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    Question Razer Nostromo question

    Hello there folks!

    From quite a time I'm wondering about changing my keyboard and mouse to something more.... uhm... 'gaming-style'. Currently I'm using the very basic Logitech Mouse+Keyboard set and it gets frustrating to perform some actions with it.

    I dig through some forums, YT movies/reviews etc and found some cool thing there - Razer Nostromo pad (http://store.razerzone.com/store/raz...oryId.35156900).
    It looks and sounds awesome, but I haven't found any answer to question that bothers me since then, so I thought I will ask my gaming brotherhood.

    To those who are using it: is it possible to move your character with D-Pad? I would like to use it either in WoW or any FPS game out there.
    I know it has dedicated buttons to perform the role of WSAD but, when I saw that D-pad I thought of analog sticks of PlayStation 3 controller. Binding whole movement to one finger (thumb in this case) sounds more than good

    Thanks in advance for any responses!
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    I currently use the Razer Nostromo's older cousin, the Belkin Nostromo n52. I personally don't use the Dpad for character movement because I prefer joystick or mouse movement, but I have a couple of guildies who do use it that way and are quite happy with it.

    Just this morning I got a Logitech G13 because it has more buttons, the LCD readout, and a small thumb joystick in place of the Dpad. Haven't got it set up yet so can't comment on it's usability, but am definitely looking forward to it.
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    I can confirm that the new Razer Nostromo's dpad works wonderfully for character movement.. been using it for the past 2 months, and it's predecessor the n52te before that. By default it's bound for fwd/back, strafe left/right, and diagonal movement, and is meant to be used with a mouse, which handles turning. This gives a very nimble control - it's very easy to stay behind your target as a rogue, or circle-strafe while kiting as a hunter, etc.

    For tips on how to control multiple actionbars (up to 5 for 60 keybinds!) and mod the WoW interface to make the most of the Nostromo, check out my YouTube channel, The 2 Ring. Since I can't post URL's yet.. search for Grendalsh and nostromo..

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