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    WoW Starters Guide

    A guide for: Optimizing your pc, a lead-in into WoW, optimizing WoW experience, and do and don’t s of World of Warcraft

    Chapter 1: PC Optimization (Hardware).
    Note! Do not attempt any of these upgrades unless you have basic knowledge of installing/upgrading hardware on a current existing hardware-profile. If you do not have this knowledge, please consult an expert. I cannot be held responsible for any damage that may happen during upgrades.
    This guide only gives information regarding upgrades, and what it does if you upgrade to a certain level. If you do not intend to upgrade your hardware, skip to Chapter 2: PC Optimization (Software).
    This part of the guide is only a recommendation, and is based on personal experience.

    1. Memory: While WoW is a fairly low memory using game, increasing your memory often increases PC performance massively. A system that upgrades from 512 MB to 1024 MB RAM often has an up to 3x system-improvement.
      My recommendations for a pc are either 3GB or 6-8GB RAM memory. The reason why I recommend either 3GB or 6-8GB ram is based on your preferred OS. The more memory, the more memory WoW can allocate, which improves game performance.
    2. CPU: Many people have dual-cores nowadays, which is fairly good, but I recommend at least Quad-core (Cataclysm requires a lot of processing power nowadays, and people that still have a single core, should really upgrade their pc to at least a dual-core) for high-end performances. Where you can achieve up to 40 fps on ultra-mode (if you have a graphic card that can perform on ultra-mode settings) with a dual-core, you can actually achieve up to 70 fps with a quad-core (both on 1x multisampling), before running into issues with CPU limitations. A good core is half the work.
    3. GPU: While WoW only requires 256MB to run on a pc, the best graphics come from at least a 512 HD card, or higher. Also, if your PC can handle crossfire or SLI, its best to have 2 of the same cards in dual mode: The reason behind this is because a card in dual mode can actually achieve more than 1 single card. 1 card of 1024MB of the same branch, can achieve less than 2x 512 MB.

    Chapter 2: PC Optimization (Software).
    Note! Step 1 in this guide can be skipped if you do not intend to buy or try out new Operating Software.
    1. If your pc can handles it: Upgrade to Windows 7. Does it really make much difference? Yes. First of all, DirectX 11 really improves gaming-experience. Second of all, Windows 7 has much more securities build in, making it for “hackers” and keyloggers much more difficult to get your passwords.
      Windows knows 2 mayor differences: x86 (32 bit) and x64 (64 bit). x86 has the following pro’s: it can run both 16 and 32 bit software applications. It can run up to 3GB of ram. Reasons why not to choose it: It ONLY can run up to 3GB ram, it cannot run 64 bit applications, and over all, x86 version is slower than the x64 version. The x64 version has the following pros: It can run 32 bit and 64 bit applications, it has a much better indexing system, and can run up to (tested) 192GB of DDR memory. It also allows much faster access to your programs and allocates programs better into the memory. Downside: No more 16 bit applications.
      Whether you choose between x86 or x64 OS, there will be downsides and upsides with the software. Choose wisely, and choose with an eye towards to future. Do you intend to buy a new PC in the near future? Choose x64.
    2. Drivers, drivers, drivers. I cannot repeat myself more often to my clients; always keep your drivers up-to-date. Manufactures write new drivers all the time, which are either for a better compatibility with your OS, or because of a security flaw, or because the driver actually damages the hardware. That’s why it’s always best to keep your drivers up-to-date.
    3. DirectX: Download the web-installer, place it on a USB stick or put it in your WoW root, and try to use it at least once a month. Updates on DirectX often increase your performance within WoW.
    4. Got low memory? Try GameBooster. It’s a piece of software that allows your game to run smoother if you are low on memory.
    5. Got Windows 7 and want to optimize World of Warcraft? Disable User Account Control.
      UAC actually stops WoW from altering itself, without permissions, and configuring the wtf file becomes a pain.

    Chapter 3: Optimizing World of Warcraft:
    For this chapter we are taking into consideration you did boot your WoW for a 1st time. If you did not, please start WoW, and close WoW again.
    Now, go to your WoW root -> open WTF, doubleclick on config.wtf, when he asks what you want to do, select list, and open with notepad.
    Now, read carefully.
    The following part needs to be copy pasted EXACTLY in the Config.wtf file (Without the – part behind it)
    The following is the CPU usage.
    • SET processAffinityMask "3" – Dualcore
    • SET processAffinityMask "15" - Quadcore
    • SET processAffinityMask "255" - Quadcore with HT (i7)
    The following is allocating memory to the dedicated memory of your GPU.
    • SET gxTextureCacheSize "192" – 256 MB
    • SET gxTextureCacheSize "384" – 512 MB
    • SET gxTextureCacheSize "768" – 1024 MB
    • SET gxTextureCacheSize "1536" – 2048 MB
    Save the file, and load WoW, you should see quite an improvement in your gaming experience.

    Chapter 4: A lead-in into World of Warcraft: Do and Don’ts.
    A few steps to make your World of Warcraft experience more pleasant.

    • Don’t be a dick. Seriously, don’t! many people think by “I am mister all-knowing” get friends. No you don’t! You get people who hate you, and make you wish you could afford that realm-transfer.
    • Doing dungeons? Say hi! When people are interacting with each other in a party, it’s less likely to disband, and you have much more fun doing dungeons this way.
    • WoW is a multiplayer game: Find a guild! And don’t accept any random guildinvite, but look one where you'll fit in. Getting invited into a Spanish guild when you’re a German is not going to work out.
    • Gold is fun, but don’t beg for it. If you need gold, pick up Herbalism and Mining. With the multiple tracking option, you can actually mine and herb your way up, and low-level herbs/ores sells quite good. For farming routes I recommend reading a farming guide.
    • Calling names? Don’t. Dungeon goes wrong? No flaming, it’s just bad luck. Is there a person in your guild that you don’t like? /ignore is your friend. Make it yourself easy, don’t start a flame-war.
    • Bring your friends to WoW! But don’t forget to go out with them in the real life. Yes, I have seen this actually happen: people inviting their friends to WoW, and then completely forget they have a real life too.
    • Don’t throw away your life over WoW. WoW is addictive, yes, but seriously don’t. Once you quit playing WoW you regret yourself that you destroyed the most of your chances to get a solid job, or schooling, just to play WoW. Get that job, or go to that school. Let WoW be your reward, that you did a good job. Makes you feel much better about yourself as well.
    • Addons: Customize your WoW UI. The standard UI of blizzard is soo… standard. Want to do something fun? Customize your WoW UI! Curse . Com is your address for all your addon needs, they even have an client that automaticly installs the addons you want. Example of an UI:
      cannot post sample due restrictions of the Mmo-champion system
    • Level 85? Going to raid for the first time? Read tactics, and come prepared (Food, Flasks). I have seen many times when I went to a raid, we brought new guys with us, that just suspect us to tell them the tactics, and not having any flasks with them at all. That’s not the way raids roll. Come prepared! And you might actually be invited the next time. Did you make an error? Apologize! Rinse and repeat, till you get it right.

    This is the end of the guide (well, you can say guides :P)
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