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    Please tell me you posted this on If not, may I have permission to do so? Obviously I'll give you attribution and link to this thread.

    The herp derp image must be seen and loved by the world!

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    Bah, 4chan images are overused.
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    Great guide, also pretty funny.

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    Brilliant. Kudos to you, sir.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    Nah nah, see... I live by one simple creed: You might catch more flies with honey, but to catch honeys you gotta be fly.

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    Pure Gold.
    all though rule 3 for priests depresses me.

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    The herp derp picture should have easily made this top five in the competition.

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    awesome guide, awesome pics, and everything you say is so true, especially number 7

    had to experience this on my own long time ago

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    This was a fantastical guide, good work

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    I also agree whole-heartedly that this should win the competition.
    Made me chuckle, even more than the Life Grip guide.

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    Awesome guide. I like the Thou shalt know thy comp part... Very true and very lol.


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    I loved this guide besides one thing: your skill/gear/luck graph is odd, what should add to 100% is the total of gear+skill+luck+comp, not the gear(2s)+gear(3s)+gear(rbg). For example, lets just say that luck has almost zero factor (it doesn't) on the outcome of a 3's or RBG's game, but it has a significant factor on 2's. The luck bar would be at most 50% full, where does the other 50% come from? The 2's should show 50% luck, X% comp, etc.

    I think you get my point, it's just backwards. The relative strength's of each of things are represented in your current graph, but that's not as useful as showing the relative value and the absolute value simultaneously.

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    this guide was amazing. it made me laugh and helped me out quite a bit haha

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    Love, love, LOVE this. Still laughing at the drawings and the zero qq/rage for priests.

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    This is pretty awesome

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    Pretty damn funny and almost accurate

    Having played quite a few rbgs now I can safely say, the comp you are playing plays a abit more role, than what you said it would ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rmpz View Post
    Pretty damn funny and almost accurate

    Having played quite a few rbgs now I can safely say, the comp you are playing plays a abit more role, than what you said it would ^^
    I agree. Haven't done too many but when you have a melee heavy comp, and run into a team stacked with frostmages and afflic locks or shadow priests, in 10s you will have a very rough time even if you do have a good standard healing dynamic in your own group. AOE CC combined with UA and Sin and Punishment make life very hard for healers when defensive dispelling is practically guaranteed to incapacitate your freecasting. Combined that with the counterspells/silence if you just decide to heal as much as possible and avoid dispels. WSG/Twin Peaks midfield intercept strategy was brutal.

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    Brilliant. Absolutely. Brilliant.
    Throwdown? Really blizzard? Really?

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