Thread: DDO. Worth it?

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    DDO. Worth it?

    So yeah, thinking about giving Dungeons and Dragons online a try, is it worth it? If so, anything I should know in advance?


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    I had a lot of fun with the game, although I didn't get toooo far. It's probably a bit more complicated than WoW starting out as far as skills go, since you have many more to choose from. The quest mechanics are fun, and some of the diversity in character class choice (dual class, etc) make things more fun. Hirelings are also good for filling in support roles where it would be nice to have a friend.

    Biggest tip -- unlike WoW, moving while in combat actually decreases your hit chance, so it's best to sit there and take it until you figure out how to roll and dodge and so on. Also, I think arrows and such are able to be dodged by moving out of the way, so the physics of it is somewhat more realistic.

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    It's fun, but I couldn't handle it on my own with strangers all around. It WOULD be a fun game if I had friends that played with me.

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    I played it for about 5 minutes before deciding I preferred WoW >.>

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    DDO is honestly worth it if you keep in mind three things.

    1. This is a game for Dungeons & Dragons players. If you don't like DnD, you won't like DDO more then likely.

    2. The "Free" version is terrible and you cant hit cap level with it. Unless you're willing to spend a bit of money on the premium subscription, don't bother.

    3. It's a lot different from WoW, and if you really enjoy it it's got a lot of its own quirks to love.

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    It's fun for free if you don't have WoW and can't play it, but other than that, it's not as good as LOTR for free for instance and even to me is worse than Atlantica.

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    You know, its hard to go wrong with a free game. It doesn't quite fulfill that D&D feel I hoped for in it, but its decent and enjoyable.

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    I thought it was a nice break, but they improved on their Turbine point system with LOTR. I think Lord of The Rings Online is the better choice.

    At least with LOTRO, if you get really into it on one character and do deeds, you will be able to purchase the next zone for you to keep levelling up.
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    Did this game with a mate at release.
    Played for a month or so.
    Shit started pouring down on everything, talking updates here.
    Nothing got fixed in time - major delays, lag, downtime.
    And the fact that it's actually boring and dull.

    Wouldn't recommend.
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    I had a great time playing and learning the D&D rules that apply to the game. Its a bit more complex than WoW and it has a different approach to running dungeons. Check it out.

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    I gave DDO an honest shot and I loved it for awhile.
    What made me "shelve" the game, though, was that 90% of the dungeons felt they were the same exact things over and over, just in different settings. This was around mid-way through the leveling process I believe. I even got myself a months worth of VIP status to see if that was any different. I still found myself rolling new characters, getting to a certain level, and then getting bored and making another.
    It just didn't have any lasting appeal to me.

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    I would say you will find that your vested time in wow and player base make you miss wow and other games fail.

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    I tryed it. Went in thinking it would be awesome like wow. Boy was i disappointed

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    I gave it an honest try but found the system a bit too overcomplicated to be really fun.

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