerated view of how often a DPS throwing heals can prevent a wipe and forget that lengthening a fight with a struggling healer is as likely to cause a wipe as the added healing is to prevent one. It has nothing to do with meters or epeen and everything to do with efficiency. Hybrids in DPS spec do not have healing talents and their heals are comparatively weak and mana inefficient.

    The Ret Pally who starts casting heals is not doing much healing before he goes oom, he has no talents to buff his heals, his gear has no int on it, and the loss of his DPS because of going oom makes the fight 10-20% longer, and thus need 10-20% more healing. And no ret pally is going to manage to contribute 20% of the healing with off heals, so the result here is more strain on the healer not less. For caster Dps Hybrids like Shadow Priests or Boomkin it is not so bad because at least the gear has int, but the lack of healing talents still means you are trading a lot of damage done for a little healing done which again lengthens the fight and strains the healer.

    Sure if the DPS is somehow able to see that a heal or two will save someone that is a great thing and I agree it should happen, but as a general rule DPS job is to stay out of fire, damage the boss as fast as threat and situation permit, and handle interrupts and CC as appropriate.

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    Fire gives you rage, NTY!
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