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    How to: Glory of the Cataclysm Hero

    Who wants a mount?

    Here is a simple "how to" guide on all of the achievements needed for Glory of the Cataclysm Hero. I myself have done most of them so will put simple instructions on how to get them done and on the some of the harder ones, give links to youtube or other posts online.

    The Achievements

    Cataclysm Dungeon Hero

    Simply finish every Cataclysm dungeon on Heroic difficulty. Some might be challenging to do when first gearing up or going through the instance queue but I suggest getting a guild group together to easily take care of them all!

    Blackrock Caverns

    Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls

    This achievement is very simple. Have your DPS focus on boss while still keeping up mechanics and the tank should be picking up adds. After getting the first chains down at 66% make sure the tank steps out of his Bonecrusher ability. By the 2nd Chains of Woe the tank should have more than 10 adds on him if your DPS hasn't been AoE'ing and when the boss casts Bonecrusher the tank should blow a cooldown and the adds should all die. Kill the boss and pick up an easy achievement!

    Aressted Development

    This achievement is a little dependent on your gear and requires some communication. This achievement requires you let the three adds transform, be killed then kill the boss....simple right? Make sure you let one add transform while the other two beams are danced in. Make sure to interrupt their cast and kill one by one then the boss.

    Too Hot to Handle

    Requires that the stacks on the bosses armor to stack to 15. Have the tank get 1 to 2 stacks tanking the boss close to the fire and kiting him completely out of the fire when done. Easy achievement if done right and easiest way to kill the boss in my opinion because you don't have to worry about adds.

    Ascendant Descending

    Easy achievement if done right. There are three adds and they can be snared or slowed. Roots work perfect and slows work as well. Have your DPS take each add and kite/slow/snare their targets while DPS'ing the boss. Make sure your add is a good distance away while keeping aggro on it. The pull will have to be the dps taking their adds and the tank taunting the boss after. Takes a bit so take your time and good luck!

    Throne of Tides

    Old Faithful

    Real easy and doesn't require you kill the boss. In her second phase where the 2 caster adds and melee add spawn simply kill 2 adds of your choice and on the third add get their HP to around 50% and stack up. When the geyser spawns simply move away and enjoy your easy achievement.

    Prince of Tides

    This achievement is easy as well. Have your dps kill adds as normal but when the Behemoth spawns have the tank kite it away and do not DPS it. When the three channeling adds come out DPS them down while not standing in black pools. Once you have the buff the tank should be able to take the add out by him/herself. Kill the boss as normal and pick up another easy achievement!


    Rotten to the Core

    Have the tank pick up ALL the adds and the boss at the same time. Have your DPS AoE all the adds down and tank could pop a CD. Tank should save their interrupt for the bosses Force Grip. You don't have to kill the boss for the achievement but if you do die before all the adds do, it is a little harder to try the achievement again as the adds do not spawn again like the first time. So go all out!

    Vortex Pinnacle

    Extra Credit Bonus Stage

    Remember those shiny hard to reach golden orbs you just wanted to get your hands on? Well now you can! There are more than five of these orbs and you can get them as you move along the instance or after the instance is over. There is 2 orbs after the first boss. One to the left of the vortex and another to the far right. You might have to jump to get it. The next two are to the left and right of the hurricane orbs. Jump to get them. The next two which makes five and six are at the 2nd boss. These are a little more tricky to get as you need to get punted by a hurricane to get them. But you could also die in the process. I don't suggest picking these up but if you just need 1 or feel the urge to catch them all have the tank do it as he has a little more life to spare. There are three more after the second boss. There is one on the first platform after the second boss and there is two as you get closer to the last boss. The last one is pretty difficult to get but if you get the first three the last 2 out of 3 orbs are very easy to get. Have fun!

