This is a guide how to get the sunflower pet in wow from the Plants v Zombies minigame.
(Only showing how alliance gets there the fastest, as horde has Flight paths all in this zone, while alliance have none anymore)
First off you want to get yourself over to Hillsbrad Foothills, but as alliance has been pushed away from Hillsbrad Foothills, the closest Fligh path is at Aerie peak in Hinterlands.

When you have arrived in Hinterlands, fly or run into Hillsbrad Foothills and make your way to Sludgeguard Tower,

It's here where you will meet Brazie the Botanist,

And he will give you a quest called "Basic Botany" Accept this and you character will zone out and you will get a new spellbar,

Your new "spells" are not castable but buildable, to get enough "sun" to build a plant you will need to click on the balls of sunlight that lands randomly on the ground, each ball of sun collected will give you 5 sun.

Your first plant is a plant called "Spitter" They do minor damage to zombies and take 11 shots to kill them by themself, on the first quest (Level 1) You will have a chance to get to know how they work, to survive level one, all you will need to do is build spitters in the middle lane.

Level 2 will allow you to build sunflowers,

A sunflower is a sunmaking tower, it lack attacks so it is therefor vital to place it at the back of your line of plants, they will generate sun balls which will give you 5 sun, the more sunflowers you have, the more income you will get. When a sunflower is ready to give you sun, there will be a moonbeam ontop of it.

Do not overdo it at the early levels, sunflowers are good to have, but useless in massive numbers, as they offer very little defence for your base.

Level 2 requires you to build at least 3 sunflowers.
I start the level by building 3 sunflowers at the back, which will be enough time for you to then collect enough to build a Spitter for the first zombie that arrives, after that i build 2 more sunflowers at the back, then build Spitters to reinforce your lines. On level 2 you will also encounter a Ghoul with a bucket on his head, for the zombie to take damage the bucket needs to be destroyed, to do this, you will require to hit it 12 times with a spitter, so when you see a Ghoul spawning, build another spitter infront of your old one,

You will also encounter your first "loot bag" with a new plant in it, in this bag you will find a "Freeza" plants, which slows down the Zombies movement and attack speed, for the cheap price of 20 sun, i would recommend atleast one in every lane.

Level 3
Now you can build Rocknuts, these are basicly the tanks of PvG, you want to use them at the very front line of your garden to defend it, they have a lot more health then the rest of your plants and you will need it later on. The price for one of these are 15 sun, so they are cheap and a must have if you want to survive.

On this level you will also find Strangler Vine, a big tentacle that will grab Zombies and attempt to strangle them, They can reach over the Rocknut so place one right behind your Rocknut to make the most of them.

There's a bug with the Strangler Vine that allows them to reach zombies on the side of them, this will cause Zombies to attack your plants from the side, so if you are building these, make sure you have a line with them, els you can end up having a problem with Zombies killing your Vine from the side.

Level 4
Pumpkin bombs, yes you heard right, after all Brazie is a Goblin.. These will blow in a square from where you place them

They cost 40 sun to build and have a onetime use, they will kill weak units, and wound stronger, they will not however wound your other plants.

This is all the plants you can get, after this it comes down to finding your own personal build style and keep playing.

Level 5
This is the last level you have to do to be able to get the pet you need to win this one, this is also where you encounter the boss "Warden Stillwater"

You see his healthbar at the bottom of the screenshot.
He has 2 abilitys, first one is a poison bottle he throws at random plants 2-4,

He also blocks with obilisks,

To counter the poison bottles you have to rebuild the plants he destroy, the obilisks are best dealt with by blowing them up with pumpkins, this is quite a tricky fight and might take a couple of attempts to get done, but don't give up, your new sunflower pet is without reach.. Keep trying and it shall be yours..

This is how i did on the last map,

As you can see i have lost quite a few plants to the poison but i got lucky and they kept spawning on the lower lanes of the field, where i had the most defence, i kept making sure that my lanes were safe and then i built pumpkin bombs and used it on the Warden, they deal quite a high amount of damage so 4 or 5 should do it.

Good luck. :)


Q: If one mob get passed my defence into my house does that mean i lose?
A: No, every lane has a lawnmower and if a mob get passed your defence they will get hit by the lawnmower, so will everyother mob on that lane and get killed by it. Be however carefull as you only have 1 lawnmower per lane, if a mob get to your house when your lawnmower is gone, then yes you have lost and you will have to redo the level.

Q: Can i get killed by other players when I am doing this quest chain?
A: No you can not, as you are changed into a vehicle

Q: I really like this game, did blizzard make this?
A: No, this is made by a company called PopCap, Popcap and Blizzard worked together on this minigame, this is not the first time they worked together as they have also worked together on Addons, they made Peggle and Bejeweled.