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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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    http: stripped out since apparently my post count isn't high enough (Bah, humbug!)


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    Merry Christmas

    Healer left after first trash pack, second healer stayed the rest of the dungeon.

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    Not that sure on how to upload the image because i havnt posted enuf...='( but i hope this works

    Finish: WoWScrnShot_122410_235310.jpeg

    *Im crossing my fingers* but i hope all of you have a happy holidays...
    if it didnt work please tell me and ill try something else

    If it didn't work here is a URL to it:
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    Here are my two screenshots from the random that I just did!

    Start: http : // www

    Finish: http : // www

    Grim Batol random group. Nice group, fun run!

    It won't let me post URLS because I am new. Just take the spaces out between the http, the colon, the two slashes, and the www and .threnody and everything should work. Thanks!
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    Everyone was running out at the end, but still got at least one Happy Holidays back
    Also, it's not letting me post images as I just joined to say I support this contest and the spirit of it! Just add the .jpg to the links!

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    Start :

    I had to take the https out because i've never made an account here before although i read mmo all the time n.n
    Happy Holidays !

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    Start of the pull...

    Last boss is died...

    Merry Christmas And most amaze give-a-way ever!

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    Thumbs up

    One of mine holiday runs:
    At the end:

    \\ will fix the links later, when im allowed.

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    Here's mine, got pulled in late. Terrible terrible people probably caused my prior place to leave, but the holiday spirit made it bearable.

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    Start: img.
    Finish: img.

    Merry Christmas to everyone else here too

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    Happy holidays!!

    Happy holidays to everyone



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    Can't post links, sorry.

    Merry Christmas

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    Here's mine:



    I died fighting VC because I accidentally jumped for the rope area, and jumped off the edge haha Tried to make my way back around up the ramp but couldn't sneak past the fire, but we still got it in the end.

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    Merry Christmas
    Comment:Hello - Hola - Bonjour - Ni Hao - Salve - Aloha *Friends Hope you have a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year, ***MERRY CHRISTMAS*** Lets have fun and kill some stuff FOR SANTA
    Comment: It was fun Tanking for you guys on this wonderful Holiday Hope you had as much fun as I did.
    Farewell - Bye - elalleqa- khodaa haafez - aabar dekha hobey ** HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR**

    -All text is in the text box i dont use bubbles

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    Start -
    End -

    Happy holidays everyone !

    Ps. Add usuall http thingie at the start. Cant link yet
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    Hello all!
    Did a little stonecore run.


    Unfortunatly, 2 of em left before I could wish them a merry x-mas after last boss.
    But anyways, merry x-mas, and happy holidays everyone! ;3
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    Entering Grim Batol, greeting ceremony:

    After Erudax:

    I know, there's a priest in the last screenshot. Our rogue went offline after the second wipe and we had to replace him.

    And before I forget it: It's in German.
    First screenshot says: "Good morning and a merry x-mas to you all! "
    Second one says: "Thanks for the nice group! I wish you all a nice day and happy holidays."
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