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    Canada, eh.
    Merry CHristmas, dude.
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    its the same for many of us i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocketship View Post
    My sarcasm radar is not detecting any sarcasm. I'll go ahead and say power to ya brother. The single life can not only be lonely, but awesome aswell!
    Not that it helps the OP any, but it's true: there's far, far worse things than lonely. Go ahead and spawn yerself a teenager, for instance. A hormonal emo-queen can make "lonely" seem nice pretty quick.

    anyhow, Merry Christmas, Atselmya!

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    I'm away from home and missing Christmas with my family for the first time in my life. I'm with ya my brother. But don't fret, family is not blood. It's who cares about you even if it is over the internet <3 and merry Christmas!

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    i might as well be =\

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    I'm going to be alone too on Christmas, no family or anything. Anybody want to make some Goblins and go be awesome? Or Worgen. I'm down for either side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    Have you even considered the perspective of the 'violent' muslims?

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    my mum f'd off withn her boyfriend and family for Xmas, some mum
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    PM me mate, maybe I can adopt you. How's your pvp-rating?

    Merry christmas!

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    sorry to hear u will be alone bud.. but go play wow there are 11 million of us and we are all so addicted i doubt we cant stay away for a day!

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    Dinner at the chinese buffet for christmas >>>> home cooked meal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuvok View Post
    I'm pretty content this Christmas. I'm relatively alone. Sometimes I miss having many friends, sometimes I even miss having a girlfriend, but I like the comfort of being alone. No fronts are necessary, I don't have to live up to any expectations, it's all so easy. Sex, love, I can live without both for now. Unlike most males I don't put sex on an irrationally high pedestal.

    The only time I get down about it is when I see how my old friends are going and living bustling lives, while I'm only just coming out of a bad situation that's taken me a long time to repair. At 22, I'm basically 4 years behind, and screwed for it, but I'll do what I can. The way i see it, if I meet someone along the way, that's fine, but if not, then so be it. Hehe, I better cut off the thoughts there, before they get the better of me and I actually do start missing companionship.
    You just told my life story here but in my case i'm already starting to miss companionship !

    anyways merry christmas guys ! Just think that there are things worse than being alone, like having bad company

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    Merry Christmas, mate :/

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    Post on /2. Talk to people. You are not alone.

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    lets be together alone

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    I feel you. I was homeless last year for christmas. But i have a habit of bring home homeless people and letting them eat a big dinner and stuff. I also let them stay for awhile to help them out. If you lived near me my family could help you out :3

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    well a merry christmas to you anyway (:

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    You're never alone when you're playing WoW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chingylol View Post
    Dinner at the chinese buffet for christmas >>>> home cooked meal
    Nice reference there.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas (Festivus, or Chrimbus, or whatever) fellow WoW players!

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    Sorry to the many of you who are alone on xmas. I wish you happiness and peace regardless

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaloezie View Post
    PM me mate, maybe I can adopt you. How's your pvp-rating?

    Merry christmas!
    LOLOLOLOL awesome.

    Merry Christmas to everyone, whether you are alone or have a full house today!

    Seriously, though, if you're all alone irl, just log on and talk in trade or something. Millions of people in the same boat, and even if you aren't, I'm sure we will all at least log in for a bit today
    Quote Originally Posted by kasath
    is anyone in this group under 18? my parole officer says I'm not allowed to play wow with anyone under 18

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