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    Best wall of text I ever read! Awesome job, I'll be using this sometime soon for sure.

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    Nice guide.. but I somewhat disagree on the "I'm on a diet" tactic.. better is to click bad and good food alternately and let the bad food buff drop off by eating good food.. this makes the achievement VERY easy

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    Very nice guide, sadly i've been missing a single achievement for almost a week now (Sun of a...) which i believe is also the hardest achievement as i've failed it loads of times. The DPS requirement is simply ridiculous. Worst part is when boss finishes recharge with 100k health left and then dies to DoTs, ending the attempts for that day... argh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoarial View Post
    Nice guide.. but I somewhat disagree on the "I'm on a diet" tactic.. better is to click bad and good food alternately and let the bad food buff drop off by eating good food.. this makes the achievement VERY easy
    But why would you do that when you can just eat all the good food and not eat the bad food?

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    I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but there's a significantly easier way to do I Hate That Song in Halls of Orig.

    Have your tank pick up all the snakes before pulling the boss, bring them with him up the stairs, and then start the boss. Don't kill any snakes (have frost DKs use Icy Touch instead of Howling Blast, for instance), and just have one person dedicated to each lever. Having all the snakes on the tank at all times totally trivializes the levers, so the tank just interupts the hymm as soon as the shield goes down, and it's over.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tharaldriel View Post
    But why would you do that when you can just eat all the good food and not eat the bad food?
    Sure, that works fine, if your healer doesn't mind getting totally overrun with AOE dmg auras over the entire battlefield.

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    Great guide indeed. However, i have a few notes.

    1. In Halls of Origination, I always Ice Block the bubble from the water boss, if i get it, so noone needs to waste dps on it. Guess same applies with Pala-bubble and Cloak of shadows for rogues. A bit a No-brainer, but helps nevertheless. (Not that it should be needed to do the speed achievment, but gives a few seconds if you are struggling with it)

    2. I'm pretty sure the LOS method on Ripsnarl has been adressed in a recent patch, and thus is no longer viable. I haven't tried it in game though. It seems a little odd, that the only method left is the sacrifice method (possibly it could be done with priest mega bubble?). It feels wrong that the only option to get this achievement is suicide.

    3. On "I'm on a diet" you can in fact pick up the bad food, as long as you only eat one and then eat some good food. So bad-good-bad-good works, and it helps greatly on not getting the whole deck filled with the bad food aoe.

    That's just my thoughts. Otherwise a great guide, good job

    Finally a question: On Rahj; why shouldn't the first cast be interrupted if its a fire orb? Please elaborate

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    Just a few things:

    Arrested Development - We only had 1 tank, me Blood tank. I stand near the add we letting up, and interupt with mind freeze the shadowstrike. CD's first add, hero 2nd, Army 3rd. Done this successfully 5 times.

    Prototype Prodigy - You say a wipe cause this to fail. That's incorrect, 2 days ago, they failed, I was in reaper and Since I never attacked the boss, my thing despawned at 100% and respawned. We killed it next attempt and a friend got the achievement.

    I Hate That Song - Easy to do, tank goes down and picks up all snakes before engaging boss. Boss does not engage just by going down and getting the snakes. Tank then runs up and engages boss. DPS ignores Snakes and just dps's boss. IF snakes dont' die they dont' respawn. So at 70% and 40% 2 dps jump down. I actually find this easier to do, then sending 4 down, even if not going for achievement.

    It’s Frost Damage - Easy with DK in group. When first add spawns, pop army and run behind house thing up there. Army keeps all adds on the other side.

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    I would just like to say that arrested development is not nearly that bad. I solo tanked it fine with half 333 gear on my paladin.

    Do as the original poster suggested until you only have one non evolved guy and the boss at this point her damage is a joke let your healer sit there and mana up while your dps continues to rotate on that beam. if you have a resto shaman with telluric currents it is even faster.

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    Acrocalypse now can be done in an even easier way, is eighter have 2 tanks or 2 healers, and it shouldnt be any problem, and some good AoE dpsers. i mean, making them evade is almost like cheating and i doubt blizzard intended that.

    and Headed south, we got it 2nd try, by using 2 healers aswell, and the whole group got the achievment at the same time.

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    For pardon Denied, there is an easier way if you have a Blood DK tank

    If you have a Blood Dk tank and he has DBM there will be a timer for when he will cast Asphixiate, you have your dk tank pop AMS the second the timer expires, now he will just barely make the asphixiate with .7 seconds left of AMS but when he is picked up he will immediately drop back down due to Asphixiate being a debuff. Now he should immediately cast mind freeze afterwards and the healer should heal the rest of the group up while he self heals with some Death Strikes to make the healer's life easier, and whenever AMS is up, he should cast it cause he will barely make the Asphixiate timer. All in all, a 1 if you have a blood tank.