    No Static At All

    This achievement may seem hard but really isn't. With a Priest Levitate it is pretty simple. If no Priest is available then you will have to do it the ol' fashioned way! The boss will cast a spell called "Static Cling" which will snare you to the ground and will not let you move. It sucks to have this when he throws up his force field and you are caught in his lightning storm. But to counteract this easy just remember he will cast Static Cling after every Chain Lightning. So after his CL and he casts Static Cling jump at half cast and you will be in the clear. Make sure you are at a stand still and jump straight up and not moving or using your mouse to turn because even if you jump it will still count you as moving and will still keep you grounded. It's a personal achievement so you don't have to worry about everyone getting it. So don't worry if you can not get it the first time!

    Lost City of Tol'Vir

    Kill It With Fire!

    In the spirit world at 50% the Dark Phoenix spawns. Have the tank kite the Phoenix and every so often a soul fragment will spawn off a player. Have the tank kite the Phoenix so that the Phoenix and the soul fragments are on the outsides of the fire circle. The soul fragments will run through the fire and will turn into Burning Souls. You must kill them before you kill the Phoenix. You must have three so after three souls spawn kite them through the fire, kill them and then kill the boss.

    Acrocalypse Now

    This achievement calls to kill 20 crocs during the encounter. Just slow roll the DPS on the boss and as the adds come out just kite them around making sure they do not hit the targeted player. Use traps, slows on the adds trying not to kill them. Once you get 20 + adds zerg them down. You don't have to kill the boss in order to get the achievement so have fun!

    Headed South

    This achievement is considered the hardest one of them all. Being there is a lot to explain and probably seeing it will shed more light on this I will have a Youtube link and a link to Wowhead for more comments. The achievement calls to have three stacks of the lightning shield on everyone then kill the boss. You have 2 DPS on the boss and 1 ranged on Adds. Phase 2 starts when the third melee add dies so around 75% on the boss you want to start slowly killing adds. Kill an add, let the healer heal up everyone then rinse and repeat. After Phase 2 starts burn the boss and hope you survive! Best time to Bloodlust/Heroism and pop DPS CD's. Don't get frustrated, take your time and good luck!

    Wowhead: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=5292

    Halls of Origination

    I Hate That Song

    Very easy if done right. When the boss sheild's himself you are required to jump down and flip the switches. You have to channel them for 10 seconds then run back up. Best way to do it is have tank and DPS jump down to one side then 2 DPS jump down to the other side. Have the healer stay up top and heal both sides. Have the tank pick up the snake adds on their side and one other dps pick up the other adds and make sure the person flipping the switch are not interrupted. Interrupt the cast and DPS the boss as normal. Do this twice and if you are fast enough on interrupting the bosses song you can pick up this easy achievement!

    Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

    Very easy. Before Lord Marrowgar's brother from another mother there will be some camels you can mount up on. You are able to cast while moving so take advantage! All you have to do is make sure you do not get hit by a spike and or you don't stand in quicksand in his burrow phase to pick up this easy achievement. Have fun!

    Faster Than the Speed of Light

    This achievement isn't hard but you have to be fast. Take a min to get situated before talking to Brann. The encounter starts as soon as you talk to Brann so as the doors open start running in. Kill all 4 mini bosses and avoid any Trogg pulls as you can. If you have a shaman in group use Hero/Bloodlust on that last boss to make up some time. Make sure you do not die as you will not receive the achievement. So if there's a Battle Rez use it. You only get one shot at it so be fast and good luck!


    Sun of a....

    This achievement is pretty bad on RNG. You have to kill Rajh before he finishes his recharge phase. The best way to do this is have some interrupts. Do not interrupt every cast. The only ones you want to really interrupt is his leap and his second fire orb. He sometimes uses more energy than usual thus the RNG comment. It is possible with a regular comp but it's best to do with 4 DPS and 1 healer or 5 DPS. Hero and Army help out but are not needed. Just make sure your DPS are beasting! Good Luck!

    Note: Video says to interrupt every cast which I said there's some casts you want to interrupt but in the video they had very high DPS so they were able to get away without doing any interrupts. Also it was the only video that looked good and gave the best viewpoint.

