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    Cataclysm Arena comps!

    Have searched the forum for cataclysm comps for 2s and 3s but haven't found much..
    I would like to know good comps for Warrior (+spec) + x , feral druid + x , and mage (+spec) + x for both 2vs2 arena and 3vs3.

    Thanks in advance

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    Arms Warrior + Holy Pally
    Feral Druid + Holy Priest / Resto Shammy
    Frost Mage + Shadow Priest

    (Obviously, you could run double DPS with Feral/Frostie or Feral/Rogue for your Druid)

    Not sure about 3v3. GG picking the 3 most "op" classes atm though.

    And, ofcourse, it's all subject to skill. You may find rolling with a better skilled Resto Shammy easier than a scrub Holy Pally.
    Also, find someone you gel and have fun with, rather than someone you wont be able to communicate with. Good communication is key.
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    Feral Druid + Feral Druid is fun as hell. Just sayin'

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    I am running Feral druid + Dk (irl friends) and we got to 1k raiting the first 30mins and we both havent playing arena to much run with what you like not what makes u get the highest rating id say

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    Thanks for the quick responses guys! I am most likely going to roll my feral druid with my brother that plays an arcane / frost mage. :=)

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    Rogue Mage in 2s is supposed to be even better then before now with Lust + smokebomb = gg!!

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    shadow priest frost mage is really fun you gotta have some resil to survive being focused and good peels, but it's still a lot of fun

    and for 3v3, i heard that triple DK is raping face atm

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    I'm running Resto Sham + Feral Druid and it's pretty solid.

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    Feral Druid + anything = win

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    I'm playing discipline priest, tested 2v2 with Warrior and went pretty smooth. Should I stick with Warrior or what would be the best partner atm for 2's?

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    I'm playing Holy Pally, Spriest, Affliction. It's a lot of fun but double melee stops us if they are above 2300. That and mage, feral, Holy Pally are our counters. But who is isn't countered by that?>

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