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    One of the top guilds on my server did this after like 5 days of the release :P We got our group together to do them, but I think we got about 3/4 way through before people had to go.

    Takes a long time, considering you're basically running every heroic consecutively. More time if you wipe on any, though most of them aren't particularly difficult.

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    very informative and nicely written. i didnt have trouble understanding anything even w/o pics.

    good guide =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmonk View Post
    there is a much easier way for 'It's frost damage' take him down to 5% , then he will spawn 3 vapors at the exact same time, stop dpsing everythig and wait for the vapors to cast (at the eact same time). you will wipe but you'll also get the achivement. no worries trying to get los or positioning. verry easy tactic
    Oh yeah, if this just worked. We wiped a few times yesterday with a guildrun, trying to perfect this. Ended up with letting those 3 adds spawn and explode, with myself and the Prot Pala bubbling to be sure there was someone alive to finish the boss (we believed you had to kill the boss aswell, which we actually succeeded) - no achievement :/
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    Thank you very much for this brilliant guide. It is very informative, yet extremely simpel reading.

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    I really enjoyed this guide,it's a very nice one,gz.
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    awesome guide,i'd like to add something to the [No Static At All] Jump tactic.From my observations,every single Static Cling(except the first one,which is ~5 secs after pull) is right after a Chain Lightning.So if you are doing it the jumping method,just look when he casts Chain Lightning and get ready for a Static Cling right after 1 sec or less
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    It's Frost Damage -- This achievement sounds rather buggy, judging from the OP and others' posts. I was in a guild run for Heroic Deadmines and we finally got to Admiral Ripsnarl, where we then proceeded to wipe on him several times before we called it. During one of the attempts, the Vapors weren't going down fast enough (nothing new there) and some of them managed to "Coalesce". Everyone predictably died, but I saw all of my party and myself get this achievement as our corpses were strewn across the entire ship area (I landed in the water, FYI). I should also note that the boss wasn't all that close to death either. >_>

    Ascendant Descending -- My input: Enhancement Shaman ought to be mentioned here too. The way I've done it is that I Chain Lightning one of the adds and then throw Unleashed Weapon on the one that got missed, while the tank taunts the boss off. From there it is a simple matter of laying down Earthbind Totem and using instant Ghost Wolf to stay ahead of them. One does need to be careful about not running too far ahead of the adds (it'll mess up kiting them in a circular area) as well as throwing UW when Ascendant Lord Obsidius switches places with one of the adds. [I have not gotten this achievement on any of the H BRC runs I've been in, but that was because we weren't going for it, not because I'm a baddie. :P ]
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    So that everyone knows: Shadowfiend gets these stacks. It made us fail the achieve when the boss had 120k HP left. (Ascendent Descending)
    Quote Originally Posted by Komie View Post
    They still say Cata needs a lot of work, and this expansion (edit for reference: MoP) is in the final stages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exul View Post
    I’m on a Diet

    Achievement: Don’t click on the Bad Green Food during the Cookie fight.
    Difficulty: 1

    Nauseated: The debuff given when you click on the bad food. Getting more than 1 stack of this will fail the achievement.

    This achievement is as simple as they come.
    Good food has a white circle around it and gives an insane stacking haste buff.
    Bad food has green swirlying AoE stuff around it and fails your achievement.
    Click the Good Food, DO NOT click the Bad Food.
    Not quite true however. Sure this is one way, but the easier way (for the whole group, to avoid avoidable damage) is to eat one bad food, then eat a good food. This will remove the debuff and you can eat another, thus removing bad food, lowering damage income and still get the achievement.

    Enjoyed this guide however, was great overall

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    I'd like to add a strategy for "Bullet Time". I discovered it and got the achievement by accident when messing around in Godfrey's room waiting for a dps to get back.

    Godfrey starts on a raised L-shape platform. Pull Godfrey along the wall to the left, until he's next to the little slither of platform closest to the entry door. The group will stand at the very tip, and the tank turns him around so he's facing toward his original position. (Ranged can choose to stand at the door if they like, it's not that important). The point is, it stops him from summoning ghouls behind and to the sides of him - he summons his ghouls all in front of him then, and then immediately Pistol Barrages before they start moving. No further interaction required.

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