View Poll Results: What is your favorite food?

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  • Sushi and Sashimi

    5 6.41%
  • Pizza

    20 25.64%
  • Pasta

    8 10.26%
  • Soup/stew

    3 3.85%
  • Ice Cream

    2 2.56%
  • Noodle Soup

    2 2.56%
  • Steak

    13 16.67%
  • Fish

    3 3.85%
  • Salad

    2 2.56%
  • Other

    20 25.64%
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    Never make an "Other" choice, obviously there's a lot of different food in the world, so most of it will fall under "Other" = Most peeps will choose it.

    To get back on track, I love chinese food!

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    pretzel and cheese combos + mountain dew = zomg

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    Spicy chinese soup, general chinese food with sour-sweet sauce or Beef Wellington (Danish-made which is meatloaf instead of the mushrooms)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shkarpeenee View Post
    you should try sarma, serbian national food
    Sarma = win.

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    I had once thought of a meal with nacho cups with eggs and bacon pieces in them.

    I like Scrambled eggs, bacon, Spaghetti, fruit and pork chops

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    Pizza mmmmmmm

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    Pizza, burgers (the good kind, not the crap fastfood ones), lasagna, chicken and rice, pasta and some kind of sauce, meatballs with curry and rice (directly translated from danish to english it's called "Balls in curry".).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batpanic View Post
    Vegetarian, so I guess salad for me :-)
    Cuz of Earthlings? Lolz

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    My grandmother's been an italian chef since she was young, and my mom is an awesome cook, but there's just NOTHING that beats a bowl of Shio raamen ("noodle soup") after pulling an allnighter of party in Tokyo. Oh god, it's sooo goooooood...

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    Your coffee.
    I love pizza, and I love salad. Especially, eating a pizza after a Caesar salad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jistu View Post
    chicken in all it's forms, especially fried.
    Oohhhhhh yes!

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    Chinese sweet and sour chicken with spaghetti mixed cooked vegtables.
    I can eat that for the rest of my life.
    French fries, i've literally ate tons of that stuff, add some ketchup and i'm game untill i can't move!
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    Steak+garlic = true. Ahhhhhh give it to me bloody!!

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    Fried Mako shark with wild rice and wine w/ a Bermuda spinach salad.

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