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    lots of completely avoidable disasters caused by humans will occur.

    also itt: failure.

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    Massive EMP burst that would knock out all the WoW servers effectively stopping all players from playing. Hmm.. did he say disaster or Apocalypse?

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    Yellowstone is gonna blow in 2011.

    Big thanks to Safhira for my Signature!…

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    Quote Originally Posted by saberon View Post
    The North will bomb a part of the South (similar to the shelling of that Island).
    The South will finally retaliate. Their battle plan will be:
    Step 1: Put the top Starcraft players in charge of their military.
    Step 2: 10 seconds later, win.
    This made me laugh!!! LOLOLOL~~

    I'm sorry, but it's funny.

    "Listen guys, these dudes with rifles are MARINES, got it? Okay, now these one's with rocket launchers act as Hydralisks, this gigant tanks are well... tanks. These dogs are Zerglings, these Special Ops guys with swords are Zealots. You have the basics! Start a scrimmage vs. North Korea! Win, and you unlock more Protoss/Zerg/Terran units!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desole View Post
    2012 my friends... 2012.
    yeah mate that movie was a disaster...

    OT: major volcano eruption/tsunami, possible Korean war, nothing else

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    I'm not worried about North Korea. If they even THINK about pulling a nuke or ballistic missile on us, China will nuke them to hell.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hellphantine View Post
    "Rock Knocker"
    as in Rock Knocker Hellphantine
    Spend 100+ hours melee dpsing under a boss' testicles.
    - From the create your own title thread.

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    Closing this thread. Some people are very lucky they didn't get a nice 2 week ban for flaming.

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