Welcome to Horde PvP-guide for Alterac Valley. This article describes one of the best strategy how to win easily and with some pride. Victory by rushing into alliance base, destroying all bunkers on the way and facerolling the boss and winning the battle with 50 honorable kills is not the way Alterac Valley should be played.

Alterac Valley is probably the most epic battleground. Unluckily during the years it has been modified to the actual state, losing some epicness, but still it remains a big battle with intense fighting and massive encounters with enemy.

Continue reading if you like the idea to spent approximatelly 30 minutes in your battle, leaving with 300 shiny honorable kills and big smile on your face.


Before the battle

I won’t speak about the gear or things like this. Unlike other battlegrounds Alterac Valley has some special items you can use in the battle. They are useful and if you have a little time to obtain them you should get them asap.

Frostwolf Insignia – Useful item if you need to quickly return to the base. It is a trinket with 2 minute CD and allows you to teleport to your base. You can get it near the Alterac Valley entrance in Alterac Mountains.

Frostwolf Battle Standard – Similar to Horde Battle Standard. Drops a flag on the ground that increase damage done by 10% for all players within 40y. Obtainable from Jekyll Flandring near the Alterac Valley entrance in Alterac Mountains.

Horde Battle Standard – As mention above, this item drops also a flag on the ground with the difference this one increases your maximum hp by 15% for all players within 40y. This item can be used in all battlegrounds and can be obtained from vendor in Ogrimmar in the hall with pvp vendors.


Opening the battle

Start is very important. This is where the things happen that will lead to the end of the battle. If you underestimate the opening, you can easily become farmed inside your own base. You don’t want this, you don’t wanna be farm, you want to farm.

As soon as the battle starts one person should always take the mine.

You will need between 10 – 15 players to go defend Galvangar. Why it is important to go there?

In most battles Alliance rushes here before anything else, meaning their priority is always him and after he falls they go for towers and progress further to the south.

This is your chance to crush most enemies before they are far in south. If you succed to defend, you will also have much easier job to retake your towers. People who came to defend should always fall back to the south, retake towers and secure graveyards before joining the attack squad at the north.

You should send 3 people to take Snowfall graveyard. You don’t want alliance to spawn behind your back. Simple as that.

Rest of the players, aka attack squad, will have to manage couple things at once. The priority should be taking Stoneheart graveyard. Yes graveyard, don’t worry much about some people shouting at you, how noob it is to take it. For our strategy it is important to possess this graveyard. Why? While the defence is killing the Alliance at Galvangar you do not want them to spawn directly at where you attack squad is located. Send couple people to take it and defend it.

You need only one or two people taking Stoneheart bunker if you already have graveyrad, if not send more people to defend it, preferably with healer.

Same about Icewing bunker.

The biggest group should go and kill Balinda. You might meet some Alliance defending, try to deal with them asap. Ussually you won’t find there more than 10 people in defence.

After killing Balinda those players should move to Icewing bunker and to the passage nearby. It is very important not to progress further to north at this stage.

So, to conclude the opening:

  • Take the mine
  • Defend Galvangar
  • Kill Balinda
  • Take Stoneheart and Snowfall graveyard
  • Take Stoneheart bunker and Icewing bunker
  • Do not go more north than the passage near Icewing bunker


Destroying bunkers and building a barricade

It is essential to build a living barricade near the Icewing bunker. If you success to lock Alliance in the passage to north you will need only very few people to deal with rogues and kitten druids, as noone other should escape. Have at most 5 people running at south at recaping anything what is needed. If there is noone to recap, use your Insignia to teleport and do it yourself.

At this stage you should force all people to hold the line at Icewing bunker and push north slowly.

You should have couple people in bunkers, just in case some stealted enemies or whoever managed to escape the blockage won’t recap it.

Same about the Stoneheart graveyard. You need to cap it asap. Do not let Alliance recap it at all costs as this will lead to your barricade to fall and you will have to start again from Iceblood graveyard.

Making some maths, you will have between 25-30 players near the Icewing bunker, which should be enough to deal with all Alliance coming from north.

Try to hold on, destroy the bunkers and keep the situation on your side. After taking the Stoneheart graveyard and destroying bunkers all forces and join the barricade group and help to push north.


Ending the battle

If you succed to do all above the situation will look like this:

  • Stoneheart and Snowfall graveyard in your possession
  • Icewing and Stoneheart bunker destroyed
  • All the south secured
  • Most people pushing the north

From now you can be pushing Alliance to their base. They will have less than 200 reinforcement and it won’t take long to finish them all.

Remember that the more you approach the Stormpike graveyard some enemies can escape through the ridge on the west side of the road. Probably there won’t be many escaping, still you need some defenders to deal with them.

You can choose from two different ways how to win here. Purely by reinforcement or destroying tower / killing Alliance leader.

If you choose to win by reinforcement, simply push the Stormpike graveyard and try to cap it, then continue pushing them to their base killing everything that moves.

If you wanna try second option, do not cap Stormpike graveyard. Moon them, try to lock them at the spawn point by few players and rush to their boss and finish him.

Either way the battle will end with 0 reinforcement on Alliance side and about 350+ on your side. Congratulations, you just won an awesome battle for Alterac Valley!


Short summary

Just a very simple description of the whole strategy again:

  • Always defend Galvangar
  • Make sure you have sufficient defence, cap both mines during the battle
  • Do not rush to north, always wait to destroy enemy bunkers nearby or cap graveyards before moving north
  • You do not need to kill enemy boss to win


Word for the judges

Hello guys, thank you very much for going through my guide. I hope you read it without any problems understanding it, english is not my original language, so there are probably many mistakes, I hope it doesnt matter much.

The guide was written by me and it was enriched by pictures just for this contest entry, the original guide can be found at the official Blizzard forums at this LINK.

Thank you again, I wish you happy holidays, merry christmas and happy new year and I hope you choose the best guide!