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    i wish i was brother is in GF...lets not mention im left with children i need to tend to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Forum Troll View Post
    I feel like one of the lonliest persons most of the time.
    Spend most of my life alone, and haven't had a friend since I was about 5 and I cant remember that far.
    I have no memories of my childhood or any happier time due to a memory disorder. (I dont remember anything beneath age 13, and hazy sporadic memories from age 14 to last year.) My mother I see perhaps once a year, sometimes less. Had a brother but he moved out a few years ago, rarely see him.
    Father works double-shift and weekends to afford to pay off loans from decades ago, and I... I just exist.

    I try not be any bother on my father's salery hence I barely spend money on anything. All my clothes are inherited or second-hand bought,
    when asked if I want to do anything that cost money I respectfully decline, etc. WoW is basically the only place I spend any money,
    because it's cheaper to pay for WoW than to do activities with hypothetical IRL friends.

    Due to previous said money issue, I don't get to celebrate Christmas. No Christmas tree, no gifts. Just me sitting alone in the dark
    hoping my father will come home from work before I go to bed so I can say Hi to him on Christmas. It's always awkward since he
    never could afford to buy me anything nice, so we just try not to talk about the present-aspect, and I try to be genuine when I say
    I really didnt wish for any gifts anyway. But in the end I did, I wish I'd be a little less lonely on that one day a year. That would be nice.
    As bad as it might seem, i want to REMEMBER people that things are LOADS worse for ALOT of people.

    Anyway, Merry Christmass to all

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    I was also alone for Christmas....../sad panda

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    I was alone for christmas too, I got no presents.

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    17?! I hope you're not talking about being single. Trust me, cherish that time to yourself. Who ever said you can't be happy without a man or woman by your side is an idiot. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViND_ View Post
    Just get high, you'll forget all about people.
    That works too of course, if only temporarily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayzan View Post
    17?! I hope you're not talking about being single. Trust me, cherish that time to yourself. Who ever said you can't be happy without a man or woman by your side is an idiot. Lol
    Amen, I can't believe I spent many teenage years getting worked up over it. My god, the relief that came to me when I realised I actually don't really give a shit.
    "The truth, my goal."

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    Well hey, you may have been alone on Christmas, but at least you aren't starving.
    Quote Originally Posted by Respen
    I was very disappointed in the screenshots. I usually base my entire gaming experience around ground textures and so far it seems like Cata will be totally unplayable.

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    25th of dec i alone on christmas
    1st of Jan i'll alone again on new year

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    Watch this:
    Once again, Merry Christmas.

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    17.... I'm 19 now and 20 next year and still single :/

    Girls want all the idiots, and when they grow up they finally go for the mature people, unlucky for them I'm not waiting that long.
    You may remember me from such threads as!

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    Alone with Pamela Handerson... what to do

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