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    Merry Christmas everyone ^^



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    was on heroic, i was healing, longest instance in game, and with bad dps!

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    In a crawlspace in a desert near you.

    (you can see from chatlog serringa left before I could say goodbye D: ) Had the remove the http part due to posting rules.

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    Start of Dire Maul:
    End of Dire Maul with same group:
    (not enough post for links sorry)
    Happy Holidays all and good luck

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    And Happy Holidays to all you other posters!

    A greeting to all!

    And to all a good night!

    ......We had a hunter and a tank leave because they got upset over Commander Springvale, but hey, what can you do?

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    I made those pictures when I was leveling my mage alt

    Ohh.. I've just found out that I can't post links

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    Very cool contest, and no facebook even. I definitely would have entered if my fucking motherboard hadn't died on Christmas eve -_-

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    This was a partial guild group, but we started and ended with the same group.

    1) Greetings:

    2) Farewells

    And Merry Christmas, Happy holidays and a Joyous New Year to you all.

    (sorry for the link, but I couldn't post an Image yet)

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    Holiday Heroics!



    Guess I need more posts to properly put up a link

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    part 1=
    part 2=

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    Well I would like to Wise everyone Merry Christmas and good luck.

    1st httpDots// jpg111
    2st httpDots//

    please remove the three 111s at the end and replace the dots with : and dot with . , I had to add them because the forum would not let me add link to something due to low post number
    If life were easy, Where would the fun be in it

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    Merry Christmas all!

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    Exciting event! Merry Christmas & congrats to all the winners ahead of time. ^_^


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    start: http(:)

    Finish: http(:)

    the one person left as i typed it in.

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    Hi, I just finished my random heroic of the day, and though we wiped a few times, we still managed to finish the dungeon with good cheer. In fact, at the end of the dungeon i was able to get them all to line up for a picture. Happy Holidays!



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    What a great promotion, thanks!!!

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    Start (zoning into a one boss down normal Blood Funace): www speedyshare com/files/25897211/WoWScrnShot_122510_224240 jpg
    End (they all left so fast ): www speedyshare com/files/25897214/WoWScrnShot_122510_225957 jpg

    I'm not sure how you're planning on awarding these gifts, but if I win the rocket can you give it to Kamarae on Fireetree (Alliance), I know she really wants a red rocket ;o

    (you need to put a . in between www and speedyshare and com, and lastly bewee the numbers and the jpg [sorry for al the work ], I couldn't find my old forum account in time and didn't want to miss this contest!)

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    Stockades is all I had time for sadly with the holiday bustle, but we managed to get through it with only one death on my part from the healer typing (doh - but it happens and I've been guilty of the same thing) and only one person departing for apparently no reason :3



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    Playing on my new Goblin Warlock my 10th and final character to start leveling!

    I hope everyone posting has had a Happy Christmas <3

    Welcoming to Gnomeregan! - img808.imageshack (dot) us/i/wowscrnshot122510230925.jpg/

    Leaving after a fairly quick run! - img710.imageshack (dot) us/i/wowscrnshot122510233312.jpg/

    Happy Christmas Everyone! And good luck in the new year!

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