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    MiniZep WAR

    So I was just wondering if any of you other chaps have been participating in any massive battles with the christmas present MiniZep Controller?
    Here we atleast have quite a battle going on at the christmas tree in Valley of Strength!
    Quite fun actually

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    unable to get to my WoW station atm. please explain these fancy new presents!

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    It's a really fun thing to play with while waiting for BG's or something. Get a lot of people and you can get into it.

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    Basically it´s a tiny zeppelin, that works just like the rocket cars was it? from last year except these fly, you control them and can shoot other of them. 30 s cooldown, does not go away when used.

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    I always end up flying too fare away and crash my zeppelin xD

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    I'm a zepplin destroyer!

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    I cant get a war started with our folks in if

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