    Wowhead: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=5295#comments

    Grim Batol

    Umbrage for Umbriss

    Very easy achievement. Easiest done if you have a hunter. Have a hunter trap, druid root or warlock fear the Malignent Trogg. At 5% have the tank kill the add then burn the boss. Big heals on the tank and pop cooldowns! Good luck!

    Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet

    This achievement can be easy or difficult depending on DPS. When in Phase two the boss spawns 2 Adds which need to be burned down before they channel on the eggs. Hunter slow trap, warlock CoE and any other type of slows will help. Have two DPS focus on one add and the tank and third DPS on the other. When the first add is down help out with the second. Good Luck!


    Ready for Raiding

    As hard as it is to stand in the pretty fire....Do not stand in it to pick up this achievement. You can even jump over the fire!

    Rat Pack

    Very easy. When the Oaf smashes into the wood rats will spawn. Simply kill enough of them before you down the Oaf. Also you can get this in more than one run but it's much easier to get it out of the way in one run.

    Prototype Prodigy

    As long as the person driving the machine doesn't get cleaved by trash and stands away from the boss when he activates, this is also an easy achievement. Do not fall below 90%

    It's Frost Damage

    Easiest way is to take the boss to 75% and when the adds spawn move inside the hut. Wait for the adds to enlarge and explode. Free achievement at the cost of a repair bill.

    I'm On a Diet

    You must not have more than one stack of rotten food. Easiest way to do this achievement is have the tank eat one good food and one bad food. The DPS can eat all the good food. As long as you don't take more than 1 stack of the rotten food debuff you will pick this achievement up.

    Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator

    This achievement calls to engage Vanessa VanCleef in 5 minutes. There is no best way to do this but one way. Move fast, don't die and avoid unnecessary damage. After you get past the pipe clicking you can jump down to the bottom to save 20 seconds. Kill the boss and do not stand in fire or the ice circles. Kill the second boss with the spider adds focusing on the boss. The next part just take a deep breath and once you pass the mario stage and kill the boss you have to hurry and help the NPC's being attacked. Once at the top kill Ripsnarl have the Tank and Healer ready to pick up Vanessa. If anyone dies make sure they run back quick because if you aren't at the top when the boss starts you will not receive the achievement. You only get one shot at this so good luck!


    Shadowfang Keep

    Pardon Denied

    Achievement is fairly easy with 2 interrupters and can be stressful on the healer. Make sure the boss doesn't cast his heal off and the healer will have to heal up everyone after. If you are able to heal yourself it's easier on the healer if you can do so. Healer should only keep everyone at 25% to conserve mana. During his last phase get everyone topped off and DPS him down!

    To the Ground!

    With CC this achievement is pretty simple. The adds cannot cast Unholy Empowerment on Commander Springvale. The strat for this is to have the Ranged and Healer stand on the stage while the tank and melee are at the other end of the room. When the two adds spawn have a Hunter trap, Ret Pally Repentance, Priest Shackle one add. The other add will be downed first and make sure someone interrupts the cast. Druid Solar Beam works as well as any interrupt. Once the first add is down kill the second and get on the boss. Rinse and repeat until the boss is dead!

    Bullet Time

    This achievement is really easy. You have to kill 12 adds by Lord Godfrey's Pistol Barrage. When he spawns the adds have the tank kite the adds in front of the boss when he channel's this ability. Have DPS slow down until you for sure have 12 adds down. Tank should pop a cooldown if needed. Doesn't matter where the Tank positions the boss as long as they have room to get the adds in front of the boss for the Pistol Barrage. Good Luck!

    In Conclusion

    Once you are able to complete all these achievements then Congratulations! You will receive your mount in the mail and you can show off your hard work! The achievements you will have the most trouble with will be Sun of a....,Headed South and VanCleef. Make sure you get some good groups for these ones and possibly vent. Thank you for reading my guide and I will update these as achievements/encounters change for these bosses. Thank you and Good Luck!
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