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    I would never spend that much money on a in-game item!

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    I wouldnt even buy it for 50$ much money for a virtual item..

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    It's a cool mount and all but I'd rather pay for my education, sorry.

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    i could never spend that much for an in game mount...

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    Change "misleading title" lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by mofi View Post
    i´d rather go to the next homeless guy and give him that 1000$. your money isn´t wasted and you made someone happy happy happy
    Yes instead of spending it on something you want lets go give it to a hobo who will either snort it, shoot it up, or drink it....i don't know about you but i'd rather not feed the hobo's deadly addictions. Oh and it'll still be "wasted" just like the hobo after he's done with it.

    OT: It is quite ridiculous for game pixels but if you've got the cash to spare and you really want it go for it. I won't judge you.
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    if someone can pay millions for a piece of canvas with a red dot in the middle, someone can pay 1000 bucks for a pixelated tiger.

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    I believe it does, but no more than the rest of us.

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    Whenever I see someone in-game with a Spectral Tiger, I flinch slightly.

    Why? Because I know that they either paid that much money to get it, or they just lost that much money by not selling it.

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    With the way riding scales now, 60% mounts go 100% speed if your skill is high enough, people would only have to buy the Spectral Tiger, not the Swift version and could save a lot of money.
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    *sits back and enjoys his swift spectral tiger* ... 42 Euro on Booster packs and i was lucky.. woooa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantpanda602 View Post
    I'd buy it if I could. Does that mean I'm a loser?
    nope, that means you're as into your hobby as me

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    I'm a big tiger lover for mounts, but never gonna spend so much in a mount, or at least not at this point of my life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantpanda602 View Post
    I'd buy it if I could. Does that mean I'm a loser?
    Well, it depends.
    If you're rich, go ahead and buy it.
    If you're not rich and still buy it, yeah, you're a loser.

    Ppl seem to forget that even paying the subscription for this game might seem outlandish to some other ppl. Hell, your sub can feed 3 somalian families for a month but instead you pay it for your own pleasure.

    Everything is relative and all depends on one's own possibilities. However, paying a very large sum (for you!) for an item that is not physical, very much temporary, and not even yours as all the game content belongs to Blizzard after all, if you've read the EULA, makes you a loser.

    If the sum is just lunch money for you, it really doesn't matter.

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    Craigslist is full of 15 year old cars for 1000$ that have nothing wrong with them, sure it might take you several different cares to find a good one, and not one ragged way the hell out, but you can easily get a used honda, nissan, toyota, saturn s-series, or mitsu for 1000$ or less. I currently have a 1991 eagle talon turbo awd that I payed 1000$ for (its the same as a mitsubishi eclipse turbo awd) and the only thing that was wrong with it was the battery.

    I've put some money in it, and I picked up a 1989 dodge colt (actually a mitsubishi) for 750$. Sure they are both old as crap, if you into the newest hottest thing its not your bag. But the colt costs me 30$ a month to insure, and gets an average of 43mpg city/highway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantpanda602 View Post
    I'd buy it if I could. Does that mean I'm a loser?
    It means you don't understand the value of money. Do you know how long 1000$ could feed a family in, say Vietnam?

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    spectral wolf is better imo

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    You should also remember it's really quite easy to spend several times that in the 'cash shops' of certain free-to-play MMOs.

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    That thing has been at least $1k since it came out. I wouldn't buy it unless I won the lottery or something though. Even if I was making really good money, I wouldn't be able to justify spending that much on it.
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    If I got this card by random, I would think about using it.
    But I would never spend $1000 just for pixels.
    Not as if this game will be amazing for ever, oh wait

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